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Working across the world with different recycling and waste regimes, we know that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the challenge of maintaining our environment. So once again the Colpac approach is to recognise the uniqueness of your specific situation. There are four key elements to consider:

How it is made and how it is transported 2.

• Reducing the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment - making product locally where possible. • Part of our ISO 14001 is to continually improve our environmental performance. Example initiatives: - Green Energy - all electricity we use at our site now comes from sustainable sources as we strive to reduce our emissions and save energy. - Zero Waste to Landfill - from recycling 100% of our raw materials waste in the factory, to recycling the wrappers in our office lunches, our goal is zero waste.


Rawmaterial impacts

• What raw materials go into the pack? • Are they from a sustainable source?

Our commitment to supporting the environment extends beyond our processes and products. We support the UN initiative Business for Nature , and more

• Are they made in a sustainable way, with appropriate use of energy, water and with respect for the natural environment? Most of our products are made with paperboard and we are proud to support a number of initiatives that ensure proper due diligence is performed, such as FSC ® , PEFC, and Woodland Trust. We carefully consider the sources of our materials and balance that with their capabilities, choosing the appropriate suppliers. We additionally consider their carbon footprint alongside their performance as packaging materials. We identify and work with new material innovators: from paperboard and films to board coatings. Pioneering these materials, we aid and expedite their development to offer significant performance and environmental benefits.

We are a long standing supporter and sponsor of The Wildlife Trust BCN.

recently have supported the exciting scheme UK Youth for Nature (Y4N) . These campaigns highlight the need for resilient and diverse ecosystems and put nature loss firmly on the political agenda. As a major employer in Bedfordshire, we are an active participant in community groups and seek to support local initiatives and communities.

Making products lighter and smaller and more efficient to transport, can reduce environmental impact, as well as the financial cost of moving goods around. We optimise this, working on case configurations, pallet fills and reducing transport costs. Additionally we look at product design to improve this, from light-weighting, to optimising the shape and taper of the product to increase space efficiency. These design considerations can also increase space efficiency on shelf. A good example is Stagione ® . This range has all the capabilities and capacity of a round bowl, but improves the space utilisation significantly.

By buying FSC ® certified products, you help take care of the world’s forests FSC ® CO41147 •

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