The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 108a

September 2003- December 2004

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Buffalo State Students Respond To Tuition Hike By KIP DOYLE News Editor Stu d entsretumingtoBuffaloSt.;i�Coll�thissemester arealrea d yfeelingtheaffffl:sof the recent tuition increase,. _____Many_ had to move Off campus to save moneywhileothershaveopted nottoretumtoschoolthisyear duetotheS950increaseintu· itionatSUNY schools. New YorkStateResidentsand classes rightnow.- :=t=� �ti:ns;'!a': a wa� a ;/1h��!�:n':�1:; raised forstudentsatthe , City until verylatein the summetc �j":5��: w u�:�� ��fjin�:�f�i!"��:��'. New York by$90 0,giving fi- creaseat theendofJuly,-said rumcially strappedNew York TimVerheyn. a senior atBufSt.;ite resi d entsiewer options faloState. -My family an d I forhighereducation. r--. d eci d edthatwewoul d bca b le In 1995,when public col- to d oitforthissemester-espelt"getuitionwasraised b yS750, ciallysinc:ewe d idn'thavean y un d ergra d uate enrollment alternative. lt's going tobe a d roppe d at the state's pu b lic strugglean d l d on'tknowifl'll college1,an d universities b y be a b le toretum next semes- 29 · �:r d ofa'ii. 0 (�e�Ce"i:� te r . �While man y studentsan d Th1 lnc,..1n lnlultlonhum1nyatudentl= te

ouL-1::�:=,�� hil d toleavehere.lha�toor­ derm y booksonlinl!now,-sai d Orlando Morales,ajunior at Buff���ofTrusteesofficially in<:rE"ased thetuition rates at theirmeeting on Monday,JwieJ0,2003,raising tuilion toS4,350peryear for By KIP DOYLE News Editor BuffaloStatejuniorCra.lg Mahone y has leame d a lot aboutthepitfallsofpurmasing texlbooksforhisclasses;,.tthe BamesandNobleboobtoreon campus. Due to bookprices that man y find outngeous, Cra.lghasfoundan�Jess expensivewaytogethisbooks. "Jwait in lineaspeopletry tosell bild<.books,looktosee ifanyoneJiu · anybooksthat l nee d , an d then give them m.aybeS5morethanthebookstore will give them,"sai d Mohoney. "'That"s what I d i d ::!:;:s��o:ro}�.· 1 : �:i oneofthebooksforfree,ljust used the ol d er edition an d it workedfine." ltmayseema\ittlesneaky, b utCraig'smethodsmaybethe �!r::i:::���a':��8; I Man y stu d ents are saving money by purchasing books onlinethroughservicessud-oas�, . Theseweb

=,-itioninaease)lcouldn'taffon:I campus organizations have ------�-----to stay on c.unpus,so lh.ave spokl?n outagainstthet\lition public schools in neigh

b oring State Thisisnotacommuruty on't know whyevery- ��s�l�a;::i:ft:'� y complains when this Boatwright,a senioratBuffalo Fall Fest In Question By CARLENE PETERSON nizationsoncampusincharge Editor-In-Chief ofFaUFest. Mem b ers of the U nite d Stu d ents Government met Sept.3at 9a.m.infrontofVice Presi d ent ofStu d N AI the meeting we workedthingsout,"USGPresi­ d ent Kamal Jefferson sai d . "Wehavea verbal agreement. a handshake.Now it'sjust 1 a matterof outthe d e­ tails." AlthoughSUB has notrele;,.se d

����=� ff a��f:��:::a� ::Ois'a"re�ill/C:i:��� st a � d BuffaloState. �Se«md,. I can- option. SUNY's t\lition rates b o d notaffon:ltobeafulltimest\1- are corui d d en� I am only taking three compared to the ratesofo th

enbly low when school is still cheaper than State. er other schools inNew York'.

Textbook Prices Take Their Toll

BuffaloState. LynnPuma,the manager attheBarnesan d No b leatBuf- �!m�es°:!: b fu! for theNghpricn,not theretailerswhosellthem. "We price b oth new and usedbookshomthepricesthat thepu b lishersinvoic:eus,"s a i d Puma. We put a 25peromt =is�=�fy'� know that stu d ents think we are gouging themwith these prices b utitsreallythetextbook publishers who invoice us. !:. t �:��-;e�� r e!t over the listprice.• One of the b igsest probleins stu d ents have encoun- ��pa'Z's!�.r::J;fe =� an d learning components sealedinpluticthatprofessors haverequiredfortheirclasses. Rcpresentat\Yes ai-te_xtbook pu b lishing('()mpanlescometo termswilnprofessorsaboutthe

sitesdaimsavingsofupto 50 pe=tonc:ertaintitles. Rising text b ook prices maybeleadingstu d ents;iway fromtheonampusboobtore andontothelntemet.but� are somestu d entswhoaredecliningtopurdlasebooksatall. Last winter;.theN;,.tional Association ofCollt"geStores c.unp,tignedonl8campuses, urgingprofessorstoinsistthat theirstudenl:!l b uytheassigned textbook..Thecamp,tignwuin rei!K'tiontothegroup'sownsur­ veya in d icating20 percent of un d ergraduateSnationwi d e choosenoti'o b uythetextfor aparticularcoune. Even though some stu­ d entsmaynotbebuyinglex!booksforalloftheirdasses,the textbookin d ustryisstillgoing ;:. n t�!!: II ���� Man y stu d ents feel that the y arebeingtakenadvantageof. ,hebookpricesareexpen­ srve,much more than I expected. My safety book was paperbackan d itcostS90.Jw)il Ft.�� b � y � e:��� o /::n�::�

entAffairs HalPayne'sofficetovoiceconcemsover1homecorningevent in danger of b eing cancelled beforeitwasevcnannounced. Goodeh..rlotte,winnerof the2003MTVViewer'sChoice MusicVi d eoAward,was the number one choice for this year'supcomingFallFest.A� cordingtoUSGExecutiveVic:e Presi d entTod d Espinosa.Good Char\ottehadagreedtoplay;,.t BuffaloSt.ate b ut was waiting onapprovalfromthec;ulleg,!. However, the concert wdW d beinterruptingthehall offamebanquet,anannualdinner forBuffaloState alumni hel d in theSportsArena.The dinnerisschedule d for0cl4. . "Soundcheckswoul d con- f\ictwiththedinner. lt woul d be a major inconvenienc:efor them. N Espinosasaid. Payne suggeste d some USG members atten d a committee meetin withtheo a-

an official statement, Payne sai d the Concert will mos� 1 li �ZJ o ;i th as ��g !ownerofAfterDarkEntertain­ ment! at . � meeting and he feels comforta b le that a platformhasbeenestablishedthat will allow this event to move forward ,N Paynesai d . P;,.yneiseagerl y anticipat· ingtheconcert;,.n d itseffecton thecollege. '1he a d ministration supports theevent an d weareex• dtedtheevent willbealigned wi th home('.(lming."hesai d . · Espinosahopesthisyur's fallfest will drawpositive attentiontoBSC. #It b rings media coverage toBuffState,an d it's good f9r thes:U d ents.:Espinosasai d .








Female tumbles down flight ofstairs; fire extinguisher discharged in Rockwell Burglary 7/'12. · ll:17a.m. 8/8 10- .26a.m. Staff r e port ed

Gorgeou� campus often ovetlooked

By SUSAN PETERS OpinionEditor We ha�•bea u tifulcampus. M u chnrehas . been taU n tode­ s an d plantingswhichgracethegrounds.The v el op a nd ma in tai n th e tre e

lotatth Rockw e ofrea e s Streetand l1Roadb1sun-drenchedpiece l estate. lmagineagardft\lnslll:'ad of the scarfrom a rece n td e mo\lti on. a n otherbui\ d i n g wh i ch was o n ce a pro ud home-r e c en t l y e ras e d from Buffa l o's l anl:iscape. In th i s e ra of bruta l budgets,the a d mi ni strat i o n a nd staff are to b e ::�::a:i�n!;!::..,�1!': worthy of peac e f u l co n templat i o n . Sadly,som en otab\e l apses d oexist.wt sprillg.l detected evi d ence of11Cal e ,a stubbornpla n tpest.whenmy hair ac­ c:ide n ta ll ycame inro n bictwith l eaves ofthepottedplantsi n thereferencearea of the E.H.B u t l er libraryand came awaystickywithtel l ta l esap.Sea. l ec:a n ::;oa!!:1�� t­ tingthespringandfallinfusio n ofnec­ essarynutrients aC('.()mplishe d byre­ ple n ishing the so il in the pol$. Oose altentio n mustalsobepai d towatering ==:�=�=;!: in MootHall this summer were unin­ tentio--.allyprovidinginsuf6dentwa� u n til the d isaepancy was brought to �i��� n a ti :di�t�J,1t�,1Ze��: ,="'- Somany peo p!eseem to like this � e ��;b:�:f:t;eo:f!O: wi n gs to sett l e i n to coo le r routines. �;�� l o':!:t::?'_:;t uff � prise Factor,g e tthe best ofyou. If yo u 'v e l ivedthn,u.ghwinter o n theBuf­ faloen d ofthisp l anetbefore,yo u know it's often n otpretty. Andbecausethe fallb l endsintoth e winterastheworld tums,.a d aythatstartsoutwannishand Sllflnycanbecomebrutallywindyand co l d. Oo n 'tbeca u ghtunprepared.and =�?;!_ stop and sm e l l the a u - liyo u canev e rliltyourhea d from thechargingwinlerwind.whidtl e aves_ thelake,travelstheriver;tunnei!. u pthe expreswayandblaststhecampuswi t h !:::f� t'O ���� orthelwdyplantsan d shrubswhich =':e�7:��te'! willbeanother spring. Look forward to therowdybunchesofyellowdalh> dils.thepromisedfragranceofthelilacs, ��� e ���;.z;!t.�:W� L :� willbloom onceagain ontheRockw e ll Roadmedian.Be5Uretolook.. e com e r of Re



that fire­

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A romplai that males. - ��i��«:t!nta �x:=� :�;::;;: e e��!;:; n h:r"Jo�! Suspicio u n ta n t report e d A v i ct i m r e porte d

!��=� A i��L� lS =�:::��= -�-an;�,..,_•_o_VISO��-· D_R_RIK�WHITAKER���������- t:::i:�1:v�i':�� Questl·ons 'T'o St"..... ·�·b'=··�·.,·· ""' '""'"'.. .J. I a.J. l. smce ofsomuchlivinggrandeur.Back then.whi]ethegroundswerecertainly


room a nd brace le sung r e mov e d a go l d ta nd apair ofOtiiNavy l asses.Therewas n osign osuspects. Thevictimwasa d �toco n - n vesligators. offoreedentryand n


ll: 57a.m.

7/24 3:20p.m.

TheNewmanCen� ter wi.ll be holding a :i::"there: semester. The event ��&,� on in� Campbell Student Union.

A n o n ymous c,11 r e es scopi n g bi­ cycles arou nd Ketchum Ha l l. e:1th::rew:�i:��� rag. 7/26 4:4la.m. An officerrq,orteda�s­ p i ciousv e hicl e with peo p\ e 1 n sideattempti n gtogain a«ess toares i dence hallThev e hicl e was l ocatedandstoppedonthe 198.EastRampatGrantStreet. Th"e subj e cts wer e w i th the Emp i r e Stat e Gam e s a n d ::,e;.i o�rtotheregiona ldi • E�S 7/21. 2:00p.m. do� �!ru:l,1 :::-;:� f �� le gs. R u ral Metro was called and e valuated,but 12:43a.m. ga11�= 0 fiv�br::t�h- ers insi d e TowerTwo atvari­ ous l ocations. 8/6 l0:19a.m. lbecomplaintant�ved :;,;��� . :� . pho ne cal l DisorderlyConduct ""' 12:llp.m. A stud en tbecamedisrup­ tiv e i n clla and wuescomd �::J::.'5 to wlthdr•w portfi:1-two ma l n g h e r Tamperillg 7/26 a n

Variousitemsbelo theProjectFlightLiteracyPro- g..mwere-stol en . n gi n gto

tacti 7/21!,

OffThe Year

=��;�Jt��� dl J :Sm�a ti f: l f !���;:'t!:=r::.ifs has th e �m�;:a��:i: i �/v1� n ;;:�� rootsorseeds ofbelovedan d practica l p l antswhichnourishe d in ourrichsoils or flou n d e red i n our re l ative l yshort 5:�g 0 �;; �:���� t � Moth e rNature'sindig en ous offerillgs. Today,a l o n g th e south side of Mool Hall,stands a testarne n tto l oving re­ membr.ince:th e Sept e mber 11 M e mo- �����ab�t�.:'J,;!r;.:: mersple n do�B l ack-eyedSusans,{Rud- =�::j,g:1��=:;/;;� petuniasareshort.lbeo:olorsandtex­ turescombine inamash?rworksfreru:y for the ey e . Stop for a moment. look. a nd rem e mber. Uyou weren't on campus e a rlier thissununer,yo u mayha�missedthe �;: £ °!::;i�oo�irl�s: of the circle atC l eve l an d Hall. The ==�-ere:::�::: ; p l a n ti n g made it s ee m l i k e a h u g e , som e how cel e stial crown of flow e rs. Oo n 'tmiss i t ne xt�ar! What is itabout late summer and e arlya u tumn thatseemsto make the � u �s��:� 1 the1 :n= tosharpenmysensitivitytoeveryhu e innature,ormaybe i t'sjustmyeyestry- �o';=�tt:'fu:::1::;i: ahead. LiULeoLlonni's thoughtful :���!":':!as:t':: d ens I rem e mb e r. Yo u sho ul d, too. Maybe a calendar reflectingthemost stunning e l e ments ofthe gard e ns and :!:;::� a��c:..:: I !:,';!: andcominlmi.tygarderi.wherestudents and neighborhood folkcan�Row­ ers andvegetab l es.Theeyesoreempty

11; 5la.m.

The are1aroundGrantStreetisin id ering the fact that n the area,whyaren'tschool offidalswork­ ingtoimprov e thes i tuatio n 7Whyaren't l ocalresta u ra n tsandfoodstands l inlng Gra n tStreet,aeatingafavorabl e situa­ tio n forstu d e n ts.rentersandentrepre­ ne u rs alike?lnstea d ,theschool tears dow n pote n tialhousesto buil d more !:� g lots,whic}i i sawhol e otheris- And ifth e schoo l isgoing tobuil d moreparkinglots,whyisn'tthereatun· nel orprotectiv e barri e r�mthepark· ing l otstoampUS!\'ardingusagainst theharsh,.b i tingwindan d o:oldw e hav e toliv e throughforatleasthalf . theyear. ltcan'tbethatexpens i �tobuildsome­ thing ofthissort. Thesearejust!IOll\eofthecountless issuesthatha�beeno n mymind. Do yo u hav e any7liso,thism.riybe one of �=��!:�\��� we-el<. Uyo u 'reinterestedjuststopby Th e Recordandwe'll seewhatw e can d oaboutit. shamb le s.Cons manystu d e n ts \ive offi:ampus i

By MIKE REGAN Opinion Editor

7/'Jll 2:lSp.m.

A comput e fromtheOassroomB u il d i

r.was tak e n

n g.

I'd th more-questionsthan opinions. Sincel ha�retume d to th e B u ffa\o area a nd btt n atBuHalo State,there are a few thingsthatljustcan'tunderstan d . Howcan•classthat i s l o n gertha n a total oftwoan d a half hoursaweek beworth onlythreecredits1ltseemsto me thatif yo u have a two hour class twiceaweek.itshouldbeworthatleast fourcnedits.Justlookinthecourselist­ ingsan d youwill(indthisphenomeno n againandagain.lsthisjustanotherat:"J:/�: ,;s,:. ver for a few more Whyaremajorcorpora t ionssuchas T1coBe ll andBames and Nobles al­ l owed to infi l trate o u r schoo l grounds an d millc u, fo.- more mo n ey? I know theansw e rislike l ythatro n t ractshav e been s i gnNlwith the higher-ups,but why?Inacitythatha.saneconomyin shamble,wouldn'tit hav e ,betteraf­ fect o n th e l ocaleronomytoallow l oca l n tothe ground s?lhatl e ads toanothertop i candanotherquestio n . l ike to stMI th e year off w i

A male w e sJ,irt :;,�� e ta�R=��:i:.t�� ficersgav e chaseb u tlostthe s u sp e ct i n th e yards ne ar Oaremo n ta n dB i rd.Th e chair wasrecov e red. CriminalMischief 8/17 bl4p.m. ari n g a blu.i baseba l l cap a n d whit e

7/'Jll l:21p.m.

A computer was sto l


homKetch u m. 8/8 ll: 50a.m.

A staff m e mber reporte d ed on · her vehicl e

ceme n tspil l a byacontractor. LostPenon


wi n dow n ta n t's v e


e al comp brokenwhi LotG. l

hic l e was itwasparked i n


8/11 4: 43p.m.

j u ri

A moth ld n fl fi skat e n d her so n g o -cam· �&:'!s� ld renw e re found r stat e d sh e co u w e r e e boardi n

An officerreport ed dam­ hideparkedinLo! H. Disturbaru:elnaPubiicPlace ag e to a v e

n s who atransportwasrefused.


7/21 3;53p.m.

ch�;l:�; n ce:.°� ( � d !� tinguisher o u ts!d e ofaroom i n

A comp l n tantstates that heobservedthreema!es he did n otbelievewere stude n tsex i t e inLotRa nd e n terthe �=��w�t'::!: a.n d advis e d of the coll e g e policythat�ystaff,students and alumni can usethe facili· avehicl ai

Rockw ell




Report of a .;,a n in sturb- :�s°d\i::k�-C� e �b� wasgone u ponar:rivaL th e confere n ce Grov e IOC?fflbeing rCl e v el a nd l ou d and di

7/12 5:24&.m.


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pop Kei si ho m usic,biownasShibuya­ n ce 1996.0ver i n their m elandtheyhavegracedthe oovers of m a g azi n es,hosted their ownTV show,had th e ir own line of dolls,as wel l as

. BY ERIC SYMS Entertainment Editor

By ERIC SYMS Entertainment Editor

Su!)f!rfo]tlt Ritual ·A Lethal Dos.t; of American Hatred• Sa11£NaryRe«lrds h ll g�� i �)..,��;;: s o� choro l atcstobe delivered to him in the mail. You would thinkthat after yearsofbeing inPantera,.not tomentionbe-

PuffyA m No n

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i �Ni<:E,� Bar/


Pop m usicinthiscountryisre- started . clothpanyJ:lowevei:.over here !�;�:��: 1 �:t:i� �hich g ����.:�== ioned sex appeal to underage onpop- m usicmaybe�ho l y � 1 :i:; h:�e:;.��;:�� ���u�=� warned.PlustheTee m Titans experiences to. The m usic is Onuki create a pi e bald of ex- the m e isonhere tool pure g lossand n ow l ike m ajor citeme n tandanaudiokaleido> Re g ardless of how m uch Ho ll yw ood m ovies,was writ- scope as they g ive birth to attentionthey g etoverhere ln �tkr:e m ;��} = n ::�J;��! r- �:!'to�ti��:so:!: Frankenstein's m onster:Luck- nies,andso m elimesth eysp lice ofthe m ostoddandInterestin g �r:�fc�':!���! :!'n;�:��J��r:�::��b:':: �ou°::d::=�:�: g listenin g andalive,makin g us respectivelf,findsPuffy ca- ri g ht now;youe.n tell all of ql.lCStio whichcou n try . should reeni ng into m oreofafuzzed your frie n ds you were i n lo have had the ato m ic bo m b out rock s_tructure, yet still themfro m the startafter these d ro p �� yum i . havebee n �:U,��.��� !';° g :�i:::s 0 : n �[/��::: masteri n g £e art of Japanese wi l l stick i n your head. Be co m e. mest's latest Has Promise But Comes up Short their ow n duced to the lowestcommo n


Y Ol!I pp ��r�y�,! ���b �� grandmother for :;' o �:r:�:� th :/';! �·�t::s�i: ��i��n;'.! e v i l Texan frie n d. yetsb ll mai n tamin g theenthu-


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����::·b�:S�;a v :�o\::; ;;;: 1 �smileandcheer. By ERIC SYMS Enterta�ment Editor ��� � n d red w spi n ART �theirsecondful l land co n oise-pop deliver an evenmoreexperimentalslia-of m elodic mess than their 2001 debut, You've See n Us...You MustHaveSeen Us. Featurin g Owen Turner fro m Magooincontrolontheengi- l� nn ois­ Norwich,E seursof ng


Sam Hoyt Seeking Interns For District �ffice · Assemblymember Sam Hoyt (0-Buffalo, Grand Island) announces competitive in- te ���! 0 i:t :J;�;:= :::1:t:�:�ni:�;h�o s �=�ut the legislative£_rocess. An inlem's duties would include issue resPonse,constituent coue­ spondence, communityoutreach,media relations, legislativeresearch andgeneral office duties.Internsalso have theopportunity to work closely with themembersofhis staff, broaden · their contactbasesand toenhance theirprofessional resume.Since firstelected in1992, morethan250studentshaveinternedinHoyt'soffice.Manyof thesepast interns are nowemployed in theirdesiredfieldsof government, journalism.academia,business and law. Hoytsaid,�I�motivated individuals toassistmyofficestaffwithawideanayof legislativeduties.Becausemy staff is small,Irelyonstudentstohelpmeperformmy job andrespondeffectively to the needs of my constituents. I encourage_students from all :=� d �i;. !re interested in learningmorea�ut thelegisla:tiveyrocesstocontact Anyoneinterested in thechanceto work ina fast-pacedoffice5ctlingshould contact StephanieGraceCarter in SamHoyt'sDistrictOffice at &52-2795 for aninterview. Sam Hoyt isaprogressiveDemocrat whorq,resentsa largepartofBuffaloandGrandIsland. m-RMRf,otnSmHoyt'IOJ/i«J

c,,,.tso fire. Onbandredyoucrnfind · elementsof Oinlc,thePixies, and hi n tsofthe insa n e vocal stylingsofKarenOfro m the n

·- ------ CLAS _ SIFIEDS ------ -· J b e droom, allutilille sln• .. - - � · c ·- :J ·· f -- f -------------1!!11----- =;:;..·l'J',�)�i · :1·ce +deposi t .877-1294 3 B e droom apt., applianres/ "''";"""'''· A,.;],bh D EPOT . NOW.$420/month.913-96 3 7 ask forDon. LOOKING TO REN1 ANAPARTMENT? .....



On The Record .. Question one: How do you feel about the tuition ip crease? Question two:How has the tuition increase affected you personally?

. BrennaMtCormack.Senlor • l)Idon't haveenoughmoney asitis,so pa yingmoremoney foroollegeisn' trullyfair. 2)WellIcan ' t '1ford mybooks now,no t thatlcouldbefoni. Nalini Goolsarran,Sophomore

Get More For Your Money 1·•1· This Semester! � Sale Ends Sept. 3rd •-• sa'ill · s3r, --":.=- -.� � .::--.:.: - . -.r.:_,m /ll!Ur !:'-n::..- ��.:�--

I)lfeelthatitiswtjust. Whave to paybecauseofBush's mis- ""'· 2)Bea.useofthetuition� \think that financial aid got worseso'Iieally havenofinan• dalaid. l' monm own. EricFoster,Jwtior I I

1)Ifeelthat iimakes itmoredif. ficultfocpeopletoaffordschool. 2)1havetaken outmoreloans where usual l y fin;,onci al aid wooldhaveroveredmytuition.


HAVEA SERVICE 01< BUSINFSS that NEEm some cheap PUBLIC ITY? ADVERTISEHERE!! The Classified Rates fm 2003-2004, $5.00 -20 word ad ··place as any as ym: like -discoW1tsapplyforre: peatcustomers Contact: David Hartzell, Advertising Manager 878-4539 bobbyh103@yahoo.rorr Registrar's Office of any change in your a dd ress or phone number. The exceJr tion is dorm ad­ d resses, which are u �!�:e d J7e t�:� i - The Data Change Form can be d ow n · loa d edf(om the web ,,, http,// www.buffalostate .edu/• offices/registrar/ d atafonn.HI'M The Registrar's Of· flee is located in MootHall,Room 210. ADDRESS CORRECTIONS HAVEYOU MOVED? Informthe

l)lfeeltha t itwasabiginaease ,foroneyeu: 2)1can'tsaythatithasaffected meperson.llybee;i.useldon't paymytuition,.myparentsdo.

l)Wepayenoughasltisand we don'tgetsomeof the stuff wepayfor. 2)Myfinanceshavt"depleted a lotmore.

'Textbook Prices" frompage , t , componentsthat willbeused inthe pa cb ge . '11letextbook . " packages · are in the price rangeofS160andcannotbe returnedforthe standard50 pm.=toforiginanosL "Rightnowthecompanies aredoingsomUchwiththese packa ge sets thatprohibit us'sa very big issue in thebookindustiyright now. lt's hinderingthe$Ndentsbeau,edur­ !1'&bookbu_ y�time..ifyour inStnlctor IS opting to u se a ��==J:� lisherwontsdl.badtdl09eex· �=nents separ a tely." Pwnaassunodthat� andNoblesisaciivelytaking strldestofightthewaveoitext• ���= thatthmstudentswill notbe lll>letoex

NO. 1 KITCHEN ChinesefoodtoTakeout Sl:�ua n Hunan&CantooeseCuisine 372Amherststreet, Buffalo, NY 14207 (716) 447-8820 or (718) 877-8425 \ FREE DELIVERY (minimum $10.00) 8ufflYDSlataCollegeOnCampus Students \ (Minimum $3.00) Eve,y $8,.00, Geto FREE Choice of can Soda, Egg Roll orSfnaUSoup �ore You Spend, More You Get llualn••• Hour �n.•Tllun1.: 11:00.m-11:00pm Fr1..s.t.: 11:00mn·12:00n'lldnltilh Sund9y: 12:00noon -11:00pm � We Accept c..dlt Cerdo Bubble Tea Wit1 Be Coming Soon...

Pick up a Student ': : •• $ 5 .. _ ::• Copy and Print Card ; , , to Savel j OFF ! •� : Purchaseof : ' : '25CM'More 1 . = --·- !���, •am.- ----c.--11-•


; ._ ....

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have to p;iy for thi:-dean-up, 2003'. who are paying for it in bod· "111.e reason arebeingpoisoned," t o mobilize o saidTumeL aretheonesdosesttohann,the The state legislature and oneswh o can't afford t o go to �:'bir{ ': 1 Se�t t . 1 �:��� priv ;o=!tedoesnotdis- NYPIRG representatives con- critninate.Maybesomepeople �,:r:::=�i:�:!� == ��=d�/do:!ntt;: ise. the valley. They can afford t o "OnewtoftourNiwYori; live above the Hudson River, �l�����: e :x�-== abo':�':�;!�;;� who liv e site," said Turner. �one in . nearthesesiteiannotaffonito twelvewoi:neoofchild-beam>g move,wh o can't afforddean ��'%=���;�! :::�=:= nottalkingaboutdrinkingout ind\lStrial sites,"Turnersaid. o f thermometers - t o lead t o birth's LoveCanal stude n n this is thatwe tsneed ies,wh o

o f c o ntaminated brownfield sites.H NYPIRG, acc o rding t o t dis- lhome, Hworkedonthis issue ursummercanvas.We've rganizingintheconunu• f o r o

By JOSH LESEUR Associate News Editor -n»:icwastedoesn o


So says J o

shua Turner, been o

��i�i:�E: ! � · C!cii:�� e



The BuffaloState Men's �Teamopettdupthe!ieasonthis pastwttktnc:11.t the �.!����1 06ales.. Thellfflga.lsdefeated DeSaJes,aprominentOivision IDsc:hool3-2tonotditheirfirst win o ftheyear. "ltwasniceto getourlst: win against such a solidD3 sdioot"saidfourthyearHead CoM:11RudyPompert. "'Hopefw]ythismiins� 1 1beasolid Dl�tomntendwith as ...,_. TheBertgalsrMurnl6pla.yenfrom last yeu's squad in.......,......,,m,..,..,, BddtAmlm.but still are• IJllllm'�tmmwilharut­ .......cdJ3..._ �;r..:....--- .... _,. ....




- - .,



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. ·.\·





On The

Record Question'One: How do you feel about your personal safety on campUs? Question two: How do you fee l that safety can be improved on campus?


BLO'1 ° I� Reports of shotsfired on Grant Street, suspects ee on foot; paroleefrom New York City a"ested, using fa l 1

. ��u!�s°:e!:�� 3 ;36 p. in . • report at thetime,but ha, Aperson in the Communiea.pi.perworkback·home inRoch- tiop.Centerbasementreported · estertovmfy. smellingaubondioxide.There Crimilu.l.Miachlef " 7/8 1:24p.m. wasnosignofcarbondioxide intheareaand staffworking �� notoomplain of�y YouthActirity Su.ff repo rted '!-nknown per- 11onuttemptingtobruk,win- 7/ 9 dowintheEWingofthecarn- 1:S9p.m. put8Choo\.FlvejuVffliles""'re rel e asedtotheirparmt:s. Acomplaintantreportedjuve- :��=s::�:�

venityPoli«Departmentand ;:;.B.IT��:t= fotir doors-was posslbly in­ v olv,td, Informati o n was 1 pu.,edal o ngtothi!BPO.Jtappears the, incid e ntoo:umid at 612 Grant5trttt. ��

2)M�r e serurityonth eo utsk irtsofi:ampus,n o ljust o nthei�id e .

6/'1JJ .. 12:lSp.m. A staffm e

ReporttofShotsFiffll 71s 3:58p.m. TheBuffal o Polic:eD e i n vestigated shotsfiredat409 GrantSLThrtt�fledon foot o nGardn e r fromGrant ...... Blll,'Slary 8/2 10: 571.m. Avictimhadacompub!rhard drive stolenfrom hisroom in theN o rthWingwhil e he was ���::=�= thesameirn::ident. partment

An o flioerreeortedfi ve indi-: viduals trespassing on cam- !:/vrJ:1�1:1"�"";': stay awa)'from thl!buildings �as":'3°' theu-dopU:theopm

turning lightson ani:I. off. The subjectsweregone onarrival. The University PoliceDepartment spoke to anUpward Bound coordinato r regarding themattet.. 7/17 3:10p.m. Afemalewasstud:intheE.H. Butl e r Librar.y e \e v 1tor b e · =�� a ;!:��� t o c o nt.act0ti1El ev ator. Th e subjectwasfreedbyOtisElevator,whichilCW?'el>tlyw o rking onth ee l ev ator.

mberreported l e ly2 0 minut e n tttuming. shl! disa,v­ e r purse unatt e ximat e nded for s.

aving h

appr o Up o

e red that$5 00 had b ee ved fromit. o

n rem

1) Therearecampuspoliceall o verpluslarnaUPSA.lfeel prettysaf e personally. 2)M o re UPO around attimes s o people dori'I g e t stuff },

WanantS e

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2) Iw o campusatnight. uldhav e

more lighl!I on

6/22 3:tOp.m. Asuspectwasarrestl!d.Whil e the susp e ct was b e lng pr o �ssed at . C e ntralBooking it was d e t e rmin e d th e arreste e hadgivenalabenameandwa, aparoleeout o fN e wY o ritOty. An ad�tionalchargeof false personatiqn was addedtohis -.., . .


Being Paid To Quit Smoking WeigelHealth Center recruits BSC studentsfor program By JOSH LESEUR AssociateNewsEditor Howwouldy o u like t o be paid$200toldek yoursmok· inghabit?AccordingtoGinad e Peralta!home,ahe altheducat o r at th e Weigel HealthCena ter, that is the caseatBuffalo Stat;c:::::ro e -5 ti1te was o ne o f sevenoollegeuniversitiesinth e c o untry to g e t [My Stud e nt B o dy - Tobacc o ). It's aWebbased tobacco cessati o n Program.B,-sically, it's a st o psm o kingprogram..butstudents wouldbeusing th e Internett o st o p smoking. . "'Th e wayit'ssetupis:sht dentsarereauited•we'relookingfor40st,.,d e nl!I.Theyh a v e t o be current smokers. Th e y ha ve tobebetweentheages o f 18-24.Andtheyhavet o beenrolledatBuffState . On-� ts ��:i::r minute� and the 9ff- sionsteachthem.i.boutwaysto st p sm o king.Students who participat e and finish th e projectg e t$200." Aa:ordingtoliterahuepvid e byMissTh o me:"'Thesoftware allows students t o de­ ve \ o p a personallud t o ba«o pagerelevantt o theiramcum using.a rate yourselfmodul e . Eachstudent's page willcontain a tail o red tobac:roprofi.le, artidesbased o npersonalrisks, peerstories,.e-mailfeaturesand remind e rs and writt e n and graphical moti v ali o he���=� �o":::/:.�c"sn�i� lru!library,lfthere�anystud e ntswhowish to quitamok· ing.theycanjustgi ve m e acall andlcansettheuivp." Miss Th o me can be reachedat818-5330.

Bengal Sex Talk 1010 Sponso re d by. Weigel Health Center

luportofCamonDlo:ddi! PolittAflitt Acomplaintantst.a\!edthatW sawherbi,:ydl!,.whichwassto- 7/14 6/16

Q: Whenshouldlhav e Pelvii:Exam? A: F o r thoseof us11ho ha ve had a gyneo o l o gk (pel v ii:) exam and th o s e that should ha ve . had one, thereare probably UXXl things w e 'd rath e r �r!':ii.=a 0 Ji:�= :i.!t:aa;:vi��l Yourbodyisad e nn o nes and organs and we n' eed t o tak e special careofow-bodies.Theannual pelvicexamisatim e fory o uto g e t to kn o w yourbodybclte� Itshouldbeanopportunityt o askquestionsy o umightha ve . lt'satim e toleai:nh o wt o care f o ry o �body:Jtalsogivesyour ::;u�l:��; areas that might need lf e al· mentandhealing. 1llisexamdoesn o tneedt o beapainfulordreadedexperi· ena;,.The followingare � de- ti:i!1:=1:!i� pdvkewn ' andtoknowwhat youshouldexpectofthe� ...... o f h o

mylirst • F o

raUwomenhavingtheir warding thina,s w e uldbe patientsaft e

hear from r an exam. is that

firstexam. theexamsh o explained compl e v ing it:All instrum e shouldbeshownandtheiruse Wh e �:UJ�: v ;!id o f:e� o shouldbeina slightlyupright 1llisgi v n to allow you t o ob- t o • Th e back o f th e tabl e explained. �=Jo�:': p 1l;·= �l e

tely prior to itwasn'tuncomfortable o nts ficultatall. n should y o yourlirstexamandh o w o


u hat ve flen? a;ee::'n! ft8. rtunity

rs�::;e� v :���!:

f ::::; :::}:,Jr°ft rs

shoutdbearoundtheage. o uthe oppo esy o

lic:atebalantt positi o

review your menstrual his-

� rv ;�J::�t':.: thaty o u������ cantellthepractitionert o st o p Fr e quency of exams vari e s at any tim e ana y o ur request fr o m woman t o w o ny o urse.xualhistory common for the first exam to and history of gynecologic include e ve rything e �cept the problems.Yourpractitionercan pelvicexam iI thepatientfinds review the sdiedule f o rreturn theyarenotready. visitswithy o u. • lhesmallestspeculumwill Your r e lationship with be used and willbewanned yourwom e n'5healthpractitio­ beforebeinginserted. ner is an important one. Once • Y o u sh o uld ha ve the op- you are comfortabl e with a �m:;i t t .-:!:!thae::=. �::=�'.°A� tin e:: sw e rs to your questions fully the examlt'.salwa�acomfort explained. • toheareverything�gNL 1rus should n o tbe �� �� tioner w �=� · any �-o::::i:."::::. Pnlctitloner o

man dewillberespected. It's not un- pending

nal feedbaclc" Says Thorn e ab o ut th e

- --

.. _

� I Do Not Forget to Wash Your Hands By . SUSAN PETERS AssociateOpinion�ditor


No Room for the "t-word" By SUSAN PETERS AssodateOp/nlo()Editor






__ ....






' /· �-�-,.,,r.;. ·F,:;"·--� .,.•• 'VJ ��,r--. �/r·.•�J.llil�:--





Take AJigWith TheJoggers Se�ln�e���Editor

' :Nintendo and Music Collide






S.P.1.RI.T. _,a.;,..,,... I I nizessingersandmaterialand a mpus.137<:assety H.U- Nophon e


, AcadanlcOubt

the interestofenjoyment and fulfillment of space and the 119ScienceBuilding-818- 4911

semestei;weh a ve the folio � programspl � : Thursd a Frid a y-Sunday.9/19-21- CampWeekend InFranklinville a y,9/26-Bands,Bonfire,andBirchBeer7pmintheUnionQu a d Saturd a y.9/7!- ComedyOubwithEricNieves9pm intheCookery y,10/07- Mud!MattOilll.BengalPauseCOflcertIntheUnionLobby Friday,io/24- UnionBash.SUB'iCasinoN i ght 7-10pm intheUnionLobby Saturday,10/25-ComedyOubwilhScottKennedy9pm intheCookery Thursd a y.10/30- M ake · YourOwnVideo ll:3Q.1:30pmln !heCookery . N'N�e11:3Q.1:30pminth e Union t' by Friday-Sunday,11/ W eekendinFranklinvilll!(SpringPlanning} W orldLasVegasGuest 7pm inthe�mblyHall 1\11oftheeventsarefree to studeritsunlessotherwisenoted. Ifyouhave anyquestionsorwould like toget incontactwith someoneyou can comeup to our . office Cassety 202, the office number is 878-6728, or email us at lookingforward toan a wesomeyear International Student A ff air s ; y,� rultur a y, 9/18-CariaitureArtist12-2pm IntheUnionLobby Frid .S.turday,to.\)1-FallFeatlrilhGoodCharlotte, Somethlng·Corpora t End7:30pmdoonln theSportsAnna.Studen t e and theLiving tickets$20 GeneralPublic$26 ;uesd a ing Thu� a y.11 / 6-Frarn e Wednesday,11 /19-Re a l Th!1""-ay,12/4-M.sNige B reak12-1:JOpmintheUnlonLobby 5532 l!!;;;;; = pe=Iha= t =yo = u = = =jo =in= us = ll =ev= en :'.�'.: a = n d= m = � = tin r

By FREDERICK BALLOONS DistinguishedAlumni Like afat guy ona grape- e t, the freshmen class t di

. =� P '!,�=�i:s�d:�} th e roaa a ndcrazlesfromthe loc a l loony blri wander i ng Theystuckitoutforafew around. ��:��� tal �t�: e r-infl a ted SUNY billskeptfloodingtheir a ilboxwith threatspN:lmis- m ruse .

BSC-TV2-Provides students



i hereatBuffaloStateColl e :���?o�l i �!fi e red species, ping' up with incr ea ndang quency. e

ge is weeks, just to see if th e

offorensic�.414Sd· assetinfi.iturecarem:. 878-5135 �ter878-3820 moteabetterunderstandingof mathematics in itsrelation to ille,modomunethodsofteach- Th e

a 1;:� k :i�� :�t�: a re pop- aash e dinasth e ov sing fre-

voiceofth�studentsatBuffalo Statefor morethan80 years, Reaml i;eeks to kttp th e studentbodyinfonnedoncam­ pu,issuu,eventsand activi­ ties.109CassetyHall1178-453l SportsandRecnation USG�intercollegi a teclub sports not sl.lpport e d by the e tic Departm e nt through th e AthleticFee. USG also funds the_organiu- tionofintnunuralrompetition ���:tro:S'fn d Wou':� Gym._ Kis:iing e r pool and rac-- Dtnla/ Clinic , - Theprofession·alJy staffeddental clinicoffers examinations,X-r a ys.dlagno­ sis by � e ntists,cl e aning and preVffitiv e dentalhygi e n e at a v e ry low cost to stud e nts. Weige!H e althCenter878-6716 Whispmn g ·Pina Camp - USG m a lnt a iru a612-acre c a mp­ ground•in Franklinvill e ,NY: Forbookinginformation.dial 878-6701. BuffeloStattOrildOmQnter­ Quality,a.fl'ordabl e child care !lel'Vicesfor children a ges six weeb to fiv e 'years are a vail- :1:i�!':sr�= o !:�:d��� studenls,a!!wellasf a cultyancl staff.BuckhamCamp,.uSchool -CWing8'78-S335 The USG office is located onthefourthfloorofthe Stu­ dentUnion,.inmom402.They can b e reached a t878-67ql. y also provid e a bookl e Athl ;!:�:�· �!� 1 �:�z Student Services

th timei te m cov et a n a n hour now-but th e takesforthatsludgeto a r through your ins i a ins the same. Ev ed bac k - row s freeing up,$0you don·t h a ve tositwithth e pN:lfessorglaring youdown. Whatisrespons i bl e forthis ph e nom e n a ? Mayb e it's th e two-for-on e speci al s popping l.l a e v e rybarwithin a five- e radius of th e out-of -townersmiss theirmommiesandboyfriends k d1!$re- e n thos ea a e ts re p mil M a t ybeth e

a change ofldeuasthey rel a te to math: e matic:s. 329 Bishop Hall878-5621 ���f �!il}te�'!'! �=..:;;;;: o,��::. pN:lviding fellow­ ship,self- a warenessandunity. C318ClassmomBui1ding878- a forum for a n e x- cems,whil e nd

Jadedstud e nts e v ke d up the truth tha e theirinvo\v e SAT scores could only land a tBuffaloState. USC officials refused a n a a tementconcem i ng a dy drop out r a te. Ml think lheymost studenrw e re confused wh e n we !lmttheir acceptance\cttcrslnbr a il,nan campus. unnam e dresource lam e n ed. campuspoliceh a v e taken the stud e nt Joss to h e art as first many randomlyticketedstu­ e ntu a d e lly suc spi M e m e ntinth e i cs dub,their sorry at hl t th e m offid th e l st ste th e


1it�n���:;: n :!8t!�� • A:�: b = Bl' = ==== =;:'; ��st�cu�� ra1 �:e;..� 6500 campus community through



pl a �:�h:lftll� �l?'me;� ����� 6 :�!;!;:t� cl a ss thought th e y w e re e n- giv e m e myquot aea rly sol falo.Surprise! Theypulledup - in G \ot.H He sm e ll e d li ke togood'ol1300ElmwoodAv e .

l and education a ea tures,art exhibitions and par­ lies.Addilionally,AELassists m e mb e rs in their ac1d e mk studiesandre a chesouttohigh schools, e ncour a ging L a tino stud e nts to pursu e ?icoll e g e degyee.135CassetyHaU878- 5 . 733 \ - Bbrd:ActitltMiw-BAMisan organi.z.ationdedlcated.tosup­ portmg th e physiail, m e nt a l and psychological w e ll-being of;ts�pandthere­ l a tedoommunitythroughedu­ c a _ t iC:"!1-al and ,, . e nt e rt a ining e vents.140Ca!.setyHall878- ""' . - c;.;,,,,n11terC01mril - WorUwith th e CommuterServices office loassess and · respond to the specificneedsofcomrnuterstu­ dents,includingcarpoolsand off-campushouai.ngissues.311 StudentUnion87fh3410 I....sbilzn, Goy and BisawalAU/- l pro­ turing ffll.lSic,J e c­ grams f


Th e t 11na-Ded.ie11ted = lr u rting 'whichmorefullyoutlinesorga- th e mental and ogical nizatlo1111offeredhere,uwell well-beingoflts and umany oth e nnotdetailed. �=�� . :�:�� / e - � at






NO. 1 KITCHEN Chinese FoodtoTake Out Szechuan Hunan& cantcmese Cuisine 372 Amhe111tStreet, Buffillo, NY 14207 (716) 447-8820 or (716) 877-8425 FREE DELIVERY (minimum $10.00) · . BuffaloSlate CollegeOn Campus Students · (Minimum $3.00) Every $8.00, Get a FREE Choice of Can Soda, Egg Roll or Small Soup More You Spend, More You Get Bualn••• Hou,, Mon.-Thurs.: 11:00am -11:00pm Fri.-Sat.: 11:00am -12:00midnight Sunday: 12:00noon -11:00pm We Accept J Credlt Carda "8 ubble Tea Will Be Corning Soon.. .,wi.e-,...,1u"'·----�------ Mass · ofthe Holy Spirit Sunday,Septembet21•at l!:JO , AM • intheStudentUnionSocialHall loin usasweaskforGod's blmingandcelebratethe-openingofthe academicyear WewillbehonoringDr. PhillipSantaMaria,AssociateV.P.ofSllldent Affairs&DcanofStudcntsandrecognizingFr.JackWeimer.{orhisJS yearsofCampusMinistryService�theBSCcomrnunity �on following Allaro Welcome! PleaseRSVPbycalllng882-1080bySeptember 15th

Buffalo State College, State Univer;ity of N / Notific;ation ofRights under FERPA: ·

ew York

urugu, ,,,,,pm,,,,,,,.,, kitchen. 3bedrooms, includes Righ t cable, intern e tei;hotw a � month. No _ pets. Call875-- educa ti sky li te , mo der n b a (1) Th e I reviewthestu d .Enter.ta'inment . reoomswithln45 da da k '04 with Stu_denbsh�td d de M a gnine! Gcthookedupwith _aca d righ t I ing Br ea ntCity.oom a n d Maxim th e � t m; d th &: . • Th e tamnection. wa• (FERPA) a ter&:�ge . S 5 SO tainrightawith res Fsmily E d , . a n d ffords stu d onrecords. Th e Priv a

uc a tion a ·cy Ac t eflbcer­ pecttotheir y�

l inaccu ra ding. • performing his or h er esnotto h�:'.:U dentCleuin ;� d 5 ����:'!ti A school offidal has a ���� en J:!�!�f t��:t::\ i :!er:'�� ��1�:1� a 7J!�:� e tasks; Uthemllege d ed d g� � ; r :Jt:�!i�! e :n� le- ��:�!��=!:';��: reo r misl ea

to inspect a ent'seducation ys otth e yth e oollege receives are­ questfo r access.. t!fflkdepartment,orother nd submitto of th e ean,hea d

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to notifio::alionmus t

��t:�ff:,��i![t�Co�;'. 15. Non-disdOll.lreofinfor­ be effcctive unlil"5ep­ BuffaloStat e t failutt on the part �':."�t� d :ll"o,rs�r!r. e go ri es of d i re cto')' infonna­ ti onbyth ede a d line d atcin d d u a l approval for disclosure. �tnt !th ri le t i'.,°l.�:;:�� mentofEducationconcerning allegedfailuresbyBuffaloState ��:�:':f�Et"J.�The nameand ad dressoftheoffic:e Iha.Ia d ministersFERPAare: Coll e ge a s· sumes th a ivi d

��\��i':�:fl:r��ae;;'!; =:1;� r

� rd :fi � e p':� d ent when notifi e right to a hearing. stu d

�i:oro:; Upon request. the college ���=���:: without consent to officials of mationwillcommencethereafStµ rschool in which a stu- te r an d den t seekllorintendstoenrol1 . " temberl4ofthefollowingyear. Writt e n • notification to wilhholddisclosuremu&tbemade eachacademicyear. lo State Colleg e tion hereby d esignates the follow· xtent · ingcategoriesofstu de ntinfor- on contained in Buff a uc a d of tli e ' d isclos e s ed uc at ion r ecords be r

' Sp r

:e as �'ti��! �� :��:� n ;�:t fi �;��,he ����r�:,����:�t anoth e

from15of thehottest d tions. Book e a MEALS, FREE DRINKS a 150%Lowes t Toreserv e on1ine or vi e Photo Gall e www.stu d e!lb:ily. como r 888-SPRINGBREAK!

estina· record(s) th e rly for FREE The colleg e PriceGuaranteel no ti fy th e w our an d place wh e ry, visi t may tte insp e n d a rrang e

y wish toinspect. . abl e offid a l will make th e student of the ti ments fo r a

informa ti u de s t

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ccess and records, e recordl surewithout consent. . If th e me that FERPA a

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Call1- recordsarenotmaintained by Oneexcep ti thecollegeoffidaltowhomth e d isclosure withou requestwassubrnitted,tha t of- disclosure t entof withlegitim.teeduca ti fidalshall a dvisethestu d

o school officials onilin- f;:��:� ,supervi- em ic or researdi. ministrativ e

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(•) Name. • dd ss, t el e tten d ance,p a rt-tlme/ fult•limestatus,dass. recent previous ress, e phone number; mail addre da tesof a ed. fi e s, honon (in· l d s of y, a w a r d


Dancers =:;::: 11fl��d��� =·e: p

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wanted, high pay. Will train. 332-2320 ·

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Thursdays @ �ri' r �f ts � 1 $ r� i ��� ht! t s • all night!, Weekly give- •aways! This week • Moun\ain Bike give· away! 18 &: up &: Kevin McCarthy pl�ys classic/ . current party tunes all n i g h t ! , www.kevinsma:arthy.rom •. pictures! Fridays@Mr.Goodbar • HappyHourBash! 5pm• • FREE B&ft w I tasty chicken wings! &:Gcat Drink Specials! 7pm Kevin Md:arthy, 1 1 pm · FridayNightBands·this week..Elavation!

South West Express great food FREE DELIVERY 3pm - till · 9pm

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University Police investigate Moore Comple By CAR � ENE PETERSON Newsreported thevictim to l d o n�stabbingbecause of th<' Editor -I n-Chie f polic<' o ffice. rs from Buffa l o pending investigation. N o rthwestDistrict . that-the in- Some campus resi d en t s TheBuffa l o State Co l lE


I r: � e . '.'; rd about � AuthorftlN aR In th: pun d\is'!��;'o. �=�, lnbetwNn deblilto about

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anorth o residenrehall.�

ftheTower p a

" Tw o

gnssyare do with the stabbing,H ing.H Dearring said. HDuring torlo°:"the�.����:� l om ��dl�&urooffiren �:!&:�i��r��:'� d d�� lieve itWa$somewhere inbe- Mike Myers and B o b walkbymyse l fanywiy. 8 tweentheTowersandMoore. H Chrlatmann, as well a, re- Jim Walenn•n, • 3opho- lnthe Pollre&Courta col• sponding UPD Lt. Gary more, aaid he was lnitlally umn onSepL 15, TheBuffal o Oannei; would not comment taken aback when he heard

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tural Fiesta-Man:h;.13, 2001 in the Rockwelt willbeholdingaap,!cial Hall Auditorium an

APa FMr., llarsin cashwutaken.Themounti n g bracketWUalsobroke n . n asonic CD player-AM/ d ioandelevend o


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�!�� e �!§�� j.l! ,S,�����enta l's Ccntnbuting Writer allsoundalike;theo�� . Whe n the y w ere o nlltagethere wn Isn't very good to theirperformanrewaaorlglnal. · li ne �:��J'!;: �;':�°::��:� ���. b ��:: uo ;� n � local rock 'n' roll sh o w. What g irls and fam e . � n bein g 1ma:t i n g , an d r. fu! h e l ea d ::;;:;·�c;��tai� rh�w�re��p ::'�� ::..,���;;:�le�;! great ban d fro m Washington S



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. "r· 1 1m1m �� .. �

ARTS - ENTERTAINMENT - COLLIEGE LIFE music REUIEWS Godsmack smacks crowd ihto sliape 8 lnt�::n:it 6 E�� :�i:e.;; S::11/��:�;� �t�� l �s:�: l � Ov e e yea rs, we h a v e ::mtlll������ · ==!.,��=;:: rome to expect a hard. gritty a goodchoireasthefirstsong struments on •facel!!S',• and s o u n d f rom Godsm a ck. an d of the . nigh!ju s t because of its ·o.anges• to goal ong with� th� e xpect a t i ons we re ful- kick-assvibeandfas t p.ace, an d ' a ctu a lscre a m in g ofEma, w h o fill<.'id,ond Thecalm.ho w evei; d id n 't ing b a ck o ut. God s m a ck Was a lateediti o n to theli ne up, things to com e .Unfortunatel y g lo o m y s o und of Gods ma ck l a s t a s MWh a tever" followed, ch a r ge d b a ck on s t age a nd and got the ao w d revved u p t h i s wa s t h e o nl y ti m e we res o u n ded t hr o ugh t h e h o t and i n m y o pinion it w as the rippedthroughatooth-shatter- after s in g les HStree t �ams,� w ould get to hear i t as it w as ·rught,especiall y on H Greed.H bestsong of thenighllheson g in g v e rsion of MKeep Away" H Hate M e N ow ,w an d � ng .f rom the se t -lis t l a ter bum ���]�:��: t �� =��:e l ���i?;j..�� ����=-::n�. "N ����failtodissJa y - lhe ;><:Na! set bega n with this is w h en To"!)' R om bol a , al].d m o re furi o u s a s it we nt, th e fans ho me hipp y a ft e r a Zonacoupletracks. Weakerl:hans reinvent the wheel--or at least themselves By AMY ROZANSKI On this new album. front ContnbutingWriter ma n J o h n K.S a ms on again =:- - d e m o ns t r a t e s ,h e · b an d's M a Th e W ea kerth a nsdass i fy kn o wtedge of politics an d l i t - . '.t' g:���hae: y :;�r�r�; =��:u:a:;� n �; i�:o: u n usual use o f a muslca\'saw, · l i g ht o ntracksl i k e M P\ ea From ::�;1 1 i ���h�:�: n ;�: !Jn 1 � �:'e:t"ti�� t �� e , :h,�� · board m a kes th e ir third full S a ms o n does n 't e x;ic t l y s tay �7;��=:= he�?� a ��� i :h:°: g '::V: ' , " ., the �w��kerth ans. h ai li ng ���)'::� to =�:: from Wmrupeg. Canada h a v e Winnipeg.� toured relenUessl y SlllCl!their As a w hol e ho we v e r, fonnation in 1997, thus form - , Samso n sa.ys this album i s a ingtheir supporti:'!'l! f an base. concept a lbu m a bout copi ng They sho w ed their a ppreci a - withgrief, JOSS,regretandfailtio n · 10 ihflr fans wh e n the y ure. I =a�m:=�J;:! band�';, e ��f��::: ofthrirnewalbum.. · othersongslike"'PsalmForlhe Theyalso 1et fans� Elks Lod g e l:ast Call H gr a bs thenewalbumbypostingnew yo ur all e nlion with th e ir tracb on thrir label' s site be- catduness.'!'nese�tdi y cheesy andall t oo s i mpl e for theband,bu t TheWeakerthans make itw o rk i n the i r favo,;.;is the y d o wi th th e country-ish vibe�U51,' on thetrack H A Ne w N' a m q o rEverything.H �personalfav o rit e onthe a ll>um, H Th,: Pre s cie n c e o f D a wn # holds slightreminders o f the band' s old e rsoun d o n the:iralbum H Left an d Le;iving.-asdoesthe song "Bene­ diction. singsaboutMexicanwaltrcsses r;� s �:!u1!:�:fui��� t : withparap l egics.There's e v e n a songaboutJess i caS i mpso n . Whi le th e songsru n short an d · alth o ugh , Greenisn'lne<.'­ e& y thcgreatest s inpu,� s on gs hold up ' we ll a nd h i s w hiinsicalversesruni n n c.'e. He' s at,thetop o f his game h e reandhekn ows h o w to.d e \iv e rhlslyricst o

ab!gge"rrecord ];ibel. ---,---.--:-:--c-.-7"="'°'="=­ p e ople. On Ukuchnprip-off of H20.TM u th! �ll��: u y'!J�nS::t"a:a:: �r �: y ;�; y l�= o �� n � �:�!t·� i he t e [{ � �th� j ��;� o ��, t � �:

�! d ;r�::: �jt�i:YS�t���if :::�t;� a r, Igotach;i n cet o s it d o wnwith A!Yn,we l o drumm e

�:: . f1�i�h} a ys k ey board i st, an d. a

���:��r�r� a ::!'::7:�;'� 0 d by t � a me o f Tod a ssatisfied.Their sou n b an di o th at en wa ce d i s unori g cre.B ot themcouldsi ng voice th a style of • They sound e i na l an h of t ke an sounded a l i music,v e

ve lheM o

vie Iamnot a

moshpl t 1 !j�y":"b!:�i�:;; fa n .bu t

..�d�� · �ta��!i7shed:�'?. sim p lc �;: r� n irer/:�::::.tih�: �u�?n::��1::! e :!.:! ��°a 1 �� e e

c oo ut eryb o er gy e muskfor w w. pl a yin g ed . hen, be- were we d o nts. pl a re. d Q)H ow l.Th e

musicI!diverse.Ev- int ff !li ee n- t o hal it ls. We l o i:Jiffer e nt m a n't feel o ut . o f m o ple e xc e

oamoshp i express y o

t isas urself, bu t

tupi dwa if y o n so be it. d o use they d i f yo u're y u knocl

fe w . Q:H ow - pl a f- A:Thisislhefirtttime w ttopla y an y blgsh o Anytime we pl a y fon, we p l a yed inbasem e This was l lh e first s t o ck e : ::::�::!;� s :;�!ti:: ow questions. yinginBuff a d o y o u feel a b o l o ? ic e r of ever go

d Th e th e rs sou n ither of dies. Th e .Theybothhad fere . nt, bu t i hiny. Pe a d like e v e ry Th e bass p mus i r, bu t oth a d v e he si n ge d ne ry me- to ge d, w l e tcomea,, w ry w ithth i s s i md a r t

c wa c o ith be a ;idsi n

s simplypu t a mplic ated i n utiful m e l o gl!rhadad i

dy Isvlbblng o . We feel pe o

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=�������d fuU:: :: : d ��v:�!i!:ii:;,i:� ::!e!":'J:l':�ie..�:l�:: thi,�!1,:1�d1����ti:..1:; � 0 ;��r::.e�: p :o':I�t: =l�:i=1:�::;:� fo°:' w � y �:too��:':fe ::i:c:!'�:i�=�� e Th!i�s!'fu:::;e:::; ::�J::���!:�t!:�: :i::;:t��= a :;� .thcforcme n tionedbands,hop- Con se quently,the s t ag e than sh o rter t o urs, because solifeo o uldbeal o t w orse. w h e rey o uweresta n d in g .A\so, pin g around like the y were waspreparedforFairweather' s y o ugetachanc e t o makerela- AfterFairw ea therwento n y o umight ge t an unu s ua l :'��;;�:i� t lh e :�:��::;;:behen, �;� t ��� t ;;,u�e�\:� s � t o




e 1 Recentl y n ew

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playedbet- ll o verseen � them t o

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M o musk is o vi e

Life wen rdinaryand sounds ons t on

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meless rapper


ta ge

Ameri(;an Splendorgraces Buffalo with its presence

'Y1.'.':J ' wB1vr'7D PinkMulfet's/op

"'fl� ofthe week 3 p.m.

Catch the mullet on

Wednesdays from

to 6 p.m.

Se�ln�e�i�fEditor SinreBuffa.loisth e rectum oftheuniverse,those o fus w h o live h e re l a ckth e ,:ertainpleasuresandprivilegesth at othe r c i U e s ma y hav e , sa , the re\ ea se of rert a in films in t o th e are a . We d i d n ' t g et Lost i n La cha..n o r did we get lrre­ versible.Luckil y h o didma nage t o g e t d o r. Directed b y docum ent ary filmm a kers,Sharl Sprin ge r rm an an d ROb e rtPuk ini , tan c e M an alo en Spl en fH£rv e y chuming o o usundergroundcom i ofki ng as a fiJ e d e dor i has bee n a n Harv ey ry da y smallmisel'l estha t extended periods of riCSn :�� r i::.:ff:f�d;it !a n tfa n tas y w ith a d etach e d ""'"'· Berman andPukinicreate amil

y for ins

weve,;Buff AmericanSpl s ' thetruelifuta Peluu; w ho u t not orl­ cliooks rkin a ma y sto ry . Th ey y an fi n

raph i

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o g r P e

d e liv e xquis i ed �=�����:e� HopeDavisdoes afan tasticfob playin g J oy ceBr a bner;P e kar's neuroticwif e .Thecast i swo t ograph y TerryStaceyisexcellent. I t ' s not of t e n a m o vie comes o uta se xc:ellentasthis, and it' s a treat tha t we should . get it here lnBuffal i,> .Even if y o u ne ver re a d a ny · wo rk b y HarveyPekar. yo ushouldstill seethism o vie. S o w hile it' s s ti l l u(1, I highlyreanrunend'lel\hlring throu g h th e d e bac le that i1 HertleAvenu e andcheddng i t outwhile It' s stillshowing at theOipeonNorth'Park� k a r, e pl ay d e tel y b y


. ,

nderfuland thecinema


themu- ���=�� =j��:ti::� C o h e n,but on e d o ubts th a t Leonard Cohen ev e r uttered, -rhete'snowrong w 1 y tor"'k aglrlwithnoleg_!i.justtellher you loveher1111w'1aawling away.• \

melo­ fonl'the album was released. dies andchoruses are thrown ����� ln �i:'1��\w- ape..:iforo.hboudConfes.. pen"thebagroundmusicis --1 andlhmffd QI �hat a�ard�pe loop,�tbey-aDaboul paru e d by piano. IIsounds

# Thisfall the bandwill be hitting th e roadfo� vari o u s sho w s w ith ban d s lik e The Corislantines,:Jlil1ythe!Gdand ��:=, R o bosexuala,


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