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Stop Sciatica In Its Tracks!


Stop Sciatica In Its Tracks

in several areas. If this inflammation reaches a certain point, it may compress these nerves — resulting in pain. Sciatica back pain is normally noticed as a pain radiating from the lower back. Often, this pain extends to the buttock, spiraling down the leg. If you’re suffering from sciatica, you might feel the discomfort anywhere along this nerve pathway. The pain can even extend to the calf. What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica? The pain itself can be dull, aching or even sharp. In some cases, the compressed nerve may feel like it burns, causing considerable pain. In other cases, the compressed nerve may simply issue a sharp jolt of pain. Some people experiencing sciatica may even have leg numbness, tingling or weakness. If sciatica isn’t treated, it can hinder mobility altogether.

If you’ve experienced back pain, and even leg pain, you might have a deeper issue. Your minor aches and pinched nerves could be symptomatic of deeper issues. You might be facing sciatica. While “sciatica” may sound serious, it’s entirely curable. Below, we’ll cover sciatica back pain. What Is Sciatica? Sciatica is pain that radiates alongside the sciatic nerve. This nerve, which branches from your lower back — spanning across your hips, buttocks and legs — can be injured or stressed in several ways. We’ve pinpointed the most common cause of sciatica-related pain: inflammation along the spine, where compressed nerves are aggravated. While sciatica pain can be great, it can be treated. A lot of sciatica cases, in fact, can be resolved without operation — and in a few weeks. Even if you’ve suffered severe sciatica spawned from leg weakness, bladder changes or nerve issues, there’s still hope. What Causes Sciatica? In most cases, sciatica occurs when one of the back’s discs is herniated. It can also happen if the spine narrows — an effect called spinal stenosis. As we age, our backs undergo a lot of stress. This stress takes a toll, causing inflammation

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Physical Therapy Can Help

If you’re experiencing sciatica, contact a physician or physical therapist immediately. Medical News Today asserts that over-the- counter painkillers may alleviate pain, but in-depth physical therapy is often needed. Physical therapy can reduce sciatica compression by carefully introducing exercises and relaxing treatments. These treatments, hand picked by medical professionals, can completely eliminate sciatica over time. If you’re experiencing back pain, don’t wait. Call one of our professionals today, and ask about physical therapy options. Your mobility is important, and your back can absolutely be healed. Call Fultz Physical Therapy at 318.489.4298 to schedule your appointment today!

1. Sitting on a chair, look down. 2. Straighten one leg, with toes in the air. 3. Repeat for the other side. Follow these steps: Self-Test for Sciatica

What it means: If the leg with pain, numbness or tinglingdoesnotgoupashighas the other leg,you likelyhavesciatica.Your nextstep istoseewhat iscausingthe pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Exercise Essentials

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SWAN DIVE Lay on stomach with your arms overhead. Press your chest upwards, keeping the muscles in your trunk and legs relaxed. Repeat 6 times.

Call Fultz Physical Therapy at 318.489.4298 to schedule your appointment today!

Patient Success Spotlight

“My experience has been wonderful!” “My experience with Fultz Physical Therapy has been wonderful! Before physical therapy, my ankle issues prevented me from walking too far. Nowmy ankle feels great, and I can walk easily! Thank you, Mason and Fultz Physical Therapy, for getting me to feeling great again!!” - Diane F.

Forget The Prescription!

You don’t need a prescription for physical therapy! Whether it’s a sports injury, chronic condition, or a simple check-up, you can take advantage of physical therapy

without a doctor’s referral. Find effective relief from:

• Pre/Post Surgical Rehab • Sports Injuries

• Knee Pain • Spinal Stenosis • Dizziness & Vertigo • Post Fracture • Arthritis • Chronic Pain

• Low Back Pain • Scoliosis • Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Sciatica • Herniated Discs

• Headaches • And More!

Taking care of yourself means taking charge of your healthcare, so remember that regardless of which physician you see, you have a choice when it comes to physical therapy. Call Fultz Physical Therapy at 318.489.4298 for a consultation.

Meet The Team Staff Spotlight

Mason McGee , PT, DPT | Clinical Director of the Blanchard Location Mason received his Bachelors of Science degree in biological sciences fromNorth Carolina State University. He also swam for the Wolfpack, where he competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials. He continued his education at LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans, where he earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. After graduation, he completed a residency in Orthopedic Physical Therapy at LSU Health Shreveport. After growing up in Blanchard, Mason is excited to continue his PT career as a therapist as Fultz PT’s clinic in North Shreveport. In his free time, Mason enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessie, and their two children, Callen and Murphy. Mason and his wife are very involved in the local swimming and triathlon communities as both coaches and competitors.

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