Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal — Green Buildings — September 27 - October 10, 2013 — 19B


Upgrade your facility to a highproductivity, lowenergy using showpiece - for FREE!

Monthly cost is LESS than what you are currently paying for your existing lighting!

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ZERO Up-Front cost and very impressive rate of returns- 30% to 400% annually! Quick paybacks (4 months - 3 years) Our LED lighting is the best in quality, energy efficiency, and longevity - Up to 10 years warranty and100,000 hours rated life Our SunTracker Active Skylight brings in daylight all day long to save energy and dramatically improve productivity, safety, and accuracy Energy Savings Share Program - use your energy and maintenance savings to pay the note, and keep the rest! Keep the rebate and the money you save on your taxes



All of our technologies offer 70% or more in energy savings and 50-90% in maintenance savings

For more information, please give David Ward a call at 908-240-7484 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation of your facility.

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