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BUCKINGHAM MANUFACTURING SUPERSAVER TM FRICTION SAVER AND ANCHOR SYSTEM The SuperSaver™ (64-6) is a pat- ent-pending, double-hole friction saver and canopy-anchor system developed in conjunction with Jamie Chambrelli and the team at ArborMaster® Out- fitters. This product provides all the standard adjustable friction-saver func- tions and includes the use of both an SRT (Single-Line/Non-Moving Rope System) and a DRT (Double Rope/Mov- ing Rope System) on the same anchor at the same time. The SuperSaver can be used as a multi-leg system for spi- der legging, numerous SRS anchoring methods, choking spar set up, a dedi- cated rescue line when using multi- rope setup and more. The 64-6 offers a double-hole friction-ring hardware with FL Prusik end included. It is for person- al use only—not for towing, hoisting or rigging—and meets ASTM standards.


AirSpade Division of Guardair, a manu- facturer of air-powered excavation tools and accessories for arborists and utili- ties, announced its latest product line additions, the Airspade 5000 Arbor Se- ries. Featuring an in-line style handle, the AirSpade 5000 Arbor Series are de- signed with ergonomic handles for air ex- cavation applications where gripping the tool in the vertical position is preferred. Harnessing the power of compressed air, the AirSpade 5000 Arbor Series incorpo- rates the high-performance, proprietary AirSpade Supersonic Nozzle, capable of generating a laser-like air jet moving at twice the speed of sound for faster, more effective digging. AirSpade 5000 Arbor Series tools are engineered for arbor and landscape applications, featuring interchangeable, lightweight fiberglass barrels with an adjustable dirt shield to deflect soil and debris.


Groundwork debuted a video-based sales-system soware for tree care companies that has been heavily uti- lized in the hardscape/landscape in- dustry. Groundwork makes it easy for tree care companies to vet clients, getting project video walk-throughs from property owners to see the prop- erty and surrounding area ahead of an in-person appointment. Unlike gather- ing still photos, Groundwork’s use of video gives contractors a clearer pic- ture of site conditions, access and po- tential equipment requirements. The system is simple and convenient for the property owner and is compatible with any mobile device with a camera. While a consultation may still be nec- essary, Groundwork allows contractors to quickly collect critical information in a way that matches other buying mo- tions their clients experience in their everyday lives.

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