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also enjoyed fishing and playing many of the sports I enjoyed. At the time, I was playing football and was a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Mr. McNeil and I would often chat about football or whatever sport was in season. As a kid, it was really exciting to share some of the same interests as my teacher. While that made a big difference in how I regarded him, having things in common with him wasn’t the only reason why he was my favorite. Mr. McNeil was the first teacher who pushed me to study more about science and biology, which were two topics I was already fascinated by at that age. He had a knack for figuring out what his students were most interested in and encouraging them to pursue that area. The way he taught really opened my eyes to the different methods that teachers use and the different ways I can learn. During the school year, we created a whole ecosystem inside the classroom. Mr. McNeil brought in a fish tank and filled it with fish, plants, and frogs. Our ecosystem was a part of our everyday lessons, but we did far more than just feed the fish. We learned about what the fish would eat in the wild, what animals or insects lived off the pond and the fish, and what fed into and out of the ecosystem to make it work. Along with sharing many of my interests, Mr. McNeil and another teacher at the school owned an ice cream shop in the town that I grew up visiting. Everyone went to their ice cream shop on the weekends and spent some time with their families. It was cool as a kid to see my favorite teacher on the weekends and talk about a game or two. Plus, it was the best ice cream in town. Overall, I have a lot to thank Mr. McNeil for: a great fifth grade, great lessons, and fostering the passion in the two subjects that eventually led me down the path to where I am right now. Thanks, Mr. McNeil, for everything you’ve done for me! “As a kid, it was really exciting to share some of the same interests as my teacher.”

Teacher’s Day is a fun holiday taking place this month. It’s a day to think back and remember your favorite teachers. The best teacher I ever had was my fifth grade teacher, Mr. McNeil, who helped pique my interest in science and biology. Mr. McNeil was the type of teacher who made all his lessons fun and kept the whole class engaged. He was also one of the first teachers I ever made a connection with. In my first five years of school, he was my first male teacher, and for a 10-year-old boy, that made quite an impact. Mr. McNeil

-Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

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