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APRIL 2019

As spring rolls into Georgia, exciting things are on the horizon at Pye-Barker. We’ve brought on a new product line and hired some new faces just in time for Easter. While getting that business concluded is certainly a relief, I do still have one major item on my docket for this month that’s proven to be plenty stressful. I’m taking on a new role in my church’s Easter Drama this year. Performing in church plays and recitals is nothing new to me; I’ve sung in choirs since I was a boy. In fact, my family and I have been a part of this very production almost every Easter, and aside from needing to learn a few new songs from time to time, preparing has never been particularly challenging. But unfortunately, the gentleman that’s been playing the role of the narrator had to step down this year. When he did, the director looked to me. So, for four nights in a row leading up to Easter Sunday itself, I’ll be guiding audiences through the story of Christ’s resurrection. No pressure, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored to have been asked to narrate such a meaningful production. But this is very different than anything I’ve ever done on stage. While being a choir member has its challenges, you at least get to sing as part of a large group. Now I’ll be out there by myself, and I won’t just be singing. Our rendition of the Easter story this year requires the narrator to be a character rather than just an omniscient guide. I’m not portraying anyone biblical — just a man on the street giving his take on events as the story moves along. But as someone who’s used to portraying emotional beats through song primarily, learning MY HECTIC EASTER PLAYING THE PART

blocking, facial expressions, and speaking parts is quite a change of pace. I’m even getting a solo! Expect me to be muttering lines to myself in-between meetings for the rest of this month. While it certainly is a lot more pressure than I’m used to, I wouldn’t miss performing in this drama for the world. Seeing our church come together every year to retell the story of the resurrection is always a moving experience. People of all ages and backgrounds lend their time, talent, and energy to make a production that is truly special. It’s a great reminder of what faith and community are really about. Of course, the phrase “the show must go on” is equally true for small business. The same day I wrap up my last production, I’ll have to scramble to the airport to make it to an industry conference in Las Vegas. I just hope I have time to doff my costume. While the timing of the conference is unfortunate, my family’s determined to make the most of it. Rather than scramble back to spend Easter Sunday with my wife and daughter, they’ll be flying out to meet me in the city of lights. It will be different from what we’re used to, but we’re excited! My wife has always wanted to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, so we’ll definitely be scratching that off the bucket list.

Happy Easter,

-Eric Lunsford


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