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February 2020

A Valentine’s Proposal And a Younger Brother’s Broken Heart

June 1997. We’re looking forward to our 23-year anniversary coming up this summer.

exes, but I ended up hanging out with him the very first time we met. I’m pleased to say we got along really well, and her whole family liked me. My family also took an immediate liking to KariAnn; they absolutely loved her. It was only a matter of time afterward that we got engaged. I’d planned to propose to her on Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to receive her father’s blessing before I did. So, we planned a trip to drive to Colorado, where she was born, so I could ask her dad in person. There were two parts of this trip that I remember vividly. KariAnn wouldn’t let us leave for the trip until I showed her I was bringing the ring. She wanted to make sure that I could give it to her so she could show her family — she didn’t want to wait until we got back. The second part was that when I proposed, everyone was excited for us except for her little brother. He was around 8 at the time, and it broke his heart. He thought that it meant he’d never get to see his big sister again, but when we told him this only meant he was getting a new big brother, he got very excited. We married in

I’ve always said that my wife, KariAnn, and I are the stereotypical couple that met at BYU. I had just started law school, and she was in her junior year in elementary education. When we first met, I was her home teacher. It wasn’t long afterward that we started dating, and we’ve been together ever since. One of the aspects of our relationship that was so great was how natural it felt. We both enjoyed spending time together, and we liked a lot of the same activities. It was easy to head out with a group of friends, meet up, and spend the whole time just talking. In fact, that was how our first date played out. Our first date was a hayride and dance for a church activity. Shortly after that, KariAnn brought me brownies one day, and she completely won me over. I hadn’t expected it at all, but she did it just to help me through. I also met her family very quickly, which was something she’d been nervous about. In the past, her father hadn’t gotten along with her

Ever since we got engaged, Valentine’s Day has been special to us. We always try to go out and do something every year; we’ve even taken a trip to Vegas to spend a couple days there. We’re only a couple hours outside of Las Vegas, and it’s a quick and fun getaway for us to drive down there and catch one of the fantastic concerts.

“KariAnn wouldn’t let us leave for the trip until I showed her I was bringing the ring.”

I now have four more valentines: my amazing and beautiful daughters. It is fun to try and spoil them a little bit along with their mother. With the kids, our schedules are a little tighter, and we don’t do too much nowadays. We’ve spent the past several Valentine’s Days spoiling our girls. But we still try to make sure we have time for just the two of us. We do our best to have a weekly date night to get out of the house. One of our favorite places to go is a bookstore, as we both love to read. Very often, we’ll go out for dinner, and our next stop is the bookstore to browse all the books. We usually leave with two or three new books! This month, we don’t have any concrete plans for Valentine’s Day. We’re just looking forward to spending another wonderful day together with our daughters and each other.

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