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Editor’s Note Happy New Year readers,

I’m looking forward to the possibilities that 2023 holds. The number 23 happens to be a favorite of mine. I like that it’s prime, only divisible by one and itself. I oen spot 23 when I’m not looking for it, and it feels like a sign, although I hesitate to say it’s “lucky” because I don’t believe in luck. I believe in con- scious, hard work and preparation, and this connects to a small theme winding its way through this issue of ArborTIMES : maximizing down time to get ahead. The new year always feels like a fresh start and the chance to look at things with a fresh perspective. Admittedly, fresh starts can happen any time of year, but there’s something to be said about the calendar flipping from December 31, 2022 to January 1, 2023 to give us that “reset” feeling. Researchers have identified the gap between current behavior and desired behavior as the “fresh start effect,” which creates the opportunity to rethink how you approach things, and is oen tied to dates. There’s generally a quiet space at the end of the year that trails into the next as a result of holidays, shis in weather and just plain needing a break. This quieter time of year is perfect to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, where you may have faltered, and build goals to grow from those experiences. Some of those goals can have actionable steps early in the year, before busy season takes over, whether that’s checking in with your crew on their CEUs or completing an annual insurance audit. Your goal doesn’t have to be a resolution with an end date—resolutions tend to be rigid and unforgiving. Aer all, unexpected things pop up all of the time, and we have to flex and even change paths to keep moving forward. This applies to tree work and life. Our goal is to be a resource you make time for when we show up in your inbox. ArborTIMES is here to deliver relevant and timely tree care business, safety and equipment news. With positive reception to our first issue in Fall 2022, we’re back with more content in this issue and anticipate even more growth throughout 2023. Thank you for joining us in this digital space. Please share these stories, send feed- back and interact with us on social media. We’ve made the social icons below click- able so it’s easy for you to connect with us.

On our cover: Chippers reduce cut and drag time, which in turn helps you make more money. Photo courtesy of Morbark. ISSUE 2, WINTER 2023

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