American Consequences - June 2019

Analyst Puts 20-Year Win-Streak on Line with "Outlandish" Prediction Man who called DotCom Crash, Housing Bubble and Rebound Since 2009 Warns of "New Stock Market Panic" ADVERTORIAL

Over the past several months, I’ve been tracking one of the most elusive — and successful figures in modern finance. His name is Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. He’s 47 years old. And he’s done a lot in his life, including working as a former brick-layer. Today, he lives on an island off the Florida coast. And from this remote location, he’s issued a string of seven major predictions. Each of which has come to pass... In January of 2000, he wrote: "We are at the peak of most likely the greatest financial mania that will ever be seen in our lifetimes." Next thing you know, the NASDAQ fell more than 75%. On November 1, 2002, he said, "I expect a real estate bubble to take hold. We don't know how far it will go. But it has likely just begun." You probably remember what happened next — home prices soared. Then on Friday, March 20, 2009 — at the peak of the financial panic, he wrote: "You want to own stocks right now." Stocks have nearly tripled since.

When I first heard about this so-called “futurist from Florida,” I thought he was either the luckiest man in the world — or pulling my leg. But as it turns out, there was much more to his story... When I dug deeper, I noticed a “who’s who” list of investors... from hedge fund titan, Whitney Tilson to famed speculator, Jim Rogers to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad — all paying to receive his monthly updates. Yet despite all this attention, Sjuggerud remains a modest and private man. He’s declined multiple requests to appear on radio or national television. And he refuses to toot his own horn on Facebook. Recently, he gave me a sliver of time to tell his story... and share what could be his most controversial prediction thus far. And I couldn’t pass it up! Because if his research is correct, his latest prediction could be the most lucrative prediction you hear about in 2019. For full details, click here.

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