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15 YEARS AND COUNTING The History of In Motion O.C.

17332 Von Karman Ave. Suite 120 Irvine, CA 92614

October was a special time here at In Motion O.C. because we celebrated our 15-year anniversary. As we transition into November and start year 16, I find myself reflecting on just how far we’ve come. I remember all the way back to the start, when my wife and I started in a small office space in Huntington Beach. Her dad owned the space and understood our desire to build something that we were passionate about, so he made us a deal. We used that space for seven months (after which we moved to Irvine). Now, by no means was it the facility we have today, but it was manageable. The four rooms and hallway looked nothing like a place where you’d rehab yourself back to full strength, but we made do, and hey, the price was right. At this time, the idea of physical therapy wasn’t as prominent as it is today. Back then, chiropractors were commonly known, but not a lot of people knew about physical therapy. Today, however, physical therapy is flourishing. One of the major catalysts of this growth is the knowledge surrounding our industry. Most people in the early 2000s didn’t grasp just how beneficial a good therapist was or how accessible our service could be. You don’t need to be referred to see a physical therapist. You can show up at our clinic at the first sign of pain. Knowledge grew, and so did we. After a few years of maintaining our focus on delivering world-class

service, our name caught on. The quaint space with the restricted front desk area in Irvine no longer sufficed for the needs of our clinic, so in 2008, we expanded. Those two words don’t frequently go together — 2008 and expansion — and that decision proved to be pivotal for us. We had a state-of-the- art facility but no idea how we were going to fill it with patients. The recession pushed us to find out how we could continue our growth, and that meant we honed in even more on our patient experience. I’d like to say it was a success, but like most businesses during this period, we faced undoubtedly trying times. When my wife and I started this journey 15 years ago, we were newlyweds eager to tackle the world in front of us. Our entire livelihood is wrapped up in In Motion O.C., so when the recession hit, we had some stressors. But through all the tough times, we stayed committed, knowing our faith and work ethic would pull the clinic through. Now we have four kids, and the clinic is achieving its lofty mission “to bring hope, healing, confidence and joy to others.” In fact, we will be able to bring that mission to even more people soon as we are adding even more square footage to our physical therapy side in late November. Where our clinic is now compared to 2003 is nothing short of incredible, and I’m so grateful for the remarkable team we have here. Without their commitment to our mission, I’m not sure where we would be. This Thanksgiving, I can look back on the defining moments we’ve had over the years and feel gratitude about every step we made. I hope everyone else can find the same in their lives.



– Jeff Thomas


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