American Consequences - June 2019

20 years as a foreign correspondent, I don’t think of it that way. I see America as “World Ghostbuster.” There was a T-shirt that U.S. troops were wearing during the Gulf War. It was a picture of a crossed-out Saddam Husein with the slogan “Who Ya Gonna Call?” What would a return to “classical liberalism” consist of? Howwould it work in light of world changes? [The article] seems like rabble rousing to no end. -Jon G. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Touché, Jon. And “rabble rousing to no end” is a pretty good description of journalism in general. I’ve always said that one thing I love about being a reporter is... “My job’s just to turn on the kitchen light and watch the cockroaches scurry. It’s somebody else’s job to step on them.” But if, for a moment, I take off my reporter’s fedora with press pass tucked in the hatband and think like a normal person, I still don’t have a very good answer to your question. The best I can do is wish for a democratic government devoted to – and an electorate that demands – adherence to basic liberal principles: individual liberty, individual dignity, and individual responsibility. A slightly different view of history: There is no such animal as “Classical Liberalism.” There is only liberalism. Some political parties adhere to some core values and principles of liberalism. Those that use the term “Classical Liberalism” borrow from liberal philosophy and call it their own. Or, those liberals that try to separate from the Republican/ New York Times version of liberalism. – August L.

someone or some group (the elites) decided that it was time for the USA to become world policeman. [It was] the dumbest, most- sorrowful decision ever made on behalf of all Americans and the rest of the world. The result is well-known. Since that time there has been virtually no time that U.S. forces were not fighting a conflict, war or terrorism somewhere in the world. Who was the biggest winner during this period? [It was] the military industrial complex and the cronies (wealthy families and corporations) behind them, even though Eisenhower warned all of us when he stepped down as president... It is no wonder that there is blowback, but as far as I am concerned [it’s] not enough. President Trump and the so-called “populists” are hopefully just the start... The dictatorship of the EU may be ending and all I can say is good riddance. – William C. P.J. O’Rourke comment: William C., I take your point... up until Pearl Harbor. As the commander of that attack, Admiral Yamamoto, made clear modern technology prevents any country from being isolationist, let alone pacifist, no matter how many oceans separate it from the rest of the world. Yamamoto, by the way, tried to dissuade the Japanese government from attacking the U.S. But they wouldn’t listen. Did Osama bin Laden listen? Will Putin? Will Xi Jinping? Better, in my opinion, to have an America that’s “Sometimes Wrong but Always Strong.” I can also understand your dismay at America being “World Policeman.” But, having spent

American Consequences


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