Solutions Unlimited - December 2019

December 2019

We Live Up to Our Name

At Solutions Unlimited

I’ve loved working with computers since I was a kid. I was the nerd who lived at Radio Shack, and, when my dad got our family’s first computer, I tinkered with it relentlessly. I learned about hardware, software, and programming languages. Long before I made knowing computers my business, it was something I was passionate about. That passion followed me to college where I studied computer science. During and after college, I worked at a local computer store fixing and troubleshooting people’s personal computers and learning how to set up and support business networks. During that time, I realized solving problems and educating people on how to use their computers was something I was passionate about. So, in 1997, I started my own IT business, Solutions Unlimited, to help clients with their technology. After 22 years of running an IT business, I have no regrets about my decision. I love working with my clients to not only fix their computer problems but also to educate them and help them understand how to run their business better. We find that most clients utilize a small part of their technology’s functionality and that making small changes can yield big results in productivity. That’s what we do at Solutions Unlimited — we educate you on how to use your technology to improve your business and your life.

"That’s what we do at Solutions Unlimited — we educate you on how to use your technolog y to improve your business and your life."

involved as you’ll let us. Our team cares and is ready to help anytime you need us — and that’s what sets us apart. We’ve rarely lost a client due to our service, and the first client Solutions Unlimited took on 22 years ago is still a client today.

We live in a tech world. Investing in proper technology and training guarantees a huge return on investment. The downside to technology is that hackers love targeting small businesses’ computer systems because they often lack robust security. I hate to see clients lose valuable data or ransomware wreak havoc on their systems. Our mission is to keep your data safe and keep hackers off your network. While it might sound trite, we genuinely care about you and the well- being of your business. You’re not just a number to us when you ask for our help. We’re here to partner with you in the growth of your business and be as

Whether you are experiencing

problems with your computer systems or you just need help understanding new technologies, Solutions Unlimited will live up to our name.

–Kevin Smith


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