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Joining Aspire Financial Management as a financial adviser It could be the best career move you ever make


Aspire Financial Management provides you with a great opportunity to operate as a self- employed financial adviser, where you can increase your income, operate an advice model which is right for you and your clients, and build business value for the future. Quality management and administration support provided through the team at Aspire, coupled with the services provided by Tenet, including compliance, research, professional indemnity insurance and lead generation, will enable you to thrive in an environment where you can focus your time on servicing clients and increasing income.

Key benefits: n Join a growing team of self-employed advisers with a strong support infrastructure. n Operate via an independent or restricted advice model with a whole of market research team saving you time. n Be provided with advice leads via our relationships with key product providers, as well as orphan clients. n Work remotely across the UK, or in one of Aspire’s branches in Northampton or Cardiff. n Operate via the Aspire Financial Management Ltd brand, using the available marketing support and compliance documentation. n Professional Indemnity Insurance built into the package – including run-off cover. n Have peace of mind through the support and backing from Tenet, including quality compliance provision and business development solutions. n Have an exit plan for the future, which focuses on your needs and those of your clients. So, if you are looking to realise your own value and have the freedom to adapt your client service proposition within an infrastructure where you work with

like-minded professionals and have quality support, then joining Aspire could be the best career move you make.

Who is Aspire Financial Management? Aspire is a national firm of financial advisers, which is wholly owned by the multi award-winning Tenet Group, one of the UK’s largest adviser groups, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will have the very best support to help you meet the demands of the regulator and provide a first class client service. You will also have a secure future. Tenet Group has over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience, significant cash reserves, and three major shareholders (Aviva, Standard Life and Aegon), so we’re about as robust as it gets.

Suitable for a variety of needs Whatever your circumstances, joining Aspire could be the perfect opportunity for you. You could be operating as an adviser and want to build value for yourself, rather than someone else. Or perhaps you are an existing business owner who is looking to build more value in your business which can be realised in the future. Aspire’s proposition and commercial package fits a variety of different needs. In addition to the opportunities through Aspire, Tenet also recruits advisers on behalf of our other network firms across the UK, and also enable advisers to set up their own businesses. So, if you find a self-employed role in Aspire isn’t quite right for you, there could be another perfect opportunity to enable you to realise your own value.

Tenet key facts: n One of the UK’s largest adviser support groups, supporting hundreds of advisers nationwide n A secure and well-funded business n  History goes back to the 1980s, but it was in 1992 that the current business took shape when the M&E Network (now TenetConnect) was formed n Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Tenet invests in quality people and has more than 250 staff n Won numerous industry awards, demonstrating the quality of our service to our advisers n  Our most recent accolade was in February 2019 where it was announced Tenet had been awarded ‘Best Network’ by Professional Adviser Aspire is part of the multi award winning Tenet Group


By joining Aspire Financial Management as a self-employed financial adviser, you will be able to focus on your clients and build a real business asset for you to realise in the future. It’s a real win-win situation. Through Aspire you will be able to operate either an independent or restricted advice model. Either way you will have access to quality research and compliance support (see more details on the next spread), all of which is designed to save you time and help you provide a first class client service. Independent advice across the full financial spectrum Independent financial advice is at the very heart of Aspire’s proposition. As Aspire is part of the Tenet Group, which continues to lead the way as a long established and financially robust network that actively supports Independent or restricted – the choice is yours

independent financial advice, you will be provided with everything you need to deliver a client-centric service which meets regulatory requirements. This includes comprehensive investment panels, with mainstream and esoteric products and funds researched for you from the whole of market. You can easily access these panels through the member extranet or the free version of the Defaqto Engage software. In addition to investments, you will also have access to the following: Protection – a panel of providers with leading commission terms and client rates which aren’t loaded. Mortgages – if you advise on mortgages you will use Tenet’s mortgage club which includes an extensive mortgage and secured loans panel, including second charges, with leading procuration fees. General insurance – access to leading providers for home insurance, accident, sickness and unemployment cover, and commercial products. And, if you don’t advise on mortgages, protection and/or general insurance, you can refer your client to Tenet’s helpdesk and you will receive a share of any commission generated.

This provides operational efficiencies through the streamlining of processes, meaning more time to spend with clients. The proposition is fully supported with tools, branded literature, compliance documentation and also includes access to an exclusive low-cost Tenet branded platform and discretionary model portfolio service. Aspiring to the future One of the core benefits of joining Aspire is that you will be able to create an asset, enabling you to realise the value of your client bank in the future. This value will increase the more you use Tenet’s restricted advice proposition, so it’s something that’s definitely worth considering at the outset.

A restricted proposition to save you time If you opt for the restricted route then you can utilise Tenet’s ‘off the shelf’ proposition, which is designed to reduce risk and save you time, as well as provide a quality service to clients. This uses a carefully selected, restricted range of providers, covering investment planning, retirement planning, protection and mortgages, providing a clear client journey though the delivery of an easy to understand advice process. As well as having access to well known, financially strong providers and competitively priced solutions, you will be able to deliver a first class ongoing service proposition, as well as have a reduced PII excess.

Through Tenet, Aspire is provided with first class compliance support, together with whole of market research and technical expertise, all of which will be available to you. This extensive support and know- how is designed to enable you to meet your regulatory requirements and deliver a quality client service. QUALITY COMPLIANCE AND RESEARCH SUPPORT

Compliance support to meet regulatory requirements

Technical and research expertise You will have access to technical and research support where complex and time consuming activities are carried out, enabling you to focus your time on building new advice and service propositions to support your client needs and, crucially, client retention. Whether you choose to go down a restricted or independent advice route, the proactive product and fund research service, covering both vanilla and esoteric investments, with an experienced team offering ongoing support, will help you meet your business challenges. As this first layer of research and due diligence on providers, products and funds is carried out, you can focus more time on servicing your clients. If you utilise Tenet’s restricted proposition you will save yourself even more time and provide a quality client proposition, as the process of allocating the right solution for the client’s needs is streamlined. The technical and research service includes: n Comprehensive panels researched from the whole of the market. These are based on Tenet’s uniquely designed methodologies and cover a wide range of individual, corporate and trust solutions to meet your clients’ needs. n Easy access to the approved panels via a bespoke version of Defaqto Engage. n An ‘off panel’ process for client recommendations which can’t be met by the panels. n Off the shelf restricted advice proposition, designed to save yourself time and provide a quality client service. n Monthly panel bulletins covering product research, including updating you on key panel changes, amendments to existing propositions in the market, commentary on new product launches and providing guidance on market developments. n Financial planning guidance and technical bulletins covering pensions, investments, protection, taxation and trusts. n Practical application of FCA regulations and thematic reviews. All of this is supported by access to our Technical Services & Research helpdesk, where our team of experts can provide support and guidance on research or technical queries.

Tenet’s compliance team provide first class support to enable you to service your clients in a way that meets the requirements of the regulator. They also work closely with the FCA and have the right mechanisms in place to give you peace of mind and security for the future. We all operate in an ever-changing regulatory environment, with additional government intervention, so compliance support is delivered in an approachable and proactive manner. You will be provided with clear guidance, support and practical tools to enable you to service clients effectively in a compliant manner.

The compliance support includes: n Comprehensive and easy to follow compliance manual, accessed via a member extranet n Tried and tested compliance processes and Training & Competence (T&C) scheme n Field support from an experienced Compliance Manager and T&C Manager n Regular file assessments to assess advice suitability and documentation n Direct contact with compliance staff n Financial promotion support and approval n Regular updates and guidance on emerging regulatory changes Over and above all this support, if you just want to have a chat with an expert about a particular area of concern, then you can speak to Tenet’s compliance helpdesk as and when needed.


Aspire’s whole proposition is designed to add value to your client proposition and save you time. By providing you with a strong support infrastructure and wide range of services via Tenet, you can focus your time on providing a quality advice service to your clients and, of course, increasing your income. Advice leads Through Tenet’s strong relationships with major product providers, we have created a flow of quality advice leads, particularly in the retirement space, which are provided to Aspire advisers. In addition, there are also orphan clients who are in need of advice, which you can be provided with access to, enabling you to generate your own leads. Administration support A key benefit of joining Aspire is that you will be able to utilise the administration support of the team based at our core office in Northampton, and of course the support delivered by Tenet. This applies whether you work from home or within one of Aspire’s offices. Technology solution Intelligent Office (iO) is a market-leading, comprehensive end to end web-based business management system developed for the UK financial services market. This ‘one-stop shop’ lets you manage all your client and provider data within a single technology eco-system and align it to your service proposition enabling you to: n Drive efficiencies within your business through time and cost savings n Build stronger customer relationships; including a client portal n Extend your client proposition and enhance engagement n Assist with regulatory compliance with automated compliance services from Tenet n Be innovative through flexible technology and partnerships with unrivalled market integrations – platforms, product providers, quote portals etc. Intelligent Office has been designed to follow the advice process so provides technology that underpins multiple touch points – helping you build a better business, manage risks and maximise efficiency. Training will be provided to get you up and running.

Software You will be provided with free access to a bespoke version of the Defaqto Engage tool, giving you quick and easy access to Tenet’s whole of market researched product and fund panels. To get access to the full range of features via Defaqto Engage, you can choose to upgrade at a discounted cost. In addition, you will be provided with access to Assureweb, for sourcing protection, and the O&M Profiler for investments and pensions advice. If you need any software beyond this, you can utilise the discounted offers available via Tenet, which includes: n AdviserAsset platform and product research tool n Defaqto Engage fund, platform and product research tool n Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner n eValue’s Advisa Centa planning tool n FE Analytics investment, portfolio management and report generation tool n Synaptic product research n Selectapension tool n CIExpert’s critical illness policy comparison tool n Lifestyle planner tools such as Prestwood Truth and Cashcalc

Paraplanning You will be able to utilise Tenet’s Paraplanning service, which is designed to save you a significant amount of time so you can focus your time on servicing clients. You can call on this service (which is available at a charge per case) when you need it, depending on your workload at the time or perhaps due to the complexity of a particular case e.g. defined benefit pension transfers. As you will be receiving this service from Tenet, the compliance and research process will give you peace of mind on the outcome for the client and enable you to demonstrate suitability. More and more advisers are utilising paraplanning as part of their proposition, and this service is proving to be a very popular facility. Leading terms through providers As one of the UK’s largest distribution groups, Tenet uses its buying power to negotiate enhanced terms through providers, including commission terms with protection and general insurance providers, procuration fees with lenders, or reduced charges with some platforms.

Marketing and client documentation As you will operate under the Aspire brand, you will be able to utilise the marketing support and documentation available. This includes access to an introductory client brochure promoting the advice service, and a range of newsletters and topical updates which you can use to maintain regular contact with your clients and form a part of your ongoing service proposition. You can also utilise Tenet’s extensive range of support which includes adverts, leaflets and posters across different themes. You will also be provided with the necessary compliance documentation, including initial disclosure and client agreements, as well as fact find and suitability report templates.

They also collect, reconcile and distribute all types of commission and provider facilitated payments for you. You will be issued with detailed statements and payments weekly, and we provide a helpdesk to answer any queries.

Events and training Through Tenet you will have access to training and events to help you keep abreast of the latest market and product insight and to help your development. There are over 100 CII accredited events a year across the UK, including professional development meetings and technical masterclasses, so you can attend to find out the latest news and network with other advisers. This programme also gives you everything you need to get your annual Continued Professional Development (CPD) and attain your Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). Tenet also provides CII accredited training support, including an induction course when you first join and exam revision courses.

Aspire is a business that is growing and going places. If you’re looking to further your career as a self- employed financial adviser within a strong support infrastructure and with all the services and backing from a large and financially robust network business, then we would love to have a chat with you. You would have everything you need to provide a first class and compliant client proposition, as well as build value in your client bank which can be realised in the future as and when you plan your exit. Remember though – through Tenet there are other opportunities available, such as joining another financial advice firm or perhaps setting up your own business. So, if you find that Aspire Financial Management isn’t quite right for you, there are other opportunities worth exploring. For an informal chat and to find out more, please contact us. Call: 0800 085 0825 Visit: Email: JOINING ASPIRE COULD BE THE BEST CAREER MOVE YOU MAKE

Aspire is a business that is growing and going places

For an informal chat and to find out more, please contact us. Call: 0800 085 0825 Visit: Email:

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