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A Letter to My Son on This Father’s Day

and you can never feel sorry for yourself.Trust me, you will be better for it.As you will realize one day, this is one heck of a journey, and although everything won’t always come up smelling like roses, you can’t forget to stop and smell them, for that’s the beauty of it all. The challenge of finding your way in the world and being the best that you, Joseph Daniel, can be is the greatest individual journey you will embark on.Always remember to be humble, grateful, and kind-hearted, and do the right thing.Wake up every morning and do something to make yourself and those around you better. That’s why I love this saying: “If you are not getting better, you are getting worse; there is no such thing as staying the same.” Joseph, you need to remember to always do your best and work as hard as you can. If there’s something you want — go for it! Like baseball and golf, life may be littered with failure, setbacks, or seemingly negative outcomes. But you need to always remember to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. Always have faith, and love yourself and your family. No matter what path you choose in life, make sure you give it your all. Invest in your education and pursue your passions. This being my first Father’s Day, I am extremely thankful to have you in my life. I want you to know that in seven months, I have learned so much simply because I have had the privilege of being your father.You have made this world a better place for your mother and I, and having you around was definitely worth the wait. J.D., you are proof that with faith, hope, and love, anything is possible.

Dear Joseph,

As you will soon find out (or you may already know), I really enjoy golf. One of, if not the most, important life lessons I have learned comes from this beautiful game that I hope you and I will enjoy for many years to

come. That is because in golf, as in life, you will get good breaks that you don’t deserve. You will get bad breaks you don’t deserve. But no matter what, you must keep playing the ball as it lies. Very simply put, you hit it, find it, and hit it again. There are no excuses, justifications, buts, couldas, wouldas, or shouldas ... you do the best you can with what you have at every chance you get. I am not going to lie to you; this is not going to be easy. There will be times when you feel like you’ve plotted your way exactly as you should have, did nothing wrong, and things just didn’t add up the way you thought they would. This is a beautiful fact of life: You reflect, learn, and see how you can do better the next time.

and while you will inevitably figure things out along the way, please know that you will never be alone.Your mother and I will always be here for you.Thank you for giving me the privilege to be your father. Stay perceptive, alert, happy, and most importantly, stay awesome, kid.

In life, you need to be resilient and constantly try to persevere.You must find a way to keep moving forward,

Love, –Dad

In closing, I know this letter may seem like an introductory instruction manual to embark on a journey by yourself,

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