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It is just that these holon’s either need a direction or skill sets to orient their energies towards high performance. Subsequently, these holon’s are simultaneously coached and controlled by one or more of experienced, competent authorities. This ensures that they are part of an ecosystem providing a context for the proper functionality for the larger whole.

Once this system is set up the model is simple to execute:

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Determine the business orbit in which the organization wishes to move. Structured Assessment: Identify the systemic fault lines in the organization structure and business behaviours that are choking the system. Organization Behaviour: Set up new behaviours that are required for the orbit shift. Change Initiative: Initiate change projects and collaborative events for innovation in areas identified. Formulate the necessary business intelligence tools for tracking the success trends; monitor and control these stringently. Organization Development: Set up systems and structures that support the new change process and enable the accomplishment of the desired business orbit. Establish this as a dynamic process.


Build Expertize: Coach up the target team working in the scale-up initiative to demonstrate the skills and business behaviours for increasing the probability of success. As the holon’s create success, the eco-system around them also starts aligning and performing to support the new ways. It is noteworthy to see how the language and solution orientation of the holon’s scales up. Scale-up needs deep pockets and patience. Fifteen months is the minimum period to see the effect of scale-up initiatives. To firewall the organization from the undesired business impact, it is imperative not to expose the entire entity to this intervention but address it in parts and keep it localized. Test run and build a model that can then be rapidly implemented across the organization.

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Niket Karajagi is the Founder Director of Atyaasaa, which contributes to the top corporate brands globally. He is a business psychologist, a coach and an organization transformation facilitator with niche areas of expertize and contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity and innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding management processes.

Whether it is teams or an individual the real power of Emotional Intelligence can be seen during arduous times. The perceived intensity of challenges is just a manifestation of our emotional responses. We engage with the situation purely based on our thoughts and emotions. Some deal with it with ease while others experience immobilization. Our success depends on personal emotional responses, which manifests in our behaviour. Let us thus reflect how Emotional Intelligence helps us to stay on course. In my experience with leaders across continents, I have noticed self-awareness plays a crucial role in dealing with situations of life and work. Our perpetual passions and committed goals keep us focussed. They are the key to mitigating all distractions around us. Our values and principles keep us on correct methods while the inventory of our strengths gives us the capabilities to be deployed. The situation suddenly looks easy to deal with. This is one competence I have seen leaders desire and crave for. Our self-awareness immediately moves us into self-regulation. Our emotional responses and thoughts immediately converge into active responses, which generate empowered actions or success behaviours. The world around us primarily sees our behaviour as people cannot see our inner processes. Our demonstrated behaviours are capable of triggering positivity and hope in minds of people around us. After all, leaders are always in control of themselves which is primarily their responses. Self-regulation creates proactive engagement to deal with situations and it activates instant self-motivation. Hope always increases the perceived probability of success, which in turn inspires us to go for action. Externally borrowed motivation seldom helps.

different light. When we are positive we interpret all situations around us with a 360 degree view point.This provides us holistic insights to situations and people around us.We are able to see their world and their emotional responses. People in active engagement always have a locus of control within themselves, which drives their internal power and generates empathy for people around them. Empathy makes them feel other person’s emotional responses. With the above four capabilities demonstrated the person acts as a magnet for people around and is thus able to create effective relationships. It is also the wisdom of self-awareness that tells us that after a particular orbit, success is always an outcome of co-creation. With co-creation every challenge is surmountable. It is all about being aware of ourselves. It is important to audit our behavioural responses and with self-awareness resolve to correct them. Success thus becomes the natural outcome. Life has given us the option to win, let’s action it.

Self-motivation creates a flow of positive energy and we are able to see the world around us in a

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Intelligence quotient is in abundance, emotional quotient is scarce. BEAN STATEMENT

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