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which is to hit 1–2 national parks a year. Barring any continuation of the government shutdown (cuckoo even to be thinking out that far, but, you know, the crazy keeps coming!), we’re headed to southern Utah for some national park adventures. Our goal is to hit two national parks and — if we’re feeling extra adventurous — even trying to make it to the Grand Canyon for a day. As a kid, my family never camped, and I’ve been making up for it ever since. I’ve never made it to any of these places myself and am excited to experience them for the first time with my daughter. I want my daughter to deepen her love of the outdoors; I’m glad that she’s at an age where she still loves to spend quality time with her parents. Spending time together doing fun activities helps maintain the connection in the times when it’s not so fun (hello yelling). I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to live in places where a lot of these outdoor adventures are accessible and, of course, amazing. I do have to admit that every morning when I pour my made-at-home vanilla cold brew and glance at the latest photos and collages curated for me by my Google Home Hub, those particular things make me smile. They’ll definitely make that Kondo cut. What are the things that bring you the greatest joy? Shelly Coffman

Happy February! While I’ve succeeded in not writing ‘2018’ too many times (yay for achievable goals!), it’s hitting the point where the big goals need to be brought back into focus. I imagine I’m not the only one who’s afraid to watch Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’ on Netflix. While cleaning and organizing is a goal that could EASILY make a top three in my life, I am fearful that it will shift my focus away from my bigger goals. I might have to hold that particular one until 2020, when hopefully, the world is less on fire and delving through the over-accumulation of paper and stuff will be the thing that brings me the greatest satisfaction. I do, however, try to examine what in my life is bringing my satisfaction and happiness, and what is not. It makes me feel a little “Oprah-ish,” and yes, I do still really miss the Oprah show. In particular, I miss the”Oprah’s favorite things” episode. (And YOU get a car, and YOU get a car!) But I also have come to recognize that the things that bring me the greatest joy in life are usually not things. I loved the entertainment of the show, but I didn’t run out and buy any of the actual stuff. Time, health, connection — those are the things I value above all else. I started off January with hamburger and roller skating dates with my kiddo, as well as bringing back dance-fighting and before-school hot chocolate for connection time. Our next adventure dovetails with my 10-year goal,

From the Thighmaster to the ShakeWeight, every era has had its own ridiculous fitness fad. However, in a world increasingly obsessed with health and fitness, silly, single-use items have given way to complex workout methodologies. Instructors and gyms now offer varying programs for success, and each will tell you their system is the best way to get and stay fit. While the debate over the best way to work out continues to rage on, one thing is indisputable: Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. According to the Harvard Health Letter, there are four types of exercise everyone should do. Each provides unique benefits to your overall health and wellness. Rather than deciding that one is better than the others, it’s smart to make sure you’re mixing them all together regularly. THE 4 TYPES OF EXERCISE A nd W hy Y ou N eed T hem A ll “People do what they enjoy, or what feels the most effective, so some aspects of exercise and fitness are ignored,”says Rachel Wilson of Brigham andWomen’s Hospital. Don’t end up overlooking an integral aspect of any well-rounded fitness regimen. Examine the four most-important types of exercise and ask yourself if you’re getting enough of each. A erobic E xercise

Aerobic exercise, which comprises any cardiovascular conditioning (cardio), speeds up your heart rate and

–-Shelly Coffman

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