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By Scott Dare, Dare Living Associates Third Party Providers - Don’t be fooled


any clients today think they are get- ting the best ser-

client with the lowest price. This is having a downward effect on quality of service

clients. Would you accept a pro- posal from a contractor

showed many parking lot sweeping firms will not bid any Third party work due to poor specifications, unreli- able payment terms and high turnover of the Third party providers with retailers and owner. Simple Questions to ask: Parking Lot Sweeping – Do they own their own trucks? Ask for proof of truck reg- istration of each of their sweeper trucks and pictures of their facilities where the trucks are serviced. Parking Lot Sweeping and Exterior Landscape – Ask in

the bid the measurements of the parking lot, turf areas, mulch, sidewalks, trash re- ceptacles, basins and fields. Are the cleaning the entire area? Parking Lot Sweeping – What type of trucks do they use and how do you they ser- vice them? Who is inspecting the work? Parking Lot Sweeping – How much time will they spend on site? Spending only 15 minutes when a site needs 30 minutes is huge. Missed sidewalks, curb lines and turf areas are hazards. Many highly qualified parking lot sweeping profes- sionals are being forced out of business because many Third parties firm simply can’t pay their invoices or pay their vendors 90 days out for services rendered. 1. Slip and fall liabilities are driven up 2. Quality drop significant- ly – Sidewalks not blown off, Corners not blown out, Rear areas a mess, loose debris blowing around 3. Customers shop at the cleaner center down the street (Curb appeal) The bottom line is every- one losses. The owners, re- tailers, Third party provid- ers, parking lot sweeping company and the shopping customers. At Dare Living Associ- ates we know that before a customer comes through your door, you’ve already made an impression. The fact is, the condition of your parking lot says a lot about your brand. All of our clients take pride in their well-main- tained and easy to navigate parking lots. They know that their parking lot represents a direct reflection on their company; and their custom- ers notice! Dare Living Associates specializes in complete park- ing lot sweeping for commer- cial properties. Our services include emptying trash con- tainers and cleaning of store front areas. Never underes- timate the power of clean parking lots. Your customers will appreciate having a safe and tidy place to park. Scott Dare is VP of sales and marketing for Dare Living Associates. n

vice for the best price. Over the

The fact is, the condition of your parking lot says a lot about your brand.

l a s t f o u r years many retailers and owners are finding out that a many compani es offering CAM services

who never looked at your site? That is exactly what is hap- pening today to retailers and shopping center owners. Our company receives over 50 invitations from companies around the country to bid on CAM services the we have a current relationship with an owner. A recent study

and liability issues. How can a company pro- vide a cost for parking lot sweeping that never spent a minute at the your site? A qualified parking lot sweep- ing company will do their homework. Measure the pavement, sidewalks and count trash receptacles for an accurate estimate to the

Scott Dare

(Parking Lot Sweeping, Exterior and Interior Land- scaping, Snow Services,) do not own one piece of equip- ment but simply solicit the

What type of parking lot sweeping service do you have?

One that spends just the amount of time you can afford? or One that stays until the job is done?

Propane Fueled – Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly Only One Engine - Less Noise GPS IVR Based Web Portal - See Our Trucks Working at Night via Google Maps Start Time & Finished Time at Site Reduced Slip and Falls & Improved Curb Appeal Dare’s Speedy Service

What’s good about dirty sidewalks, dirty curbs & loose trash? Nothing! - Doug & Scott Dare

Ask for a free quote today sdare@dareliving.com or call 1-800-694-1199 & ask for Scott dareliving.com

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