Watchbird January 2022

Figure 9 Permanent disfig- urement of the upper beak on an amazon parrot after a severe beak infection

Happy Retirement, Frosty! Frosty, the Sulphur - crested Cockatoo, has seen a lot in his almost 86 years. Hatched June 3, 1936, he was trained in Folsom State Prison in California as part of an inmate rehabilitation program. When the program ended, Frosty moved to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens in Florida in 1972. Even before his time in Sarasota, Frosty was quite the celebrity. During the 1960s, he frequently made appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, sharing the stage with the likes of Sammy Davis, Jr., Charlton Heston and other celebrities.

During his entertaining days, Frosty could be seen riding his tiny unicy- cle along a tightrope with another bird suspended on the trapeze below or navigating around in his little scooter. Recently retired from his entertaining duties at the Jungle Gardens, Frosty still enjoys dancing and aerobic exercises with his trainers. Pictures and story courtesy of Sarasota Jungle Gardens

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