American Consequences - June 2019

LITERARY INSIGHT from PRESENT & PAST " WHATWE’RE READING What if you could safely visit the Titanic wreckage? An inventor has created a private deep-diving submersible that can dive the two and a half miles under the North Atlantic... A Deep Dive Into the Plans to Take Tourists to the ‘Titanic’ Smithsonian

Our own American Consequences contributor Andrew Ferguson subscribed to home delivery of a daily newspaper as an experiment... He decides the printed paper is “a special world, an invented world, and here is the key to its charm: It is pleasingly static, momentarily a settled matter.” There’s No Substitute for Print The Atlantic A doctor takes on the complicated question of when death begins... Is it when a heart stops beating or when a brain ceases to function? As medicine and technology have advanced, the line between life and death has become difficult to determine. When Is Dead Actually Dead? The Walrus A struggling grad student stumbles into the clandestine world of card counting... and discovers the community she’d been searching for. A Casino Card Shark’s First Time Getting Caught Narratively With a barely-four-year-old and a not- quite-two-year-old, in a 32-foot sailing boat, a family discovers the best rewards are those never imagined. Sailing in Treacherous Waters to Alaska. With Toddlers for Crew. The New York Times

California almond season is the pollination Grand Prix. In the days leading up to the bloom, 85% of all the honeybees in the U.S. are trucked there. But now, big bee heists are making global headlines... Beekeepers hit hard by thefts of hives National Geographic Haunting diary excerpts are weaved together in this moving story about family and loss. My Grandfather’s Secret D-Day Journal The Washington Post

American Consequences


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