2019 Spring Compliance Seminar Agenda

Ryan Ziegler

Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. Reliability Compliance Specialist

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Ryan Ziegler is a Reliability Compliance Specialist at Associated Eclectic Cooperative, Inc. (AECI), providing compliance guidance, risk management, training, and compliance program management and oversight for AECI and its member G&Ts. He received his Bachelor in Physics from Drury University and is currently a NERC certified Reliability Operator. He has completed NERC auditor training and participated as an ISME on a SERC audit. He is a member of the North America Transmission Forum (NATF) and participates in the Compliance Practice Group (CPG), the CPG Metrics Team, and has participated in peer review teams. Ryan's industry background and experience includes having worked as a power plant mechanic and then as a power plant generator/ turbine operator along with being a NERC Certified System Operator which has provided a basis for understanding the fundamentals of successful utility governance, processes, procedures, and tools that are used to reliably and securely operate the BES. Ryan has a background in both O&P and CIP Reliability Standards. Ryan's diverse set of training and experiences have led to an understanding of how to sustain compliance culture, proper training, and evidence retention/organization by using a systematic approach for managing compliance risk while implementing effective controls that ensure reliable and secure operations.

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