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Improper maintenance can lead to poor saw performance and even shorten the life span of the tool. This results in reduced efficiency and costs the com- pany more for equipment repairs and replacement. 3. EQUIPMENT OPERATOR DEVELOPMENT Bucket trucks, compact lis, chippers, stump grinders and cranes can be used in poor-weather conditions to help with operator development. This tactic elimi- nates the stress from training at the job site, allowing experienced operators to focus on teaching new operators how to correctly inspect, set up, use and store large equipment. Operator development training should also cover how to properly store equip- ment for transport. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s car- go-securement rules are available to guide those conversations.

While you plan for operator development, you can also plan for large-equipment maintenance, and this could be as simple as changing the fluids per manufacturer recommendations or just sharpening blades and stump grinder teeth.

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