American Consequences - June 2019

By Chris Gaarde, Assistant Editor

blocking traffic and abandoned e-scooters littering sidewalks... The scooters will have drivers now (or “Scooter Skippers,” as they’ll be known). And traffic noise will drown out their inane chatter. Tesla will follow the lead of Uber and Lyft but will eventually go bankrupt when its $25,000 five-passenger “Model BS” e-scooter catches fire. (Literally.) WINNERS: Uber, Lyft, e-scooters LOSERS: Tesla, airlines, oil companies, our dignity

OIL PRICES SKYROCKET In this scenario, the price of oil soars beyond its record-high of $163 per barrel, making car and air travel expensive and impractical. Lyft and Uber will respond by turning to a 100% e-scooter business model. Customers used to awkward conversations in the back of a 2009 Chevy Aveo can look forward to being whisked away by a brand-new, sidecar- equipped electric scooter. Gone will be the days of cars and taxis

American Consequences


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