Watchbird January 2022

If you are interested in finding out how YOUR elected representatives voted on animal related issues, you can use the Legislative Scorecard. This is from the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) overseen by HSUS (the animal rights organization). HIGH scores are for those who vote for, sponsor, co - sponsor and support animal RIGHTS (not welfare) legislation put forth by those who would end animal ownership. Legislation in progress at this time that may affect us include the following: HR 48 THE AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND SPECIES PROTECTION ACT: THIS ONE WE WANT TO MOVE ON AND PASS – PLEASE ASK YOUR LEGISLATORS TO MOVE THIS OUT OF COMMITTEE AND SUPPORT/ PASS. Right now, it sits in the House Natural Resources Committee - alert - h - r - 2603/ “ HR48 “ American Sovereignty and Species Protection Act ” UPDATE from 1/5/21: U.S. Representative Biggs (Arizona) has introduced HR48. This is an act to amend the Endangered Species Act to prevent a species that is not native to the United States from being listed as an endangered species or a threatened species, to prohibit certain types of financial assistance, and for other purposes. HR48 amends the Endangered Species Act by adding this text: “( D) NOT NATIVE SPECIES. The Secre- tary may not determine that a species is an endangered species or a threatened species pursuant to section 4 if such species is not native to the United States. ” HR 48 has been assigned to the Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife under the House Committee on Natural Resources. Read HR48 at - congress/house - bill/48/text. and the SAVES Act as HR930 and S276 UPDATE 2/9/21: The SAVES Act (see details below) has been re - introduced this session in both the Senate and House. S276 and HR930 would amend the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to prohibit the listing of living nonnative species as threatened or endangered species. S276 was introduced by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. HR930 was introduced by Texas Representative Louie Gohmert. We will have more details soon. You can read the bill a– 117 th%20Congress%20with20Paul.pdf.

HR 263: The Big Cat Safety and Protection Act - OPPOSE - congress/house - bill/263/text

This bill does nothing to protect big cats or the public; they will be taken from their current owners and put into facilities governed by HSUS (GFAS, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries). When was the last time you heard about a private owner being injured or killed by a big cat? Hmmm … It has happened in zoos and substandard facilities with poorly designed (or no) lockout systems. Also note this is an HSUS spon- sored bill. Animal rights, not animal welfare. Proposed federal ban on non - native species – petition to USFWS and CDC. This is a much newer version of a series of older proposed bans on non - native species. All of those did fail, but this one is much more dangerous as they are using COVID (fear factor) as the basis for “ zoonotic dis- ease ”. This one SPECIFICALLY mentions birds. It is only a petition as of now, but that may change. One to keep an eye on. We do NOT want this to proceed. - releases/federal - ban - sought - to - end - dangerous - trade - in - live - wild - birds - mammals - 2021 - 08 - 03/ In Florida: Updates from USARK (US Association of Reptile Keepers). They are an AWESOME organiza- tion. This proposed bill would prohibit many commonly kept species from being imported to the state. - lacey/ There may be more updates on the, and/or on the website as needed. We need YOUR help to protect aviculture and the birds we love.

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