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Mobile Racking is a mobile system for the intensive storage of heavy loads. With racking mounted on mobile bases, the system uses a motorized mechanism to move the bases along rails which are either integrated or set into the floor. Access to the stored material is achieved by opening only the individual aisle in which the item for handling is located.

Allows for only 1 open aisle at any time. The space saved can be used to increase pallet positions in the same warehouse.

Mobile racking is usually cost effective only in certain low throughput cold store applications where the cost of running refrigeration + cost of acquiring land is high. In most cases, it is a lot more cost effective & flexible to go with narrow aisle articulated trucks, reach trucks, or stackers in narrow aisle selective pallet racks where 100% selectivity is required. In cases where 100% selectivity not required & number of SKU's are low, can also consider a shuttle rack to improve storage density.

m o r e


Storage capacity doubled - you get twice the storage capacity compared to traditional racking.

Versatility - the Mobile Racking bases can be combined with any type of racking, even re-utilizing existing racking.

A high level of selectivity - the ability to access every part of the racking system means that material can be stored according to any type of inventory system, FIFO, LIFO etc., and accessed by multiple warehouse operators at the same time.

Extendable over time - the modular design of Mobile Racking Cargo makes it simple and easy to enlarge an existing mobile racking system by the addition of further mobile bases.

Energy savings - Mobile Racking Cargo reduces energy costs per stored unit, especially in refrigerated environments.

Computerized warehouse management - the optional management software, integration with remote control devices and barcode terminals or with the company ERP improve management of the warehouse stock and reduce errors.

Cost effectiveness - excellent capacity-to-cost ratio and maintenance costs for the mobile system.


m o r e





Special Application for Cold Rooms

The Mobile Racking is ideally suited for use in negative temperature environments (up to -40° C). The creation and management of mobile systems for cold rooms often involves very high costs both in terms of construction and the running costs required to maintain a constant temperature.

Special Application for Explosive Environments Mobile Racking can be provided with a special non-explosive version which can be used for the intensive storage of flammable material as inks, paints or solvents. The mobile system for potentially explosive environments has been designed to maintain all of the features and typical advantages of using mobile bases. In addition, however, it complies with all of the precautions with regard to electrical parts (switchboards, wiring, sensors, sirens, keypads and motor) in order to prevent any possible problems which could cause a fire an explosion.


Static racking system

Storage capacity doubled in the same available space

Footprint halved keeping the same storage capacity

ELEMENTS OF THE SYSTEM The Mobile Racking system consists of 4 main elements: the rails, the mobile bases, the racking and the electrical system. The mobile bases, rails and electrics are at the technological core of this system and can be supplied separately from the racking or even adapted to any existing racking.

Wheel Diameter Ø196 mm Wheel width 57 mm Speed of Chassis: 0.06-0.12 mm/sec



Each system requires the installation of runner rails and guide rails to allow the movement of the mobile racking.

Runner rails: Aid the smooth running of the mobile base wheels. Due to their simple function as a sliding surface, they are made from flat steel profiles.

Typical Runner Rails

Guide rails: Mounted on the outside edges of each mobile base, they ensure that the whole base remains properly aligned while being moved. They are made from Burback-style profile, similar to the shape of railway rails, for the MS, ML and MR versions, while the LB model has a single, central groove.

Typical Runner Rails

MOBILE BASES The Handling System is made up of: Main control panel with push button panel, located on the front of the mobile system.

Opto electronic limit switch, positioned on each mobile base to restrict movement.

Photoelectric protective sensors, along both of the long sides of the frame of each mobile base which immediately halt the system in case of obstacles detected in the access aisle.

Any additional control keypads on the rear of the mobile system.

The main control panel is the electrical switchboard which provides electrical power to the individual mobile bases and is located on the front of each base, both in cold room and normal temperature environments. It includes: Auxiliary control equipment for the base to which it is attached.

A digital inverter which manages and checks movement. It ensures the racking starts and stops gradually, to avoid any sudden, dangerous jerks caused by heavy loads.

A keypad to control movement, located on the front of each racking unit.

An emergency push button positioned on the front of the mobile racking and capable of immediately halting movement in case of emergency.

A flashing warning light to signal movement, located in a very visible position on the front of each mobile racking unit.

The racking system is moved by sliding the mobile bases, which are constructed according to the dimensions and weight of the load units. Each mobile base is fitted with a series of electrical components which are needed for the operation of the base itself, both individually and in sequential logic with the other mobile bases in the system.

Mobile Bases

Mobile Bases around the pillars


Every mobile system comes supplied with one static, single faced racking unit and additional double faced mobile racking units. It is also possible to re-use existing racking and convert static racking into mobile systems.

Mobile Bases with Pallet Racking

Mobile Bases with Cantilever Racking

Storage of Stackable Bins

Storage of Sheet Metal

Storage of Metal Containers

Storage of Euro Pallet Boxes


The drive and control system for the mobile storage system is made up of: A Main Electrical Switchboard to provide power to the system. Radio controlled switchboards, where necessary, if handling has to be carried out from the rear of the mobile storage system; A main on-off switch for cold rooms (exclusively for use in cold room environments);

Main Electrical Switchboard

Peripheral Switchboard


LUX System (Optional) The Lux system aids energy saving thanks to its ability to switch on light automatically only in the aisle being used, keeping the remaining aisles switched off. In case of emergency, all of the lights of the aisles will switch on automatically.

Relax System (Optional) The Relax system places the racking at equidistant intervals simultaneously, when the system is not in use. Each aisle is a fraction of the whole corridor, whose width does not allow the access by means of material handling devices. This mode is highly recommended in cold rooms for a better air circulation when the system is not in use, or in rooms equipped with fire systems in order to facilitate water distribution in case of fire.

Picking System (Optional) The Picking system enables to program the simultaneous opening of two or more aisles, by allowing picking operations in different aisles at the same time. Each aisle is a fraction of the whole corridor. This mode enables the manual picking of items from different aisles at the same time.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Photocell Barriers along the entry side of each aisle detect & count operators entering the aisles. Sensors stop all movement of the motorized rack when an operator is inside the system. The rack will only move after the person has exited the aisle & pressed the confirmation button located on the outside upright in the corridor. The photocell barrier counts the number of people exiting, tally’s this with the entry count, and only power the

motor after confirming everyone has exited the system Acoustic and visual signals are used to highlight movement.

Sensor mounted at the 2 ends of the longest side of the mobile base detect any objects fallen off the pallets. The mobile base stops to prevent damage to the fallen object &/or the mechanism. Special inverters ensure the stop is smooth & not sudden to prevent, jerks & further objects from falling. Similarly, if the operator enters with a fork lift, the confirmation button is on the remote control.

Safety Light Curtain

Photoelectric sensors

Illuminated Emergency Button

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