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With no two buildings the same, designing a garden room that is sympathetic to your home and well-suited to your needs requires inspiration, understanding and perfect execution. Westbury garden rooms are designed to be ‘living’ spaces in every sense of the word, often becoming the heart of the home, adding value not only to your property, but more importantly, to your way of life.



Architectural integrity

The sensitive conservation of existing architecture is paramount to the success of a well-designed garden room; a building that, whilst having a sense of presence, should also have an element of subtlety. In achieving this balance, a Westbury garden room blends seamlessly into the old, so that you cannot imagine your home without it. Our designers are experts in creating integral spaces, listening to you, offering valuable advice, creating solutions and individually designing a garden room to suit you and your home in both function and form.



Set in acres of parkland, this magnificent home already offered ample space. However, it lacked a room from which the family could take advantage of their surroundings. An orangery was the perfect way to maximise the view beyond the home’s natural confines.



We understand the delicate combination of technical and aesthetic elements that make a home uniquely beautiful. When you choose a Westbury garden room we ensure the right balance of proportion, space, light and colour is incorporated to create the exclusive, luxury feel for which we are renowned; a room that feels truly special. Feel

Elaborate in its design, this new orangery with its cupola roof lantern, has been designed to reflect the grandeur of this impressive London residence. The simple and unfussy fenestration maintains a contemporary feel, more suited to modern day living.



Small spaces can be transformed into amazing places. Shaded corners, side returns and even basements will benefit from rooms that make the most of the available space, improving the flow of the house. A modest orangery, built onto the rear of a mid- terrace townhouse gave this family home much more living space. Used as a music room and casual seating area, the room is now flooded with natural light and provides the perfect space to relax and entertain friends.



Taking into consideration the principal purpose of an architectural space is key. For Westbury, looking beautiful simply isn’t enough. The space must work for you and your loved ones, offering solutions and adding value to your day-to-day life. Function

We believe that less is more. Classic proportions, simplicity and rigorous details are kept in line with the existing building. We take great care in creating a structure that will honour your original architecture, yet offer style and integrity in its own right. Form




The rear of this property has windows of various sizes, many of which sit at different heights. This asymmetry adds to the period charm to the property; however, the homeowners were concerned that the height of the roof lantern would obscure the views from the bedroom window above it. In fact, we were able to adjust the pitch of the roof lantern to accommodate the sunken window without compromising the overall aesthetics of the orangery itself. Westmorland, a colour from our own colour palette, was chosen for the external joinery, a gorgeous shade of green which looks stunning against the Victorian red brick exterior.



Cities can prove to be a hard place to find tranquility and to connect with the outdoors. A garden room provides the perfect solution, offering practical living space that maximizes your connection with the nature that surrounds you, so that you can appreciate every flower, sunset or passing storm. City



This impressive orangery has been built on top of the existing masonry garden room of a Chelsea townhouse overlooking the rear garden. The second storey area was previously a roof terrace used for occasional social soirées when the British weather allowed.. This homeowner wished to turn the terrace into an all-weather space in order to make the most of both the house and the fantastic views over London.



Set on the edge of a rural Buckinghamshire village, the homeowners of this generous detached Victorian property were looking to create an informal seating and dining area that would overlook their delightful garden. A Westbury design typically incorporates large French doors of a greater proportion than other manufacturers supply. These doors open fully to ensure a perfect relationship between the indoors and out. Country



This contemporary home had a fabulous yet dark kitchen to which we added an orangery. Now, the room is illuminated and the family have additional space to eat together, finish homework and entertain friends.

Read more about our design process on page 80



Our talented illustrators will help you envisage the final outcome of your project from the first conversation. We often return to a completed project to find our original drawing framed and mounted on the wall. A piece of artwork in its own right.



Made by Great people in Great Britain At Westbury, we celebrate all that is great

about Britain including its diversity, architecture, heritage, and history of design and innovation. All our buildings are made under one roof in our manufacturing facility in rural Essex. We are proud to manufacture a product that is built to a standard and not a budget. People come from all over the world to visit our UK workshop and we love to demonstrate to them the quality and craftsmanship they are investing in.



Each Westbury garden room is unique. We allow the original house to direct and shape our design, to ensure a beautiful, balanced room that sits naturally and harmoniously in its surroundings. Whilst decorative details play an important role in creating exceptional rooms, scale is paramount. Balance



This stunning orangery design fulfils the wish list of many of our customers providing generous dining, seating and transition zones within one magnificent space. Set within a broad perimeter ceiling, the sense of light, height and volume is enhanced by the centrally placed lantern. Each glass panel of a roof lantern is clamped to the rafter with a powder-coated aluminium capping, making it secure, watertight and incredibly easy to maintain.

Read more about maintaining a Westbury garden room on page 84



The use of natural brick on the far wall and rough- hewn stone flooring flags introduce texture and colour within the building fabric. The beautifully relaxed feeling is brought together with the homeowner’s addition of colour and texture in their stylish soft furnishings and window dressing.



Rooms for all seasons Whilst there is still a place in the right home for a traditional conservatory, a modern glazed extension is seldom used as an indoor garden. More often it serves as a dining area, family room, kitchen or a combination of these. As a result it needs to be comfortable and enjoyable every single day. The technologies we use when constructing your Westbury garden room ensure the building doesn’t get too hot or too cold, so you can use it comfortably in all seasons. Adequate ventilation, high performance glass and high insulation work together to keep the room temperature just right whatever the weather.



Image: Nicholas Anthony


Solar control glass is essential in a South-facing garden room as it reduces the amount of heat allowed into the building whilst still allowing lots of natural light in. To ensure the new garden room complemented its 19th Century counterpart, elements were mirrored in the new structure; the pitched room, glazing detail and fascia all enhanced the design of this uniquely beautiful cookery school.



An angled internal wall in this home creates a cosy drawing room which the family enjoy on cooler evenings. The main area serves as a multi-functional, open-plan space that celebrates the garden and makes the most of the sunshine. One of the benefits of new glass technologies is that sun rooms can be furnished like any other room in the house. The glass reduces ultraviolet light entering the room, preventing furnishings and fabrics fading. The contrasting exterior and interior joinery allows the building to have impact without distraction from the garden views. Compared to most standard paints, Westbury paints have greater clarity and are less prone to fading over time; all thanks to the greater quantities of pigment.

Retouch: Remove fence and lantern

Read more about our paints and processes on page 84



Summer Incorporating more than one roof lantern in an orangery design requires careful thought and consideration by the designer. Here, two vented gable roofs are used to illuminate and identify independent spaces and their uses; an informal seating area, and a place to dine or work. Westbury roof lanterns are equipped with automatic, thermostatic ventilation sashes. These open when the room warms up and close as it cools, or when the first droplets of rain fall.





A glazed building is the perfect way to complement your pool, whether you choose a structure to house it or sit adjacent to it. To maintain an appropriate climate controlled environment Westbury recommend a semi-glazed roof. We use solar reflective glass to minimise glare as well as technologies that eliminate condensation and ensure correct air handling.



Sustainability We love building garden rooms and the sense of wellbeing that inviting the great outdoors into your home can bring. We’d be hypocrites if we didn’t consider our effect on the environment.

We are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible way, minimising the ecological impact of the sourcing of any materials, and increasing the energy performance of our garden rooms once they are built. At Westbury, we make sure that all the timber we purchase comes from controlled plantations, not tropical forests, meaning no rainforest hardwood trees are felled. All our timber supplies are FSC certified, guaranteeing the plantations have been managed sustainably. Less than 4% of our total timber resource is hardwood. To the furthest extent possible we use a combination of Accoya ® and European Redwood. These materials allow us to meet our environmental objectives and improve the quality and longevity of our products. The small amount of wood wastage we create during the manufacturing process is used to heat our factory facility. Many of the materials we use are recyclable, though the chances are that your Westbury building may never need recycling. By NOT using hardwood and instead using Accoya ® we achieve a superior durability and stability in our joinery. The correct use of Accoya ® produces a system that exhibits no joint movement, resulting in a product which requires minimal maintenance and will not need repainting for 12 years or more. Our product has incredible longevity and eclipses the mythical performance of hardwood.

The glass sides and roof lantern of this orangery- style design optimise the alfresco feeling, even more so when the doors are fully opened to reveal uninterrupted views of the garden from the pool.

For more information on Accoya ® , see page 84



Autumn Many clients choose to incorporate an open fireplace or wood burning stove into their design, as well as an underfloor heating system for day-to-day use. This is not for necessity but to create an ambience during the colder months or a focal point in an open plan living space. A fireplace gives a room gravitas, making the new structure feel established and integral to the existing home.

At the homeowners request the door panels were replaced with glazing to provide a constant view of the garden for their two Tibetan spaniels.



A client with impeccable taste knew exactly what she wanted her new garden room to look like. She felt that only Westbury fully understood her vision. We worked together on the design and layout to bring her ideas to life; her dream into a much anticipated reality.



The addition of Westbury windows and doors, as well as an orangery, transformed this whole house. Whilst Westbury windows may imitate a classic style, they incorporate innovative technologies that far outperform traditional glazing.

Read more about our high performance glazing methods on page 85





The homes we live in don’t always reflect the lifestyles we lead. We are often asked to extend original scullery kitchens to create more sociable and communal spaces better suited to modern day living. This house lacked a hub, but with the addition of a stunning orangery, the kitchen and garden are connected and the new, light-filled space is used by the whole family.

Read more about Westbury’s range of bespoke windows and doors on page 83




A striking black and oak orangery enhances the exterior design of this rural home, commanding attention in its rural landscape. Inside, a large sliding door separates the new space, offering peace and sanctuary. Westbury designed the room to allow for a recessed bookcase along one wall and window seats along the others – perfect for enjoying restful days of reading and daydreaming.

Underfloor heating is a favoured addition, keeping your garden room a consistent temperature throughout the cold months. It gives flexibility to your interior design, allowing for lower cills and simple, unencumbered wall space.



During the cold winter months, your orangery comes into its own, allowing you to entertain and relax in comfort and warmth while enjoying the garden and wintry outside views. It provides an extension of a living space which makes for a great social area in which to experience the atmosphere of your midwinter garden.



Export & Commercial


We welcome enquires from outside of the UK and have completed projects all over the world. We have worked very hard to improve and refine our garden rooms over the years, moving on from the glazing and manufacturing traditions of yesteryear. We now have a product that we’re happy to send across the world, safe in the knowledge that it will perform as well in foreign climates as it does on our own soil.



Sri Lanka

Situated in the Tea Valley of the Nuwara Eliya district in central Sri Lanka, The Grand Hotel sits surrounded by lush green mountains and misty grey peaks. The hotel wanted to create a spacious, light-filled Grand Spa. For this project, we provided a Roof Lantern, glazed door sets and over 100m of fascia and mouldings in cut lengths, made to measure for the 127-year-old building.




Linthwaite House in Cumbria undertook a 12-month, £10 million renovation project including a 30-bedroom refurbishment plan. The project included the replacement of a small Victorian-style conservatory with a large orangery to create a spacious bar, lounge and dining area allowing guests to better enjoy the outstanding panoramic views of Windermere and the surrounding fells. Westbury was the supplier of choice, following competitive tenders from several other specialists competing for this prestigious project.

Image: Beverley Boswell Designs Ltd




Commercial and large projects Westbury welcomes commercial projects and has designed small and large garden rooms for hotels, restaurants and venue spaces nationwide. We were chosen to design and build these intricate conservatories as part of the Bellevue Park restoration project, breathing new life into a public space reminiscent of the Victorian era.



It is often the finishing touches that help to make a new room feel your own. Choosing the colour of your joinery is just the beginning of your journey. We offer a range of top quality products to help enhance your finished garden room including stone floors, lighting and ironmongery. We will happily advise on other furnishings and fixtures should you feel you need a little more inspiration. Making the new room your own




Selecting colours can be an exciting yet daunting prospect. We see it as our job to simplify this process for you so we offer more than 20 specially selected finishes, chosen for their depth of colour and architectural integrity, though other colours can be mixed by request. All Westbury joinery is fully finished with three coats of spray-applied micro porous paint in our factory before being delivered to your home. Should any touch up paintwork be required on site, this will be undertaken by an experienced Westbury fitter or decorator. We use specially formulated low-gloss paint that lasts up to three times longer than traditional paints and can also be used on interior woodwork. Due to the nature of our specialist timber, Accoya ® , and its surface coating, your garden room is unlikely to need repainting for 12 years.

Read more about our paint on page 84



There is one part of your building that everyone will touch. Ironmongery needs to feel secure, solid and functional and yet remain visually attractive. Our door handles are custom-designed and British-made by a specialist architectural hardware manufacturer, exclusively for our garden rooms. All other locks and ironmongery are European-made and of premium quality, selected for their high performance and aesthetic value. In 2015 a new security standard, known as PAS24, was introduced to the Part Q building regulations. Despite only being applicable to new dwellings, we had our windows and doors tested to ensure they meet this specification and that all our garden rooms, whether on new or old homes, offer safety, security and peace of mind. Ironmongery & Security

Read more about product testing on page 85



Lighting Good lighting is fundamental for creating, enhancing and transforming space. Glazed rooms require special lighting; during the day they are filled with natural light, but at night they become a completely new space again. We can tailor a lighting solution to suit you, drawing on our years of experience and recommending specialist lighting suppliers whom we have tried and tested.




Flooring Our Westbury flooring range has been specially selected to complement our timber orangeries, garden rooms and conservatories. Our Stone Floor options are hard wearing and conduct heat effectively through underfloor heating. They are a very popular option for our garden rooms due to their durable and low maintenance attributes, as well as their aesthetically pleasing appeal.

We offer a wide range of tones and finishes to suit any purpose or style. We encourage you to visit our showroom to explore, first hand, our range of styles, colours and textures.




The beauty of a Westbury garden room is obvious, but the true value is only revealed when you discover the expertise, craftsmanship and passion that goes into every build; when what appears to be simple turns out to be ingenious. Westbury’s technical expertise has been achieved over 30 years of working with timber and glass to create superior products with absolute precision. Whilst we embrace innovative technology and materials, we also appreciate the value of traditional craftsmanship, hand-finishing every product with an unrivalled attention to detail. We have spent years researching every element of our product, right down to how we use the specialised glue to create joints that don’t move, and the hidden fixing system that ensures both security and product lifetime. Whilst at first inspection, a door may appear to be just a door, or a window just a window, it is the concealed details that truly make the difference - minimizing maintenance and maximizing longevity so that you and your family can enjoy a garden room that stands the test of time. We always say that a Westbury garden room can’t be fully appreciated for 20 years. It is only then that you will see the difference the details have made.



Our Process

After an initial consultation, a designer will visit you to develop a clear understanding of the intended use of your new space and establish a provisional project budget. They will discuss variations in style and ascertain what would best suit your property. Whilst on site, the designer will undertake a detailed survey, recording measurements and identifying any potential issues. They will follow up by drawing plans for your garden room and providing a full and transparent quotation, along with a conceptual illustration to help you visualise the finished building. Westbury has existing relationships with planning and listed building officers as well as 30 years' experience of building regulations. We submit designs in the knowledge they will overcome any issues or policies, resulting in a smooth and successful process. Should you choose a Westbury garden room, our project managers and installation teams work together to guarantee the efficient construction of your new addition. All are permanent Westbury employees – not subcontractors – to ensure that every structure is built to our exacting standards.



Once our clients have had a Westbury garden room built, they often return to us for replacement windows and doors for the rest of their home. At first, we began using our spare capacity in the factory to supply these additional joinery items to our existing clients, but over many years, Westbury Windows & Joinery has grown into a successful business in its own right, manufacturing windows for renovation and new build projects across the UK. We researched our product, materials and manufacturing technologies for two years, so that we could offer both superior quality and authentic aesthetics. Each bespoke item, from a classic sash window to a contemporary entrance door, is manufactured with the same care, detail, timber, paint and ironmongery as with our garden rooms. They have been independently tested for sound, heat loss, storm-proofing and security, and have passed with flying colours. Windows & Doors



Some things to consider...

Minimal maintenance A Westbury garden room requires minimal maintenance. We recommend a biannual wash down of the joinery and we leave a pot of specialist sealer and paint in case there is damage to the woodwork from everyday use. Windows, doors, pilasters, fascias and mouldings are constructed from the same material and receive the same treatment so, over the years, there will be no element that fades faster (or slower) than the rest. Due to the specialist materials we use, and our thorough paint application, a Westbury garden room is unlikely to need painting for 12 years, by which time the owner might decide to refresh its look with a new colour choice.

Our product design philosophy Durability, stability and sustainability are central to our design philosophy. Our products are high quality, low maintenance and eco-friendly. Wood is the perfect material to achieve this. Although we do incorporate some hardwood and aluminium into our designs, we only use these materials where they are truly necessary. Hardwood, for example, remains the most appropriate material for a door threshold where it is likely to see heavy footfall. To ensure low maintenance, aluminium roof cappings are used to cover the exterior timber of our roof lanterns. By using timber, Westbury create great depth and character to both the interior and exterior of your new structure; we can craft flush joints, sharp edges and traditional mouldings that are all too often disregarded by our contemporaries. Timber can also easily be repainted should you decide you want to change the colour in future.

10 year warranty Our confidence in the quality of our product and the skill of our tradesmen is reflected in the fact that we offer a 10-year warranty on our garden rooms. That includes both materials and labour should they be required. Full details are available in our care and maintenance pack. Unrivalled customer satisfaction At Westbury, we care about getting things right and that’s why we ask our customers to help us identify opportunities for improvement as well as successes to celebrate. Much of our business comes from recommendation so upholding our reputation and continuing to deliver excellent service is paramount to our success. In our 2017 customer satisfaction survey, 100% of participants said that we did everything we said we would do – in fact, 35% said we did everything and more!

We use Accoya® timber, delivering extreme stability The most important trait of timber is its dimensional stability. If a wooden product is not stable, its joints can move and its elements can twist and swell, allowing water ingress and rot to take hold. All Westbury products are manufactured from Accoya ® – a timber that has extreme stability, is moisture resistant and has Class 1 durability. It is a specialist material, and with the right expertise, it far exceeds the performance of traditionally renowned hardwoods. Having little to no movement in the joinery means that your doors and windows will continue to open effortlessly. It also extends the lifetime of the surface coating, meaning your building will look better for longer and will require very little maintenance. We have replaced many hardwood conservatories that were very durable but lacked Accoya’s stability, eventually resulting in high maintenance for the homeowner and a shorter lifespan for the garden room. Accoya ® makes life less complicated for everyone involved.

Glass and Glazing We have gone to great lengths to design a window that retains a traditional, multi-pane appearance but is far superior in its performance and susceptibility to condensation. We glaze according to the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) standards which requires manufacture using a single glazing unit enhanced with joinery or leaded detail to achieve a multi-pane look. Glazing in this way means that the windows are far less likely to fail, will perform (and even exceed) modern standard requirements, and yet still encompass the elegance of classic fenestration. The detail is in the design As sticklers for detail, we are not satisfied with educated guesses nor estimated values when it comes to knowing how well our products perform. Our windows and doors go through rigorous testing, by third party UKAS accredited laboratories, in order for us to provide accurate results for energy efficiency, weatherproofing, acoustic testing and security. Whichever company you choose to buy your garden room, windows or doors from, we encourage you to ask for copies of the certificates as it is all too easy for companies to estimate what their results might be without having put their products through independent testing.

Paintwork that lasts 12 years or more It is our understanding that our competitors ask customers to apply the final coat of paint on site, passing responsibility to their customer and in turn the validity for warranty. When you invest in a Westbury product you get a fully finished and complete product. We know that a spray applied coat is approximately 4 times thicker, and more effective, than a brush-painted coat. Westbury takes full responsibility for the final paint finish, giving the surface coating enhanced longevity and our customers the peace of mind that it meets the required standard for warranty. If washed down twice a year our timber joinery benefits from extended maintenance intervals and won't need repainting for 12 years or more.

Care & Maintenance Service Let us clean, care and maintain your garden room. For all Westbury customers we offer a care and maintenance service, whereby our professional window cleaner will carry out a full clean and operational check of your Westbury garden room. The service includes washing down all external Westbury paintwork, cleaning all windows and doors inside and out and roof glass externally as well as cleaning out gutters and hoppers. Find out more: westburygardenrooms. com/about-us/care-maintenance-service



Visit Us

We encourage you to visit us at our offices and showrooms in London and South Woodham Ferrers, where you can meet your dedicated designer to discuss your ideas and see them turned into reality. We would be delighted to take you on a guided tour of our modern manufacturing facility, where craftsmanship and technology meet. You will see first-hand the time, effort and skill that we dedicate to each and every project. To visit us by appointment, please call 01245 326500 or 0207 091 9781 . Or email info@westburygardenrooms.com Our flagship showroom and workshop is located at 46-52 Cutlers Road, Saltcoates, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, CM3 5XJ.

Our London showroom is located at 61 Lambeth Walk, London, SE11 6DX .



Choosing to invest in, and embark on, any building project is a big decision. It’s important that you have confidence in us and can enjoy the journey, which is why we do all we can to ensure there are no surprises along the way. With Westbury, you will work with a highly skilled designer, not a salesperson dressed as a designer. They will want to completely understand and consider your needs before providing you with a full and transparent quotation. From there, we can manage everything from the planning permission to the final lick of paint, so all you have to do is enjoy your ideas becoming reality. We hope to welcome you to the truly unique Westbury lifestyle soon.

Aftercare Even after your project is complete our service is ongoing. We will care for your garden room for its lifetime, keeping thorough records of your project indefinitely. Should you ever require a paint match or need to replace a broken glass pane, we have all the information to hand to arrange prompt replacements. Our joinery and glass are given a 10- year guarantee and the Accoya timber has a 50-year anti-rot guarantee. When choosing Westbury you are in safe, reliable hands.




Factory & Showroom 01245 326500

London Design Studio & Showroom 020 7091 9781

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