Texas Baseball Ranch- January / February 2020


The Secrets to Successful Pitching Development

BRENT STROM of the Houston Astros

This new book from our own Coach Wolforth provides a rare opportunity for baseball pitchers, parents, and coaches alike to learn from a “who’s who” of experts when it comes to pitching better and staying healthy while you do it.

JERRY WEINSTEIN of the Colorado Rockies

ADAM BARTA of the Minnesota Blizzard

ALEX CREEL of the Golden Spikes

MIKE RYAN of Fastball USA

The thought leaders in this book have worked with pitchers at all playing

RANDY SULLIVAN of Florida Baseball Ranch

levels, including the major leagues. Their accomplishments include World Series titles, prestigious coaching awards, and the earned respect of many baseball Hall of Famers.

JIM WAGNER of ThrowZone Academy

And of course, RON WOLFORTH , founder of Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch® in Montgomery, Texas. Wolforth is considered a master teacher, and he’s known as “America’s go-to guy” on pitching. He has a practical and innovative approach to performance issues that produces results unlike any other. You can order your copy of “The Arms Race” by visiting TheArmsRaceBook.com. You’ll receive over $90 worth of BONUS material when you purchase. So don’t wait! Dive into this book and learn how to start pitching better.

Here are some of the experts we’re referring to:

DEREK JOHNSON of the Cincinnati Reds

WES JOHNSON of the Minnesota Twins

DEWEY ROBINSON of the Tampa Bay Rays


Unique Food Tracking Apps to Check Out in 2020

Reviewers rave about the app’s flexible goal-setting feature, which allows for intermittent fasting, calorie/carbohydrate cycling, and meal plans that include 6–8 meals per day. ATE Ate bills itself as a “visual, mindful, and non-judgmental” food tracking app. Unlike most options on the market, Ate focuses on feelings rather than numbers. Instead of counting calories, its users snap photos of their meals and input why they ate — whether they were hungry, stressed, or socializing — and how the meal made them feel. It’s an ideal strategy for those worried that too much data could trigger an obsession or disordered eating. Once you find a food tracking app you like, try pairing it with other tools that can help you meet your goals. Whether you need help shopping for healthier foods, making smart choices when eating out, or finding nutritious recipes with ingredients you have at home, there’s an app for that. Just pull up your phone’s app store and start searching!

If you’re the type to make New Year’s resolutions, then there’s a good chance health and fitness goals are among your targets for 2020. According to the New York Post, more than 55% of News Year’s resolutions made by Americans in 2018 were health- related, covering topics like exercising more, losing weight, and eating more nutritious foods. It’s easy to set resolutions, but it’s much harder to keep them. Luckily, we live in an age where high-tech tools are at our fingertips. Having a diet and exercise assistant in your pocket (literally) in the form of a smartphone app can do wonders for staying on track, and these days your options go far beyond one- size-fits-all calorie counters like MyFitnessPal. Here are two apps to check out if you’re hoping to discover a new you this new year.

MY MACROS+ Developed by weightlifters, this app is tailor-made for

people who have serious fitness goals and want to track their macronutrients (macros) — carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. With more than 1.5 million food items to choose from, a weight- tracking component, and more, My Macros+ covers all your bases.



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