American Consequences - June 2019


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and a 2006 Quattroporte for $17,600). Even if their values don’t take off, well, you’ve still got a Maserati in the garage. Buy a couple fire extinguishers. Jerry Seinfeld is a Porschephile who doesn’t even know how many he owns (60 seems to be an oft-quoted number), and he has become one of America’s foremost home-of- Porsche-research-center Weissach experts. Yet he recently sold a sickly green 1958 356A Speedster for $1.54 million, only to have the buyer sue him for offering a car with a phony provenance. Jerry didn’t know. The point being, if you don’t know, hire someone who does. Me, for instance. I really need money after that whole Mustang fiasco.

There are some surprising bargains right now in latter-day Aston Martins: a 2010 Rapide V-12 sedan for $57,200, a 2008 Vantage Volante for $63,800, and a whole slew of handsome little ’94-’99 six-cylinder DB7s going for as little as $37,950. Astons can often be serviced by Jaguar specialists. There’s also potential in Bentley Continental GTCs, with low-mileage 2010 and 2011 examples fetching only $49,000 to $60,000. Look, too, for late-model Maseratis (a low-mileage 2002 Cambio Corsa Spyder for $16,500; a 2012 GranTurismo Sport convertible with 15,000 miles for $52,000;

John Phillips III was the Executive Editor of Car and Driver and has written about cars for magazines as varied as Harper's and Sports Illustrated . He lives with his wife in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains.

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American Consequences


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