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In many parts of the country, March just feels like another month of winter. In Virginia, however, we’re fortunate to get the first real month of spring. Sure, it might rain a few times, and we may even get one last snowstorm, but for the most part, the days of March are sunny and 60–70 degrees. It’s the time when people start emerging from their homes after the winter cold to go hiking, cycling, or even just to start working in the garden. All in all, it’s a great time to rediscover your favorite ways to stay active outdoors. outdoor activity I’m most passionate about is fishing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fisherman. My dad took me fishing when I was little, and as I got older, I was down at the neighborhood pond fishing for bass every chance I got. One fishing story that stands out from when I was growing up is when I went fishing with a friend in a nearby pond and caught a 5-pound bass. I remember casting my line into the water and watching the bobber take off toward the center of the pond before I reeled it in. It was the largest fish I had caught at that point in my life. I’m all about hiking, camping, and working in our garden, but the

that be a pond, river or bay, and cast a few lines every chance I can. Our weekends in March, and all throughout summer, are characterized by trips to the bait and tackle shop and hours on the water. I don’t really have any fishing trips with my kids that stand out in particular. When I’m spending time with them, every fishing trip is enjoyable. Over the years, I’ve found I enjoy fishing because it’s a way to get away from it all, if even for just a few hours, and you don’t necessarily have to be good at it to enjoy it. The peaceful calm, punctuated by sounds of rippling water and the whirr of the fishing reel; the excitement that comes with a slight tug on your line — these are the parts of fishing that

make it something anyone can find fun and relaxing.

Ultimately, March should be the start of your season to do whatever it is you love outdoors. Plan some weekend camping trips, head to the mountains for a day hike, or go for bike rides around your neighborhood. Staying active and having fun is easy now that winter is finally releasing its icy grip. If you enjoy fishing as much as I do, and we cross paths at the bait and tackle shop, at one of the nearby rivers or ponds, or even out on the bay, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Today, I take my kids out to the nearest body of water, whether

–Dr. Tom Bohanon

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