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of all food produced is lost or wasted from farm to fork according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (F.A.O.) 1/3

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) is a shelf life extension technique for food, which is achieved by replacing the oxygen with a protective gas mix within a sealed pack. The removal of oxygen inhibits the growth of microbes and slows down the process of food spoilage. This in conjunction with lowering the storage temperature and maximising the levels of hygiene during production and packing, the product will stay fresh for significantly longer. The ColMAP™ range of board packaging comprises of sandwich packs trays and boxes. These are manufactured from recyclable board laminated with a high barrier, multi-layer film, suitable for food grade gases.

In the UK we waste

Every year a third of the world’s food is wasted. It adds up to around

of food in a year MILLION 10 TONNES over


Whilst one in nine people remain malnourished, land equal to the size of China is used to grow food that is lost or thrown away.

Sources: WRAP, Champions 12.3 report and The Food Rush

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