Campus Commons Physical Therapy September 2018



When I was presented with the opportunity to carry on the legacy of Campus Commons PT, I was both honored and conflicted. I started with this practice right out of physical therapy school in 1997, and I loved every minute of working here. During the 8 1/2 years I initially spent here, my priorities shifted. I got married and had kids, and it became clear that taking a job closer to home was best for my family. It was a challenge, but I’ve never regretted the decision. Several years later, I was sitting at home on my computer one night when the original owner of Campus Commons reached out to me via email. After running the company for 40 years, he wanted to retire and asked if I was interested in taking over the practice. We had the same approach to treating patients: Make a meaningful connection and know each patient as a person, not a problem. The similarities didn’t stop there. We both wanted the practice to be relationship-centered and provide a sense of security — when our patients get injured, they need to know that we’re here for them. Committing wasn’t easy. I had three kids at the time, and making a decision that big on behalf of my family was a lot of pressure. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. My wife and I knew we would be taking a chance on ourselves by stepping outside our nine-to-five lifestyle and becoming 24/7 business owners. We sat

“IT’S CRUCIAL TO HAVE GIVE-AND- TAKEWITH PATIENTS BECAUSE A ONE- SIDED RELATIONSHIP ALWAYS ENDS UP OUTSIDE THEWIN COLUMN.” The way my wife and I sat down together as a team to find the best way to approach this issue is similar to the way our team collaborates with our patients. We take the full hour to get to know not just your injury, but who you are as a person as well. I’m constantly sharing stories with the patients I treat about what’s going on in my life to encourage them to open up about themselves in return. It’s crucial to have give- and-take with patients because a one-sided relationship always ends up outside the win column. I know that mutual connection makes a difference in my life. I’ve had the same dentist for 30 years, and I completely trust him with my dental needs. He has always been there when I had problems with my teeth, and he also genuinely has my best interests at heart. I want to be that dentist to my patients who have problems with their bodies. down as a team and discussed every possible scenario for days. In the end, taking over this practice was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up, and we’ve been thankful for the opportunity ever since.

Work isn’t my entire life. It’s important to me that I’m present for my children as they grow and experience challenges. I coach my son’s Little League and flag football teams, and spending time with my family is the most important part of my life. When I’m not spending time with my wife and kids, I love coaching high school football. Empowering patients gets my blood pumping and helps me take that same inspiration to the football field to make kids better. Our practice has grown, and that’s because of the passion of our amazing therapists and staff. We’ve been serving the Sacramento area for 44 years, and with the hard work of the wonderful people who make up this practice, we’ll be in business for many more years to come. That’s a promise I’m excited to make, and I can’t wait to demonstrate our commitment to it every day.

–Mark Eddy

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