King's Business - 1937-11

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Single subscriptions through club or­ ganizers, or clubs of less them ten, at E X A C T L Y H A L F PR ICE : only 75 cents each. Begin T O D A Y to form a club in YO U R COM M UN ITY . To February 1, 1938 CLUB O R G AN IZER S : Send us $7 for each C lub-of-Ten annual subscrip­ tions to TH E K ING ’S BUSINESS (regular price $ 1 .5 0 * ) . W e will allow you 8 0 cents on each subscription. $7 for US—$8 forYOU the International Lesson for each week, the mag­ azine provides Golden Text illustrations, chil­ dren’s lessons, illustrated object lessons, and light on lesson questions for classes and teachers. Sunday-school superintendents order and recom­ mend the use of T h e K in g ’ s B u s in e s s among their teachers and officers. They know it is safe, serviceable, and inexpensive. Moreover, it will come in time to be useful, for all Sunday-school lesson materials, as well as Christian Endeavor Notes and Devotional Readings, are provided one month in advance of the magazine date. Why not form a club in your church, Sunday- school, or adult Bible class, and thus promote the diligent and pleasurable study of the Greatest Book?

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* Please add 25 cenfs each for Canadian and foreign subscrip­ tions.

N EARLY seven million copies of T h e K in g ’ s B u s in e s s , it is estimated, have been printed and circulated during its twenty-eight years of service. Throughout the years, more than "22,000,000 readers have delighted in these pages (the figures based upon a conservative estimate of an official analyst). Printed on a fine quality of paper, beautifully illustrated, with 40 to 48 pages (plus covers), it represents the last word in evangelical journalism. Why Everybody Wants The King’ s Business It appeals to the whole family. As its slogan implies, it is indeed the Bible Family Magazine. For inspiration, relaxation, information, and all- year-round enjoyment, young and old turn to T h e K in g ’ s B u s in e s s —and are satisfied! It is a boon to Sunday-school teachers. Each month, at least one-fifth of the contents of T h e K in g ’ s B u s in e s s is specially adaptable to the needs of Sunday-school pupils and teachers. Besides a practical and spiritual exposition of

Paul W. Rood Editor-in-Chief President of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and of the World's Christian Fundamentals Association

Children enjoy it. Two pages, “The Junior King’s Business,” are exclusively for children. Stories, Bible drills, memory work, and the Know Your Bible Club are popular regular fea­ tures of this department.

CAPTAIN REGINALD WALLIS, retired British army officer . . . Welcomed every­ where for his vital, radiant message . . . Writes in THE KING’S BUSINESS on “ The Appeal of the Cross.” . . . DAN GILBERT, brilliant young author . . . Flings out the question, “ How can the youth of the na­ tion be saved from destruction at the hands of educational pied pipers?” and answers in THE KING’S BUSINESS. . . . H. A . IRONSIDE, beloved teaching-pastor of the Moody Memorial Church, Chicago . . . Contributes to “ Prophetic Symposium.” . . . ROBERT G. LEE, eloquent Southern pas­ tor. . . . Under his pen, “ Glory Today for Conquest Tomorrow” glows with meaning.

Robert G. Lee

Dan Gilbert

H. A. Ironside

Reginald Wallis

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