Lesson 4 | Grammar Spiral Review: Compound Subjects and Predicates


TEKS 4.5H(v), 4.7A, 4.7F(i)

• Combine sentences using verbs and compound predicates. • Complete sentences with subject-verb agreement. • Use correct punctuation. LEARNING OBJECTIVES


Blackline Master 00

I Do It • Show Display and Engage 000 (G) . Review with students the definition of a compound subject and a compound predicate. Point out that good writers use compound subjects and predicates to make their writing flow more smoothly. • Read and discuss each example on Display and Engage 000 with students. Note the conjunction in each example and the commas used in the third and fourth examples. We Do It Display the following pairs of sentences. TEKS 4.7D(i), 4.7D(viii)

You Do It • Distribute Blackline Master 000 (E) . Read the directions with students, if necessary, to clear up any confusion. Have students complete items 1–8. • Then have students revisit a piece of their writing in their Writing Folder and look for opportunities where they can form compound subjects and compound predicates.

The bus was late. The train was late.

We cooked some delicious pancakes. We ate some delicious pancakes Work with students to combine each pair of sentences.



Use simple minimal pairs to demonstrate how to form compound subjects and predicates. As you form each complete subject and complete predicate, have students repeat after you. For example:

The dog runs. The boy runs. (The dog and the boy run.) The dog runs. The dog jumps. (The dog runs and jumps.) BEGINNING/INTERMEDIATE

compound subject two or more nouns joined by a conjunction in a subject compound predicate two or more separate actions performed by a single subject



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