American Consequences - June 2019

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think they’re interesting. And Bjorn Lomborg makes an interesting point that overheated emotions do little to stem global warming. It cannot be denied. [Climate change] is occurring but everyone skirts the real issue here: Global overpopulation. – Greg A. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Greg, “overpopulation” is always a tricky argument to make. What if all those people who populate the globe decide that you are the one who is one too many? The answer is not to oppose people but to oppose the institutions that oppress those people and keep them from being freer, more prosperous, and better educated. An interesting side-effect of relieving oppression – experienced by every country in the world that’s become freer, more prosperous, and better educated – is a lower birth rate. I remember telling friends about overpopulation in the early ‘70s. I chose not to have children, planted trees, went solar, recycled as much as I could... Drought was [a factor] of the Syrian crisis. Now the same problem is happening in Central America. Coffee growers produce one-tenth of the crop versus the past 10 years. Fires are displacing hundreds of people, and now flooding is destroying the center of our country. Things are only going to get worse. – Rochelle C. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Whenever I’m feeling down, I just give Rochelle C. a call!



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American Consequences


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