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March 2020

Giving My All for My Clients The Human Kindness and Sense of Morality in Every Case

In all my cases, I put everything into fighting for my clients — a mindset shared by my fellow attorneys. We know it’s the right thing to stand up for people and give them a voice to shout with. In all the years I’ve been an attorney, I can say for certain that everyone shares this sense of morality in court. No matter what someone’s situation may be in a case, morality wins out every single time. I’ll admit there have been situations where I disagreed with a person on the opposite side, and while they disagreed with me, too, neither of us were immoral. Even if you believe someone to be wrong, it doesn’t make them corrupt in their conviction for the cause they’re fighting for. I’ve seen human kindness and morality emerge time and time again in every case. Recently, I learned that National Read Across America Day takes place this month. This is a holiday created to encourage kids to read more, and it has me thinking about the books I read when I was younger. I’ve read quite a few over the years, but there is one that sticks out to me, particularly with the topic of morality on my mind. Years ago, I read “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and it’s a story that has stayed with me. The theme of the story has a lot to do with fighting for the right cause and putting your whole heart into something you believe to be right. This is exactly what Atticus does when he decides to represent Tom Robinson, who had been falsely accused. Despite the fact that his neighbors turned on him, Atticus stood by Tom’s side because he knew Tom was innocent. For me, this is also one of the greatest examples of how everyone deserves to be defended. From time to time, I do some criminal public defender work, and I get to represent people who don’t have the means to hire their own attorney. It’s something I always put my all into, doing everything I can to help my client. Through these cases, and many others, I have the chance to get to know whom I’m working with. I have my clients’ best interests in mind, but not just because it’s my ethical “I’ve seen human kindness and morality emerge time and time again in every case.”

duty and obligation. I get to know these people so well that I consider them friends, just as Atticus and his children became closer to Tom and his community. I was able to help one client in particular. Whenever I think of her, it makes me incredibly happy. She had been diagnosed with cancer, and, just a few days before she was scheduled to start her treatment, she and her sister were involved in a serious accident. The accident threw her already chaotic life further into chaos. She suffered from several serious injuries and was placed in the hospital for a long time, which impacted her cancer treatment exponentially. When the case came to us, we moved quickly to file the lawsuit, and within a few months, we got a good result for her case that provided financial support for her and her family. I was so happy for what reaching a positive outcome meant for them. It was a case that became much more than doing my job; it was a fight to do what was right. No matter what happens, I put my all into giving my clients the best possible trial results and settlements. I will stand by my clients, come what may.

-Russell Jordan

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