Watchbird January 2022

Because I like to trace my own photos and drawings on my computer, I find the Silhouette software better for me. If I wanted to run software off my phone, and download mostly ready - to - cut designs, the Cricut brand software would be better for me. To keep it safe for the birds, I do not use glitter paper, glow in the dark paper, holographic paper, or sticker paper. I use colored cardstock that I buy in packs of 100 12x12 inch sheets. Some of the paper toys I make and use I have online for others to download and use, including nature shapes, a 3D gyroscope sculpture, tessellating shapes, and the design in this article.

After tearing a stretchy paper ring chain from the ceiling, this rose - breasted cockatoo car- ried the chains around until there was nothing but confetti left. Design for stretchy pa- per rings with built in hooks lets the paper rings attach to each other and o colorful flower charm.

Design for paper ring chain

A foraging box design which is folded Into pasta puzzles

When I am making a lot of paper toys for breeding bird collec- tions of weaning babies, I cut shapes that “ tesselate ”, meaning they fit together perfectly so less paper is wasted when cutting the toys. Some people make tessellations as a hobby. I can search online, then trace the images they share. A tessellation can create 30 - 80 hanging bird toys from a single sheet of card- stock. If I add a hanging hook, then the toy can be hung from the caging. If I buy cardstock on sale, then each hanging shred- der costs me about 0.008 cents worth of paper!

AFA Watchbird 11

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