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Eric Zener’s Lookbook, a curated collection showcasing the transformative power of art in the realm of visionary design. Eric Zener Studio takes a collaborative approach to customized art solutions for each commissioned engagement.

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For more than three decades, Eric Zener has been recognized as a highly respected and influential artist. His work is primarily known for its stunning portrayal of water as a primary element, which serves as a metaphor for renewal, transformation, and nostalgia. Zener's paintings are a reflection of his fascination with humanity's relationship with nature and the ways in which it can elicit both joy and fear. In addition to his water paintings, Zener also explores these themes through his other works, which he categorizes as “Journeys,” “Land,” and “Sleep.” Over the years, Zener's work has been exhibited extensively in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally, including Asia, Australia, and Europe. He has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including artist residencies and fellowships. Zener's work has been featured and reviewed in numerous art magazines and publications, cementing his reputation as a leading contemporary artist.


Commissioned artwork is a personalized and collaborative process between the artist and the client, typically for private residential collections or public spaces. This approach allows for the creation of unique, site-specific installations that can be tailored to fit the client's specific needs and tastes. Eric Zener has extensive experience in creating commissioned works for both hospitality and residential settings. He offers a range of options for collaboration, including original oil paintings and limited edition reproductions on a variety of mediums. Zener has also worked with various brands to create custom pieces that align with their branding and style. These commissioned works provide a unique and personalized approach to art- making, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that enhance the beauty and aesthetic of any space.

SITE SPECIFIC, RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, HOSPITALITY, SPECIAL EVENTS For more detailed information on past engagements and options available email

Commercial Engagements


Eric Zener has established a successful collaboration with interior designers for commercial projects throughout his career. The integration between designers and the art has led to commissioned large-scale oil paintings for hotel lobbies, hand-painted guitars, and even customized key cards. Zener's approach is to ensure that the art becomes specialized for the space and environment in which it is displayed. He strongly believes the power of collaboration between artist and designer, as it yields a more unique outcome when integrating art solutions with the environmental aspect of the design. Zener's ability to collaborate and create customized pieces of art for specific spaces is what sets him apart and makes his work a desirable addition to any hotel design project.


Client: Marriott Autograph Collection Location: Manhattan Beach, CA, United States Completion date: 2018 Architect: Houston Tyner Interior Designer: EDG Interior Design & Branding Art Coordinator: Julie Coyle

The Marriott Westdrift, located in Los Angeles, underwent a major renovation project to upgrade its interior design and create a more inviting and luxurious atmosphere for guests. As part of this renovation, EDG Interior Design & Branding worked closely with Eric Zener to “help achieve the ‘Endless California Summer’ concept with custom art pieces of swimmers throughout the property.” Zener's contribution to the project involved creating a series of paintings that were strategically placed throughout the hotel's common areas, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.


"The approach to this project was to bring the feel of SoCal vibes into the light and airy energy of The Westdrift. From the large murals in the lobby, in- room prints, original oils, and key cards, the water themed imagery carried a refreshing feeling through the entire property." Eric Zener


Client: Hotel Stratford Location: San Francisco, CA Completion date: 2021

Developer: Frame Ventures Interior Designer: MPADA Developer/Owner of Hotel Stratford: Chris Lehman

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square, the eight-story boutique hotel was redesigned and renovated in 2021 to modernize its interior design and provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The hotel worked with several artists to bring the focus of relaxation and rejuvenation to life. Eric Zener worked closely with interior designer MPADA to elevate the guest experience with floor to ceiling prints in the lobby and prints customized to the guest rooms. His works feature a variety of calming and peaceful natural scenes, adding a calming touch with aquatic-inspired paintings, to complement the hotel's overall design goal.


Client: Le'Meridian Hotel Location: Arlington, VA

Le'Meridian Hotel in Arlington, VA, commissioned a custom piece from Zener to be displayed in their lobby bar. The artwork, which was specifically designed for the space, features a stunning journeyscape scene that adds to the hotel's modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Eric Zener's piece has become a standout feature of the Le'Meridian Hotel, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to this already stunning location.

"When concepting this large oil, I thought about how the weary traveler or business person after a long day may feel. Sitting at the bar, reflecting on the day, and perhaps the day ahead. Perched out on the metaphorical tightrope, you must keep balanced and keep moving." Eric Zener


Client: Double Tree by Hilton Location: Atlanta, GA

In 1999, the DoubleTree Hilton in Atlanta underwent a major renovation that included a complete makeover of the lobby and front desk areas, as well as the addition of a new meeting space on the ground floor. As part of the redesign, the hotel chose to prominently feature a custom mural by Eric Zener. The mural serves as the focal point of the new meeting space, which has become a popular destination for events and conferences. The redesign received rave reviews from guests, who appreciate the updated and modernized look of the hotel. "Originally a project with the Wyndham, the concept for the Italian restaurant was to create a social marketplace full of rich color and community, reflective of rustic Italian old world charm." Eric Zener


The W Hotel, Times Square, NYC Oil Painting


Client: The Quin Hotel Location: New York City Completion date: 2015 Designer: DK Johnson Projects Project: Quin Arts by D'Angelico Guitars Director: Darren Johnston

The Quin Hotel has a long history of hosting world-renowned artists and musicians. To continue this tradition, Quin Arts curator DK Johnston curated a group show that combined art and music with a unique twist. The show featured 14 exquisitely crafted D’Angelico Guitars, each reimagined by a different artist. Among the artists featured in the show was Eric Zener, who also served as artist-in-residence at the Quin. Zener's contribution to the group show was a guitar that drew inspiration from his series of water paintings. Zener described the project as "the 'sound' of art." The D’Angelico group show at the Quin was a testament to the hotel's ongoing commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression in all its forms.


Client: SF Hearts Location: San Francisco Completion date: 2005

SF Hearts was a public art project in San Francisco that seeks to bring more love and compassion into the world. As part of this project, local artists are invited to create heart-shaped sculptures that are displayed throughout the city. Eric Zener was one of the artists selected to participate in the project, and his sculpture featured a stunning underwater scene from his signature style. The SF Hearts project served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of art and the importance of love and compassion in our lives.

Residential Engagements

RESIDENTIAL COMMISSION ENGAGEMENTS Eric Zener specializes in creating commissioned original large-scale oil paintings for private residential collections. He has a unique ability to create custom pieces that resonate with the individual tastes and aesthetic preferences of his clients. "I enjoy the collaborative aspect of personalized commissioned painting. Getting to know the people who will likely live with my work for a long time has a creative intimacy that generally doesn't happen when work is sold through a gallery or at a show. Often it is very personal with portrait-based photoshoots or site-specific installations for spaces that call for a unique size or composition. Usually the work is inspired by prior paintings or series." Eric Zener The process begins with a consultation where Zener meets with the client to discuss their vision for the space and their preferences for the artwork. Zener then creates proposals based on this consultation and works closely with the client to refine the design until it meets their expectations. Eric Zener's residential commissions offer clients the opportunity to collaborate with Zener to create personalized works of art that adds beauty, emotion, and inspiration to their living spaces.

In this commission engagement example ,

the client drew inspiration from an original painting by Eric Zener and requested a recreation of the piece, with the addition of a man flipping into the pool.

In order to create the desired look & feel of the commissioned painting, Eric Zener & the client will work closely to finalize a mock-up. This partnership continues throughout the process.

Completed Installation

RESIDENTIAL COMMISSION ENGAGEMENT "This 14-foot oil painting was specifically crafted for an incredible space that is only a few feet away from the mesmerizing Malibu shoreline. The wall in this room is uniquely designed and rises through the second story, thus seamlessly blending the water surface with the top story, while the underwater section merges with the bottom story. The clients, who spend most of their time in the Virgin Islands, desired hints of the island to be incorporated into the artwork, which can be seen in the distant background. Additionally, the figure in the painting is suggestively depicted as the collector, giving a personal touch to the artwork." Eric Zener

RESIDENTIAL COMMISSION ENGAGEMENT "To connect the split walls and work naturally with the vertical column-like orientation, I aimed to create a piece that would bring the whole wall and room to life. The figure in the painting was positioned to give the impression of swimming in a circle, adding a sense of movement and energy to the space." Eric Zener

in the Details


Eric Zener's work ranges beyond his well-known oil paintings depicting water scenes. Throughout his career he has created a variety of series, both individually and in collaboration with other artists. These series include, but are not limited to: sleep, treescapes, color composition, water slides, film art, resin, and sculptures.


For the last 30 years, Eric Zener's work has been represented primarily in New York City, along with other international and U.S. cities. The partnership between Zener and the galleries have a rich history of solo exhibitions and group shows.


This CV and press kit serve as a comprehensive overview of Zener's career, providing a detailed record of his exhibitions, awards, and publications. Through this history, readers will gain insight into Zener's artistic process, as well as his passion for exploring our relationship with nature and the transformative power of water.

Link to Eric Zener CV


Eric Zener's work brings a sense of movement, energy, and personal touch to both residential and commercial projects. His collaborative approach allows him to create personalized commissions that are inspired by prior paintings, series, or the space and people themselves. The end result is a unique and exquisite work of art that not only connects with the space but also with the people who will experience it. Zener's art captures the essence of the moment and transports the viewer to a world of beauty and wonder.

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