The 2016 de Boulle Magazine



he unique qualities of gemstones help dictate not only from where to draw inspiration, but also how to best show the “living” nature of each piece of jewelry. Karen is naturally drawn to the most unusual and colorful gemstones. One of her favorites is turquoise. “Turquoise can be worn casual and it looks chic, but you can also dress it up and wear it to a ball. It’s what I like to call ‘casual luxury.’” The Boulles search the world for the best gem- stones for the de Boulle Collection. Sleeping Beau- ty Turquoise is revered and highly sought after due to its pure sky blue color which shows very little to webbing or matrix. Even in rough form, the stones are vibrant and bright and saturated. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise could be found in the

southwestern part of the United States inArizona. The stone received its name from the mountain where it was mined- since it resembles a sleeping woman laying on her back with arms her crossed. In 2012, the Sleeping Beauty mine was exhausted. After searching for years, Karen was fortunate to locate a large piece of rough fromone of her recent travels. She will never be able to find a piece like this again. Karen fell in love with the rough. She immediately went to work on designs. Likewise, she spent hours deciding on the shapes to make the most beautiful jewelry be it rings to necklaces. “We cater to a particular clientele that is seek- ing exclusivity. Our discerning customers want something unique, and we want to provide them the best quality and innovative designs.”


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