Dova Center Oct/Nov 2017

October/November 2017

A Season for Letting Go

Make Lifestyle Changes to Ensure a Happy, Healthy Autumn

I n traditional Chinese medicine, every season focuses on certain health conditions and the ways to combat them. Similarly, each season represents a part of the body, which can take a hard hit throughout the duration of that season. Fall is the season for lung and intestinal health, and it’s important to know the ways in which you can prepare your lungs and intestinal tract for the coming dry winter, and focus on strengthening your immune system. There are many delicious foods that can boost lung health during the fall, and usually they are the foods that are starting to come to harvest. Eat lots of brightly colored foods like pumpkin and squash. Pears do a great job of moistening the lungs, especially in the elevation we live in. We are more prone to coughs and dry skin, so eat plenty of almonds, apples, broccoli, grapes, sweet potatoes, and garlic to combat these health conditions.

Emotionally, fall is about letting go. This is a good time to prepare for new experiences while letting go of old ones. This season can be heavy, but it can also be an ideal time for healing. Grief, for instance, can take at least a year to surface, and when it’s not dealt with, it can manifest as sickness. Crying can be extremely therapeutic, and it can get the ball rolling, so watch a sappy movie if you are having a hard time letting go. To get a boost and feel recharged and ready for the new season, I recommend practicing proper breathing techniques. This will keep oxygen flowing freely. Meditate to let go of negativity; walk outside frequently for fresh air; reorganize and clean your living and working spaces; and donate things you don’t use anymore. I also recommend that you stop eating cold and raw foods and replace them with earthy foods, soups, and stews.

As we all know, fall in Colorado is synonymous with wind. So, wear scarves to keep the back of your neck covered and protected. The skin is your first line of defense in fighting sickness, but it also happens to be extremely sensitive to wind, so remember to keep yourself protected. root and twig teas, eat lightly steamed and stewed foods, and spend more time meditating and practicing yoga. I also begin to turn my thoughts inward, and thus the fall tends to be a more productive time of year for me. At the Dova Center for Health and Healing, I start to do more saunas to warm up and get my blood circulating. Finally, it is important that you get yourself on a good sleep schedule this season. Go to bed earlier to make the transition smooth and to feel rested and ready for the changing seasons. By changing your habits and taking care of your body, you can ensure that the fall will be a productive, healthy time of year. Personally, I like to reboot my system once fall finally settles in. I clean up my diet, drink

“This season can be heavy, but it can also be an ideal time for healing.”

– Gina

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