American Consequences - June 2019


T his month, our magazine turns two years old... Bringing you news that few others in the tired old know-it-all media would publish... American Consequences is meant to be unlike anything else you might read – an unfiltered collection of ideas that matter... Each month, we’ve tackled a big issue that affects your money (and typically, one that common wisdom was wrong about). We hope we’ve helped you go “against the grain” of most American financial pundits. After all, that’s where the money is usually made. And we want to say thank you to the nearly colleague who might be interested in joining us, please forward them this issue. They can sign up to read for free by clicking right here. And this month, following last month’s “Up in Flames” issue on a potential market crash (not bad timing considering May was the worst month for the market so far this year), we’re pleased to bring you some good news – about the “silver lining” of disasters... Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke starts us off with a look at why creative destruction is one of the most powerful forces in capitalism. And P.J. has also penned an incredible article on Toledo, Ohio – tracing the history and future of a city that is a lesson in “successful failure” and the grit that makes America great. Seasoned portfolio manager Austin Root shows three dead-simple ways that can help 300,000 of you who read our words. If you have a friend, family member, or

you survive the coming bear market. Auto writer John Phillips shows the upside, downside, and hype of investing in classic collectible cars. And Dr. David Eifrig shows how your home can be more than simply a place to live... it can be one of the biggest no- brainer investments ever. Contrarian journalist and author John Tierney asks who of us is afraid of artificial intelligence... and has a solution for when AI goes bad. Meanwhile, former White House speechwriter Andrew Ferguson details the •  American Consequences editor Chris Gaarde shows us the bright side of three potential “bust” scenarios that could start soon. • Top economic adviser Mohamed A. El- Erian shows how inflation could return. • Two Michigan engineers think they’ve figured out how to predict the next flash crash. • And former White House director of economic policy Todd G. Buchholz shares the dirty secret of the U.S. economy. And our resident anonymous Book Grump turns his frown upside down for a very limited time in this issue... while former CIA analyst Buck Sexton finishes out our issue with a look at the current border crisis. Tell us what you think of our magazine at Regards, Steven Longenecker Publisher, American Consequences upside in dystopia. Plus, don’t miss...


June 2019

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