FyzicalElPaso: Where Does Back Pain Come From?

September, 2019




It’s still hot but fall’s coming: Summer daysblend intofalland itsback-to-school with shopping, new classes, and of course – fall sports! As you prepare for thisseason,ourteamatFyzicalElPaso wantstomakesureyouareassafeand happy as possible. Taking a minute to consider the

anysportyouparticipate in.AtFyzicalEl Paso,wearehappytoannouncethatwe areteamingupwithour localhighschool football and soccer players to conduct baseline concussion screenings. There are two main reasons why baseline concussion screenings are an invaluable resource:

1. They allow us to identify the young athlete who has a positiveconcussionscreeningbeforetheseasonbegins. Post-concussion syndrome is a serious condition that can lastforseveralmonths,oftenwithoutposingobvious symptoms. Detection through screening allows us to provide that athlete with the necessary concussion treatment before they begin their season, so their condition improves. 2. We can use these baseline screenings as treatment tools.Theyallowusto identifybothcognitiveandmotor functions in athletes, in order to make sure they are at theproper levels.Motorfunction isoftenoverlooked,but it is just as important to identify as cognitive function. Much like the pitcher with underlying issues, we want to make sure all parts of the system are functioning in the correct ways. Ourhopewiththesebaselineconcussionscreenings isto be able to help young athletes to achieve their goals. Do you participate in a contact sport? Visit us at Fyzical El Pasotodaytoreceiveyourbaselineconcussionscreening! There’s no such thing as “too much” precaution. Turning a page: The arrival of fall changes seasons and thus new beginnings. In my family it can’t be truer. My son Boomer begins medical school this fall, and we just recentlyattendedhiswhitecoatceremonyonAugust6th. We celebrated afterwardwith a barbeque, surrounded by friendsandfamilytocommemoratetheturningofapage in this new chapter of Boomer’s life. My youngest son Mason is moving to fromNew York to Chicago following apromotionhe justreceived. Icouldn’tbeprouderofboth of my sons and their drive toward attaining their goals. They make up their mind on something and just go for it. It’sbothgratifyingandhumblingasaparenttoexperience. I amso grateful that they have both found success. After allasmomsanddads,we justwanttogiveourkidsashot right? What new beginnings is this fall bringing to you? - Luis, Fyzical El Paso

athletes complete condition: Throughout the years, I have hadmany talented young athletes come tome with issues that have developed from playing competitive or weekendsports.Onespecialstorycomestomindrelated a talented Division1 pitcher coming to us with an elbow problem. Now, to fully understand this story, I’ll mention that two years prior to our introduction, he had sustained a rotator cuff tear pitching in college. Following repair – the recovery he received for the tear was considered complete, however it was inadequate, to say the least. Stay tuned I’ll explain. Nevertheless, the athlete returned to the mound, as all dedicated athletes inevitably do, pushing through the strugglesofhis insufficientrotatorcuffrecoveryandthen it happened.That’swhen the elbowpain started to occur. He again pushed through it - until he could not. The full examinationofhiselbowrevealedthathedid indeedhave problemswith itsfunction–buthealsohadproblemswith his neck, back, shoulders, elbows, and hips. There were someextremeunderlying issueswithinthekineticchainhe usedforpitching.Thepitchingactivityexposesweakness inanynumberofways.Thiscameasrotatorcufftearthen elbow injury.Weputhimonacompletetreatmentplanto address all the complex issues he was experiencing. We were able to help him reach his full level of expectation andhegotashotatatryout inprofessionalbaseball.Iwas oozing with pride, all we want is that shot right? The moral of this story is that oftentimes, young, highly- tuned athletes require more focus on deeper, underlying issues, rather than what is occurring on the surface. At Fyzical El Paso, we understand that it is not enough to simply silo our methods of treatment to one area – it is important to be open to what’s going on in the entire system. That’s why if you find yourself in any pain or discomfort this fall, we hope you’ll come and see us. Let us help you get your shot. Takingprecautions: It is importanttotakeprecautions in


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