OHG Glassware Catalog - Pasabahce/NUDE

CARE & HANDLING Mechanical Shock: When glassware comes in sudden contact with any hard sur face or object, whether it’s another glass, the counter top, or a beer tap, Only stack glasses that are marked with the "Stackable" icon.

Do not use glassware for storage of f latware.

small abrasions are created which weaken the sur face and increase the chance of breakage and chipping.

Never pick up glasses in bouquets.

Separate glassware, f latware and china in bus trays.

Never pour cold liquid into a hot glass, such as one just out of the dishwasher, or hot liquid into a cold glass.

Never scoop ice with a glass. Use a plastic scoop.

Empty ice from glass before sorting bus tray, this allows more time for the glass to reach room temperature before washing.

Keep an adequate backup supply of glasses. A recently washed glass should be allowed to reach room temperature before being placed back in service.

Thermal Shock: The result of a rapid temperature change in the glassware which can create stress and/or cracking.

Utilize the correct rack system for tumblers and stems. A divided rack is always recommended.

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