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THE LIFELINES OF GREELEY ENDODONTICS How Roxanne and Ciera Put Patients First and Keep Me in Line


As families plot out a good spot to set up the RV, set up the yard games, and load up their grills in hopes of creating an epic and memorable Labor Day celebration, they might forget that what this holiday offers is much more than a day out of the office. It provides the perfect opportunity for company owners, managers, and bosses all over the world to take some time and show their employees genuine appreciation for all the hours they spend ensuring the business runs smoothly. Because I know Greeley Endodontics would either cease to exist or struggle endlessly without the efforts of our two employees, Roxanne and Ciera, I wanted to recognize and honor them today! Since Roxanne is usually the first person patients meet, it only makes sense to start with her. Serving as our front office manager for over 2 years now, Roxanne has been a huge asset to our office. When a patient first calls to set up an appointment, Roxanne works with them to discuss insurance information and what the cost will be. Roxanne understands that patients feel far more at ease when she extends the courtesy of providing all the information she can prior to the procedure. Roxanne will also walk patients through the procedure on the phone after she gets them on my schedule for a root canal. In many cases, patients call us because they are hurting, so it’s important to have someone as caring, compassionate, and understanding

as Roxanne. Additionally, for a great number of patients, root canals are the root of all fears and are synonymous with pain and anxiety. Of course, we aim to ensure that the real procedure is a lot less painful, both mentally and physically. But we can only do so because Roxanne has helped assuage patients’ fears beforehand. After Roxanne has greeted patients when they come in for their appointment, Ciera takes over. While her official title is Back Office Coordinator, I refer to her as my righthand person, even though she is left- handed. She takes patients to the dental chairs and gathers as much information as she can about their tooth. She takes X-rays and 3D CBCT scans all while getting to know the patient and answering as many of their questions as she can. She then gives me all that information, so I can create a treatment plan to suit each individual patient best. After the procedure is complete, she cleans all my instruments, gets the chair ready for the next patient, and repeats the cycle all over again. In all honesty, I’m not sure I could come up with the words to explain how grateful I am for all Ciera does for our office. She is my lifeline. With an office made up of only three people, we know we don’t have the luxury of relying on other employees to come in and finish the tasks we didn’t get to. We work together and openly communicate to make sure that every single thing gets done every single day. While

our successful team dynamic stems in large part from our honesty and dedication


to helping each other, I firmly believe the primary reason is

our shared mission of creating a friendly and effective healing environment for patients. I know Roxanne and Ciera often put themselves in our patients’ shoes, hoping to find a way to make the experience more comforting, and it’s those efforts that remind me how vital they both are. I’m so fortunate to have these two phenomenal employees to put patients first, keep me in line, and help our office function as seamlessly as possible. Without them, Greeley Endodontics wouldn’t be the business it is, and I can’t thank them enough for all their efforts.

Happy Labor Day, Roxanne and Ciera! You ladies are amazing!

– Dr. Scott Lowry

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