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Sharing Our Light in the Holiday Season

T here are many holidays in joy for a reason! Every day should be joyful, but this time of year, we’re called to look for the joy in life. If you find yourself struggling to see the joy in the season, remember that happiness can be measured in different ways. For some of us, taking time to reflect on our values and commitments, to evaluate what we’ve achieved and what we can do better, can bring greater joy in our lives. Other people rekindle their joy by spending time with their families. Family is a key part in our everyday lives, and reflecting on the joy we share with loved ones can be a powerful force during the holiday season. Finding meaning in life can also be a source of joy. When our lives have meaning, when we feel fulfilled, we often experience a deep sense of joy. Personally, I find great joy in my religion. I’m a Jesus man, so I have contentment in my heart because I know a great price was paid for my happiness. I’m grateful for our Lord and Savior for His sacrifice and find hope in the fact that, because of Him, we have an eternal life of joy. With this contentment in my heart, I’m able to share that joy with my family. There’s nothing deeper and more joyful than knowing December that focus on hope and happiness. It’s called the season of

“If you find yourself struggling to see the joy in the season, remember that happiness can be measured in different ways.”

No matter how much misery you have in life, we all have something to be grateful for — even if it’s just being alive today to see a better tomorrow. I am most grateful for my wife, my children, and my clients. Some people may roll their eyes when I say that last one, but I mean it sincerely. I enjoy what I do because of the relationships I’ve built with my clients. They reach out during difficult times and let me help them through it. That creates a bond, making all the challenges worthwhile. The relationships I have with my clients give my work meaning, adding joy to my life. I truly love what I do thanks to them.

Over the next few weeks, take a moment to find the joy in your life. Look at the meaningful ways you spend your time, the people who make you smile, and the blessings that make your life better each day. This is the season of joy because we bring extra joy into the world. I

you are right with God and right with your fellow man.

Being right with God also means counting your blessings and being grateful for what

you have. Gratitude is a big part of happiness. Research shows that people who practice gratitude tend to be happier. Plus, I think we all know that unhappy person in our lives who only ever complains about what went wrong or what they don’t have.

encourage you to look for ways you can maximize the joy in your life and share it with others.

–Walter E. “Pete” Moak


December 2019

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