American Consequences - June 2019


I would like to see term limits for all elected or appointed government employees, including Supreme Court judges... I think we should stop treating these people as royalty. We fought a war to get away from a monarchy. – William M. P.J. O’Rourke comment: William, I used to disagree with you about term limits. I figured we’d just end up trading old experienced fools for fools that were young and naïve. My attitude was: “Do you want a dog who knows where the bones are buried? Or do you want a dog who’ll dig up the whole yard?” Ed Crane, president emeritus of the Cato Institute, and I argued about this for more than 20 years – he being pro-term limits and me con. Then one day Ed told me, “P.J., there’s just one more thing I’ll say about term limits – everybody in Washington is against them.” And I said, “Ed, you’ve just won the argument.” (P.S., William – though my royalty checks will hate to hear me say this – I think you can get my books, used, pretty darn cheap on Amazon.) Re: Goodbye to Classical Liberalism... P.J. you wrote an excellent article and should be highly commended for it. However, the end of Classical Liberalism began sometime after the end of the 19th century in the USA and virtually ceased after WWII, because America and Americans were no longer pacifists. Separated by two oceans from most of the rest of the world,

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Keep up the good work and the hard fight for individual freedoms. The evil of “war for profit” and profiting from prisons should end. – H.T. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Thank you, H.T. But as to your comment about the evil of profiting from warfare and incarceration... It’s not that I disagree, exactly. However, I would ask you to think about the word “profit.” Making money is one form of profit, but there are other forms as well – such as making people obey you. I worry less about those who are out to get money than I do about those who are out to get domination over others. I wish politicians were just greedy instead of being greedy for power. One may have qualms about corporate weapon-making or private penal institutions, but, in the end, it is the power-mad, not the money-mad, who start unnecessary wars and write laws that jail too many people. The articles are insightful, thorough, and interesting! Please keep them coming! – Cliff F. P.J. O’Rourke comment: And you, Cliff, are insightful, thorough, and interesting for reading them! Re: Our ‘Up In Flames’ Issue Thank you for all the good information, and I especially like P.J. O’Rourke. I own many of his books. I wish I could afford to own more.


June 2019

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