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High-Quality Design and Craftsmanship

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The Art of Conferencing | ON | Graph

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About Wilkhahn


Taking a four-wheel drive for a spin is similar to experiencing our ON chair’s 3D range of motion and superb comfort. This chair is our benchmark in healthy executive seating, shown here with sophisti­ cated contoured upholstery.

Design: wiege

Providing Value – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

My grandfather and his brother-in-law founded Wilkhahn in 1907. They couldn’t have guessed that their small chair factory would become a global player over the decades to come. However, even back then, our company was based on two principles that were the bedrock of our success – the pursuit of superior craftsman- ship and unconditional reliability.

Later on, we wanted to offer unusual and exceptional product design as well. We deliver innovative solutions that give our customers real added value, where the designs are still first class and pioneering years later. Our collaborations with premier architects and designers were based on this premise. Together, we presented milestones in furniture design and our multi-award-winning pieces are prime examples of design made in Germany with first-rate reputations the world over. Which is why trail-blazing entrepreneurs and top managers across the world pick our seating and table solutions for their workplaces. Our furniture fosters well-being, collaboration and fitness. Equally, it doesn’t follow short-lived fads, but is impressive for its ability to adhere to sustainable values and adapt to any requirements tomor- row’s world might have. This booklet reveals some of these exemplary solutions and explains the background to them. Come and take a look at some outstanding solutions that are based on our desire to go that extra mile.

We look forward to helping you design your spaces.

Dr. Jochen Hahne Chairman of the Advisory Board


High-Quality Design and Craftsmanship

The combination of perfectly shaped design, exceptional materials and outstanding craftsmanship are what lend Wilkhahn furniture that premium look and feel. Our engineers join forces with designers and leading materials processing special- ists to create furniture components whose shapes and surfaces meet all require- ments. These are then sent to our production facilities and turned into tailor-made items, each of which is sewn, upholstered and assembled to suit preferences. Customers might choose fine leather, or stunning fabrics, special stitching or embossing, made-to-order formats, customized veneers or varnishes. Whatever they pick, our dedication, experience and skills guarantee that every order we complete sets the bar high in terms of quality.


Frei Otto, architect and Pritzker prize winner, designed the unique manufactur- ing pavilions on the Wilkhahn campus.

© Klemens Ortmeyer

Just like Frei Otto’s pavilions, Thomas Herzog’s wooden production facilities and their large windows are milestones in architectural history. © Mandy Will

These buildings are flooded with light to enable workers to carefully check or process materials, for example when they’re cutting leather to size. © Wilkhahn


“First we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us,” was how Sir Winston Churchill described the link between our environment and the way we act. The right spaces help people to be highly productive. And not just in offices either. Our production buildings offer ideal working conditions and enable our workforce to identify strongly with the company.

The tent-like pavilions resemble Frei Otto’s buildings for the Munich Olympics, which are what made him famous. © Klemens Ortmeyer

Over 100 years of tradition and experience in working with wood are incorporated into the design and customization of the table tops.


The Art of Conferencing ON | Graph

The power of design is reflected in the table systems and conference chairs des- tined for executive offices. The tables focus on values and collaboration and the chairs on making individuals feel particularly comfortable and at ease. The executive models from the ON range are ideal for anyone seeking state-of-the-art, dynamic sitting options in conference rooms. A five-year developmental phase and numerous high-tech patents have produced unique, three-dimensional movement that prevents back pain and boosts powers of concentration. And what could be more welcome during long meetings? The furniture’s design has also won top international design awards, such as the Best of Competition at NeoCon in the US all the way to the German Design Award from the renowned German Design Council.


This ON conference chair’s slender backrest silhouette and precise stitching on the fine napa leather covers combine healthy sitting with a prestigious look and feel.

© Daniel Vieser Architekturfotografie.

Conference chairs are mostly seen from the rear. The distinctive solid aluminum supports ensure 3D motion and make ON an eye-catcher. © Daniel Vieser Architekturfotografie


The long table tops with their legs splayed out like a space ship even give small conference tables a stylish appearance. © Vincent Remy, Insidegroup.lu

The Graph range is the number one choice if superior quality, seminal design and an excep- tional aesthetic are required. The chairs and table systems look seamless, appealing and timeless. Consequently, the range is already considered something of a classic today. It’s no surprise that Graph has long been spotted by trend scouts for prominent movie productions. The tables stand apart for their crisp lines, sophisticated cross sections, fluid transitions between the upholstery and base frames, smooth table edges and vast spans between the table legs.

On the left: With just four legs, the round Graph table can comfortably accommodate 12 Graph chairs. On the right: The widths and depths of the rounded rectangular tables are scaleable. This table’s spans give the furniture a light and airy aesthetic and provide plenty of leg room, in this case for 16 people. © Thomas Bach


The distinctive, sculptural shape of the chairs blends in well with bespoke interior-­ design concepts. And the upholstery materials, colors and surfaces are custom- ized to match.

Interior: Insidegroup.lu with Studio Yuval Samuelov. © Vincent Remy

There’s virtually no limit to the design options the table tops offer. In this case, a glass inlay emphasiz- es the V-shaped table top that’s pointing toward the screen for video conferences.

Interior: Fokkema & Partners Architecten © Hans Trilsbeek

Graph table systems come with large cable channels to facilitate the integration of high-tech communications equipment in companies’ control centers. Flush-fitted to the underframes, they’re almost impossible to see. Portals that open from the side offer access to customizable ports. As a result, everything inside looks neat and tidy.


Mobile Graph chairs emphasize the agility of the management team and allow for flexible use in management spaces.

Interior: Fokkema & Partners Architecten © Horizon Photoworks, Bram Vreugdenhil

The Graph chair is a striking piece of furniture with lots of permutations. It comes in two backrest heights, various base frame variants and even with height adjustment. The adjustment lever embraces the shell just like a long spoon.

© Thomas Bach


The chairs’ shapes already suggest a level of contentment and well-being that the Danish call hygge. This impression is borne out by their remarkable comfort, result- ing from the sophisticated upholstery and flexible positioning of the seat body.

Interior: Casper Schwarz Architects © Peter Blaas

People wishing to stay on track to make the right decisions should have everything at their disposal to ensure this is the case. With their combination of a distinctive and harmonious design, comfort and form, craftsmanship and materials, the Graph chairs are just the job.

© Eric Laignel

The transition points play with contrasts to perfection. © Bernd Westphal

When they were deciding on the shape, the designers drew a closed seat shell, which they separated horizontally and vertically and then reassembled. The resulting alumi- num armrests give the originally closed shell a lightweight and transparent appearance. At the same time, the chair features contrasts between soft and hard materials, organic curves and clear surfaces, hand-sewn contours and industrial-scale perfection, all of which blend in to form one unique look thanks to the fluid lines.

A seamless table and chair, top and bottom: © Thomas Bach

“When we embarked on the development, we asked how a manager with lots of responsibility should feel. This inspired us to make a chair that conveys status, of the type drivers of classy sports cars or astronauts in a space station’s cockpit experience, and to do so via the furniture’s form, materials and accomplished mix of contrasts. It turned into our masterpiece.” Marcus Jehs + Jürgen Laub, designers


© Martin Mai

Selecting the materials, cutting, sewing and upholstering the Graph covers requires care and precision. The seat and backrest covers on the Graph Iconic Edition with its fine leather armrests come with extra padding and three-dimensional diamond-shaped top stitching. As a result, the chair family’s top models marry seminal elegance with luxurious dignity.



The Art of Conferencing Sola | Intra

In large conference settings, the seating’s layout always indicates the status of the people sitting on it. The obvious hierarchies and layouts provide points of reference for everyone concerned. The Sola chair range is ideal for anyone looking for seating that matches the crisp lines and surfaces of the interior design and table models. The chair by designer Justus Kolberg (licensed by Davis Furniture) stands out for the precision of its die-cast aluminum base frame and its slender, understated appearance when viewed from the front and rear. The precision-adjustable height and custom-developed rocking mechanism guarantee outstanding comfort.


In this case, the chairs don’t have star bases but are attached to rails. Return springs put the chairs back in their original position.

Interior: blocher partners, © Heinrich K.- M. Hecht

We made a chair with a higher backrest for the president of the Lower Saxonie Parliament and used the same leather incorporated in the table surfaces as the upholstery material.

Interior: blocher partners, © Heinrich K.- M. Hecht

Baring Private Equity © Owen Raggett; at the bottom: © Cunsolo Architects, Dianna Snape photography

The arms on the star base join up to form the central swivel-mounted column that spreads out in a V-shape and ends stylishly in the armrests. On the other hand, the seat’s contour is exactly the opposite, resulting in a distinctive appearance at the sides. In addition to its classy look, the comfort of the height-adjustable, fully upholstered seat, which tilts backward and ensures a relaxed change of posture, is impressive. Available on glides or casters, in two high-quality types of upholstery and optionally with leather-covered armrests, the chair checks virtually all the boxes.


If the design focus is on soft shapes and curves, the Intra chair range has plenty to offer.

© SS Kikaku Inc.

Intra is the right choice for people seeking a relaxed yet executive-style look to their chair. Various backrest heights convey differences in status, while all the other features such as the natural shape, the comfort, range of motion and superb quality stay the same.

Architecture and interior: Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Nikken Space Design Ltd. © SS Kikaku Inc.

Multiple interior design concepts are possible due to the covers in a wide range of materials and colors, the surfaces of the armrests and star bases are made of die-cast aluminum. These Intra models feature cognac-colored leather and matte-black aluminum to match the wall coverings.

GEM © Woven Image

© Frank Schinski

The seat shell and its stylish, integrated armrests embrace the person sitting on the chair. Add the organic shapes of the high-quality materials, the exclusive upholstery with its distinctive stitching and the synchro-adjustment mechanism’s controls concealed in the armrests and you have a chair that expresses management culture to perfection. The mix of the dynamic shape and motion functionality make Intra a number one chair for conferences or even in homes.


© Frank Schinski

“Our international research showed that top management is increasingly adopting agile styles of working and conducting meetings. The longer people spend in meetings, the greater the need for more agility while sitting to keep body and mind alert. In the case of Intra, we managed to couple dynamic sitting with a relaxed yet exclusive appeal.” Phoenix Design team


The Art of Conferencing Versa

Agile corporate methods are also changing the way that people work in board- rooms. The interior design needs to reflect dynamism and flexibility, but versa- tility and a distinct personality at the same time. Therefore, tables and table systems need to symbolize contemporary management approaches, offer solutions geared to room shapes, materials and conference equipment, and respond to changes quickly and easily at any time. Wilkhahn collaborated with designer Wolfgang C.R. Mezger and developed the Versa table range to meet these requirements. It’s an eye-catching, highly adaptable table with an enor- mous range of design options. Because any configuration can be set up, dis- mantled or rearranged in no time. Just as an agile management team requires.


The form of the stylish table frame with its A-line, tapered legs, soft cross- brace transition points and the organic table top bearer look seamless. As a result, the stand- alone tables and table systems make a high-­ quality and exceptionally inviting impression.

© Top and bottom: The Subdivision


The clever part is the way the frame and table top are joined together. To offer maximum flexi­ bility for different layouts, no tools are required to attach or detach the two. To provide more leg room, only one base frame is required for linear linkage options.

© Rolf Schwarz

The ingenious design, involving just two base frame sizes for different table depths, enables a vast range of forms and formats, ranging from rectangular to round, for stand- alone tables and table systems. At the same time, the numerous configuration options can still be changed and combined with one another. This results in customized solu- tions for all sorts of usage regardless of the shape or size of the room. A choice of edges, high-quality table surfaces and frame surfaces means there’s virtually no limit to the designs available.


“We wanted to design a modular and adaptable table range that looked seamless and not like a system. Which is why, just like sculptors, we created base frames to look like organic sculptures. The A-line legs give the table sturdy support and cradle the table top just like hands and arms would.” Wolfgang C. R. Mezger


Executive Lounge Asienta

Sofas are ideal for putting people in a relaxed frame of mind and gaining their trust. And after high-octane meetings and negotiations, sinking into them and unwinding alone, or in the company of others, is the perfect reward for a hard day’s work. So we teamed up with designers Marcus Jehs and Jürgen Laub to develop the Asienta chair, sofa and upholstered bench with backrest. Asienta is all about prestigious form and craftsmanship combined with a feeling of well-being and comfort. It’s a seminal interpretation of traditional values and a combination of crisp design with home-like appeal. Asienta has a distinctive and exclusive look and is a new benchmark in lounge seating.


The cube-like shapes of the chairs, two- and three-seater sofas have seamless covers and stand on four classy aluminum legs, which are connected via a finely modeled frame.

Interior: Woods Bagot © Dion Robeson

Covers made from exquisite fabrics, or super-soft leather and matching frame surfaces lend any interior a special touch.

© Thomas Bach


On the outside, the upholstery envelops clear cube-shape sections and on the inside, its curved form invites people to take a seat. The characteristic match of a precise shape and a pleasantly firm place to sit is achieved via exceptionally sophisticated upholstery. In both the upholstered furniture or the matching lounge tables, Asienta combines precision with a visual softness, traditional cuboid lines with organic curves and superior quality with pleasing comfort.


Executive Offices Modus | FS-Line | ON

In the past, thrones expressed status, but nowadays it’s executive chairs. While thrones were only used for official occasions, digital technology has turned chairs into vital pieces of equipment. When placed at desks, people sit on them while looking for information, analyzing facts and figures and making decisions. Which is why our mission was to develop the world’s most attractive and ergonomic office chairs. And according to leading healthcare and design experts, we’ve done the job extraordinarily well. Which explains why our executive chairs are neither jazzed-up seating contraptions, nor stand-alone items that merely look attractive. As top models from first-class office chair ranges, they perfect healthy dynamic sitting in terms of form and function and have long been considered classic items of furniture in their own way.


As the first among equals, the Modus executive chair with its slender contour and looser-fit leather cover became the style icon for the 21st century

© Thomas Bach


Al Yasat Office, World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi © a2z Office Furniture

The Modus family embodies the legendary modernist concept of less is more like virtually no other chair. The cover on the high-tech backrest frame, the incomparable torsion mechanism, the slender seat bearer, swivel arms and star bases made of die-cast aluminum achieve maximum comfort and a range of motion while minimizing the materials used to make them. At the same time, custom-crafted components made of high-performance materials are also applied. Therefore, Modus is a timeless yet contemporary option, not just behind desks but at conference tables too. Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer, who both designed Modus, had already written furni- ture history when Wilkhahn launched a new office chair that was to become the new dynamic sitting benchmark the world over.


Top: Interior Unispace © Shannon McGrath, bottom © Vojislav Nikolic

The FS-Line, based on the designers’ initials, is still one of the best chairs ever. It’s no surprise that the range’s top models are encountered wherev- er the world’s movers and shakers are based, in government buildings or in the executive offices of global organizations and companies. In our “Chancellor model”, the type of upholstery only otherwise found in luxurious sofas and the stylishly curved swivel arms, ensure a feeling of well-being and wide range of motion. And it comes with covers that are hand-sewn and even envelop the armrests.

The executive workspace in a modern home – an elegant solid oak table (Occo range) with an ON armchair whose management-grade upholstery is in super-soft, aniline-tanned leather. The result is a prestigious yet relaxed look and superb hap- tics with state-of-the-art 3D dynamic sitting.

© Thomas Bach

The ON management chair with contoured upholstery at a Versa table, paired with visitor chairs from the Occo Conference range, creates an eye-catching setting. © Wilkhahn and 1zu33

We started this booklet with the ON conference chair and would like to finish this excursion into executive Wilkhahn-style workspaces with our ON office chair. Just like the Modus and FS-Line ranges, ON offers a broad product family, which (in addition to conference and office chairs) also includes more basic office-, visitor- and cantilever-chairs. Consequently, you’ll be able to furnish your company in one recognizable design throughout and reflect different job roles and statuses at the same time. All ranges cultivate dynamic sitting in an exemplary manner in their own individual way. ON and its three-dimensional flexibility became the new milestone worldwide of healthy seating in first-class design.


Wilkhahn’s London showroom is based at the hub of the architectural scene, in the English capital’s design neighborhood of Clerkenwell. © Wilkhahn

“We believe in the power of good design”

Wilkhahn is one of the leading trend setters when innovative concepts and products for future-proof working environments are called for. Our own convictions, experi- ence from a range of diverse international projects and numerous case studies on changes in office work styles have all been incorporated in Wilkhahn’s human-­ centered workplace concept. This blueprint offers us, customers, partners and architects a point of reference and assurance in a world that’s changing at break- neck speed and becoming ever more complex. As we’re a global player, we can spot key trends early on and develop pioneering responses for our customers. With more than 100 years of experience under our belt, we work with the industry’s best designers and engineers to achieve this objective. High-performance, ultra-modern factories in Europe and Australia also guarantee we can produce customized items of furniture for large international projects and ship them on schedule.


Around 500 Wilkhahn employees pull out all the stops to offer you superbly designed, practical product and furnishing solutions that last and last. Our own branches, licensing partners and a network of select furnishing specialists allow us to serve you wherever you are.

One of our most attractive showrooms is located in the heart of Tokyo © Wilkhahn, Japan

In the hip neighborhood of Surry Hills in Sydney, it was the first showroom in Australia to be awarded the Well Building Certificate. © Wilkhahn

The showroom in New York is designed like a lab, in the middle of Soho, amidst art galleries, lofts and boutiques. © Wilkhahn


Antwerp , Belgium Rotterdam , Netherlands

London , England

Vienna , Austria Zürich , Switzerland Bad Münder , Germany

Poznan , Poland

Bern , Switzerland

Toronto , Canada

Chicago , USA

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Madrid , Spain

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