Herzlia Highlights - March 2020

Thinking Out of The Box at HERZLIA "Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht,, is an old Yiddish adage meaning, "Man Plans , and God Laughs/, Despite our most careful planning, the Road of Life is unpredictable. One can always rely on a Yiddush saying to remind us of our vulnerability. Covid-19 has thrown us a curveball and we have had to go back to the drawing board, rethink our strategy and start thinking out of the box. Once we had made the decision to close our schools it was back to work for our staff. Teachers and support staff rolled up their sleeves and got down to work. I have never been so proud to be a Herzlian. Our Principals and teachers have developed and created online teaching and learning across all phases of education that have been embraced by our pupils. So many parents have sent in messages and pictures expressing their joy and amazement at how their children have settled down to work online. On Thursday last week when we were faced with the first case of Covid-19 within our schools I could never have imagined how quickly our staff could have online learning up and running. There are so many people to thank for this. Our dedicated and passionate Principals, our amazingly talented teachers, our incredibly resourceful IT team, our support staff in admin who are keeping the school business running smoothly and our cleaners, groundsmen and security staff manning our gates and ensuring a safe and secure school, services team who are using the opportunity to deep clean our schools and fix what is broken. All of these people need to be commended for the dedication they have for Herzlia. We are also privileged to have lay leaders whose passion for our schools have no bounds and who have supported us in all the decisions we have had to take over the past few days. At this point, I would like to welcome our new Executive Director, Mr Andries van Renssen whose feet have hardly had a chance to touch the ground before flying into the eye of the storm. We wish him a very special welcome to the Herzlia family. So back to the Yiddish saying. Many of our exciting programmes and events have had to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled where possible. I know that everyone was looking forward to our annual Athletics Day, the High School Democracy Day, Culture Night and Marine Day and they are considered highlights of the term. However, despite these disappointing cancellations and postponements, we have had an action packed two months and I can't believe that we accomplished so much in such a short time. Certainly for me, the highlight of the term was the 80th Anniversary Kolhakolot Carnival. What a special day it was and what a start to our 80th celebrations. Kol Hakavod to everyone who took part in ensuring that it was such a success. Some highlights of the term have been: a visit from the Chancellor of UCT, Prof Phakeng, who addressed our Student Leadership; a visit from Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Liar Keinan, who met with some classes and spoke to the Gr7 assembly. Our water polo teams, both boys and girls, have excelled this term culminating in our I st Boys team beating Somerset College 8-4 in the Co-ed schools final. A huge mazaltov on this incredible achievement; JLL has also had a busy term and have ensured that our camps, events and activities always have a Jewish ethos and flavour; The hosting of an Interfaith Evening as well as our renowned High School One Act Play Festival, which emphasised our focus on Arts and Culture; Jewish Life and Learning events were celebrated in true Herzlia style. Unfortunately three groups of pupils who were coming on tour to Herzlia from Israel, were cancelled by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Health due to the Corona Virus scare. We will try our best to rearrange these tours when the situation improves. A huge thank you to all our staff for the great work this term and for rising to the challenges before us. We look forward to a productive and rewarding rest of the year.



' ,::

- -

GEOFF COHEN Director Education, United Herzlia Schools


"Certainly for me, the highlight of the term was the 80th Anniversary Kolhakolot Carnival. What a special day it was and what a start to our 80th celebrations. Kol Hakavod to everyone who took part in ensuring that it was such a success."


GeoffCohen addresses the crowd at the Herzlia 80th Anniversary Kolhakolot Carnival.




is doing great}. If you compare in terms of being a private school - Herzlia is very similar to others. Parents have expectations that are similar in nature to those at other private schools. What is different at Herzlia is that there are many willing to put their hands in their pockets, offer time or expertise to contribute to make things happen.

As part of Herzlia's mission to build a world class educational institution of excellence, Andries van Renssen was appointed by the Board of Governors as Executive Director for United Herzlia Schoolsand commenced work on 6 January 2020. Our schools need to prepare for the future and consider succession planning. Over and above that, education is changing rapidly and in our desire to remain a relevant worldclass Jewish Day School new opportunities and ideas that are in line with the future needs of our children, need to be introduced and embraced by everyone.

3. What did you think of the Herzlia Matric results in 2019?

This was a superb set of results across the board. Bearing in mind that we have an inclusive stream and no entrance exams. Compared to anything I have seen before, this was outstanding. It was surprising to me that this community didn't immediately realise how outstanding it was.

I. What has been the most positive impression of the school since you started?

4. Are you satisfied that Herzlia is viewed as a top academic school?

Definitely, the strong sense of community and the fact that people want to help each other succeed.

Absolutely. Before I came here I was in conversation with several people and the one thing I heard every time is that Herzlia is 'known' as a top academic school and their Matric results confirm this.

2. You have been at many schools during your career. How does Herzlia compare?

Herzlia is clearly a community school and if you want to 'compare', you need to understand what it is that you are comparing. Most schools talk about their schools as a 'family'. People become part of that 'family' because they want to and they identify with the values of that school. In Herzlia's case, the community values are not only there because people like the values and choose them, but because they are born into this community and the Herzlia values are part of who they are. That makes it extra powerful. If you compare in terms of Academic results - Herzlia definitely stands out. If you compare in terms of Sport results - Herzlia has some work to do (but water polo

5. How would you rate the facilities?

Not very impressive on the outside and I understand that there are security reasons for that. Some schools are a bit 'tired' and need improvement. I understand that about 15 years ago, the classrooms and laboratories benefitted from the 'renew-a-classroom campaign'. That being realised, I feel we need to also give our overall facilities attention. We are located in what is probably one of the most spectacular settings in the world: at the foot of Table Mountain. Would it not be great to have modern spaces where inside and outside areas are linked as extended learning spaces?



Andries van Renssen, Executive Director of United Herzlia Schools.


6. Are you excited with the high level of parent and lay leader input and how does this compare to your previous experiences? Herzlia parents and lay leaders' involvement and input are at levels similar to those at my previous schools. That is not as unique as some think. One needs to remember that for everyone, their child is their most precious possession and that each parent is passionate about what their child does, who they are with, what they are learning, and the care and attention they receive. I am excited that this community is really invested in their children. Conversely, in some schools I worked in, parents would pay the fees and expect the school to take on all the responsibility of raising the children.

9. Comment on the comparison between for­ profits and ordinary schools.

The concepts are not so different. Things cost money and there needs to be understanding and accountability. In a for-profit school, deficits cannot even be considered, but in a school like ours one needs to understand that if we are running on a deficit budget, somebody is still paying. Every idea has a price tag.

I 0. Would you like to add anything else?

Yes, our responsibility as educators and adults is to be 'enablers' for our children. We do this together as a school, home and community. We have a common goal. To achieve it we have to focus on working together and not spending energy, time and resources going off in different directions and I look forward to this collaboration. It is a privilege to be a leader of this SO-year-old institution and I foresee a long and productive tenure as part of the Herzlia family.

7. As a devout Christian, why did you choose to work at a Jewish Day School.

I am conscious and have always been about the road G-d walks with me. This has always been my guidance in deciding where I go, and I accepted this with deep thought and reflection. Herzlia's Menschlichkeit values resonated strongly for me, and I realised that there is a commonality within all faith-based schools. I see it is as a big responsibility and a challenge. I like new challenges.

"Herzlia is a clearly a community school and if you want to 'compare', you need to understand what it is that you are comparing. Most schools talk about their schools as a 'family'. People become part of that 'family' because they want to and they identify with the values of that school. In Herzlia's case, the community values are not only there because people like the values and choose them, but because they are born into this community and the Herzlia values are part of who they are. That makes it extra powerful."

8. What are the first things you are going to do/change/improve? Do you have an initial focus area? I have a reasonable amount of clarity in my mind of what needs to happen and I will feed this through to stakeholders as and when appropriate. One thing I do guarantee though, is that when there is something to be said, it will be communicated directly with the teachers, parent body and stakeholders, and not left to the grapevine.



#HERZLIA80 oeo The 80th Anniversary celebrations kicked off on Sunday I March at the Herzlia Constantia fields. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze- in otherwords perfect weather for what proved to be a wonderfu l day. What a day it was, over 2500 members of the Herzlia fami ly arrived for a day of fun, laughter and celebrations. Nik Rabinowitz was our MC for the event and had the crowd in stitches. Rabbi Cannon opened the proceedings with a short Dvar Torah on the concept of joy and celebration. When we planned our carnival last year and selected the date, little did we realise how auspicious it is to celebrate at a time when one is commanded "When the month Adar enters, increase in joy - Talmud Ta'anis." Matthew Gruzd, the UHS Chair dressed in his Herzlia blazer, thanked everyone involved in organising this wonderful event and paid tribute to David Ginsberg and Geoff Cohen acknowledging that "they have dedicated their careers to the school and helped form it." Andries van Renssen, our new Executive Director was introduced by Matthew and invited to address the crowd. Andries, also wearing a Herzlia blazer, introduced himself to the crowd and shared his excitement at being part of this magnificent celebration. "So why am I wearing this blazer today?" he said. "I wear it, because I am now also a Herzlian. And by wearing this blazer you can see that I am a Herzlian, because I wear the badge on my pocket. And when people see me somewhere and they recognise this badge, they know I am from Herzlia. I am wearing my blazer with pride today for a Herzlia that is a beacon of hope in Cape Town. When you, in a short while, sing our school song, I ask you to do so with pride and gratitude because we have so much to be grateful for and we are truly proud of our world class educational institution that produces mensches with chutzpah and seichel. And when you come to school or you are out in public in your uniform boys and girls, I ask you to show the same pride and respect, by being on time and correctly dressed." Geoff Cohen thanked everyone for organising the carnival. The birthday cake was brought out, candles were lit, Happy Birthday was sung and the fun started when Kolhakolot, all the voices erupted in song. The event was streamed live over Facebook so that our alumni all over the world could join in our celebrations. The JLL team lead the Israeli dancing, fired up the boerewors and chicken burger braai and the ruach overflowed.



People came from near and far to support the Herzlia 80th Anniversary Carnival.

Carnival Crowds -

lvor Joffe leads the Herzlia pupils and parents in song.



My School, My Blazer -

Matthew Gruzd and Andries van Renssen wear their Herzlia blazers with pride.

The birthday cake was brought out, candles were lit, Happy Birthday was sung and the fun started.


United Herzlia Schools Leadership -

Having fun on stage.

The JLL team lead the Israeli dancing, fired up the boerewors and chicken burger braai and the ruach overflowed.


"'�, ,,, ' . , ...


ia ,,,, , .,,..- . - - a

I'm the funny guy -

Nik Rabinowitz with GeoffCohen.

Thank you CSO for celebrating with us and keeping us safe.

Carnival Rides -

Holding on tight.

Carnival Fun -

Go Karting rides.


Bumper Cars -

Celebrating Eighty with a bang...or a bump.

All shapes and sizes - A real family and community event.


Team Herzlia JLL -

Martin Skudicky and Rabbi Sean Cannon flipping burgers.

Tickets please -

The carnival train was a big hit.


Herzlitit Hijh School First Terrn Hijhlijht s

One Act Play Festival -

Ruby Epstein, Adam Selikowitz, Katya Golan, Samantha Levetan, Michal Sacks, Sinomhlobo Nomkonwana,

Rachel Wahlman and Adi Ayache. This play, Friday Ferribles, won the award for Best Play.


One Act Play Festival -

Hnnah Dudley in the play 'Unloved'.

One Act Play Festival -

Kyle Radowsky, Sabrina Brivik, Hannah Dudley, Mia Briner, Lilla Fleischmann and Saskia Audinwood.


Interfaith Evening -

Held on the 13 February and attended by a Catholic Priest, an Imam and our own Rabbi Cannon.

Life Science Camp -

Getting our hands dirty.


Herzliti\ Micjcjle School Terrn 0111e Hit,klit,k t s

t;'." 1oving "str




o r;□/


"Ur'" b ":: r

O V l n q

" J r J 11

lJ t


S / � r rJ

O 0 a 1


r.: o u

r u1

he L - 1 u 1.

k r, r rv ·

' o r- / r · r u

d LI

n umber

o e x

Tanya Steyn is hands-on and always there to assist pupils in the new Innovation Centre.


head of the Innovation Centre, Mnr Vorster, oversees pupils as they test drive drones.

Excitement is evident as pupils engineer high-tech structures in the new I-Centre.


Grade 7 Klitah

Waterslide mania!


Grade 7 Klitah

Fun in the foam.



Grade 9 Student Council Camp.

Grade 9 Student Council.

Middle School Leadership -

Grade 8 Camp -

Exciting activities kept pupils engaged.

Grade 8 Camp -



Grade 8 Camp -

Pupils take a well-deserved riverside break.

Grade 8 Camp -

Swim time.


A 5tts First Terrn II\ t Hi j ltl\victs rrirntl\r�

Highlands Primary Inter-House Gala 2020.


Mitzvahs and Menschlichkeit

By Mike Ford

Inter-House Gala We are the champions, Samson swam its way to victory in the lnterhouse Gala on the 31 January. Not only winning Inter-House Cup but also the Spirit Award. Mazaltov to all our swimmers, you make Highlands Proud. Tu B'Shevat Tu BiShvat is celebrated as the Birthday of the Trees. As an opportunity to reflect on the privilege of living in such a naturally beautiful world and to emphasise the importance of trees in general, each class planted a new spekboom around our campus. Our Grade Ss also took part in a community project by planting a Tree at The Holy Cross Convent School in District Six. 2B Visit to Highlands House Our Bachur, Yedidya, and the pupils in Grade 2B surprised the Highlands House residents with a visit and some yummy treats. This was such a memorable and special experience for the pupils and residents. Buddy Launch Ourmuch anticipated Buddy launch took place on 7 February, where our Grade 6s thoroughly enjoyed meeting their adorable Grade I Buddies. They spent time bonding and getting to know one another through play. JLL Committee Hospital Visit Our JLL committee visited the Maitland Cottage Children's Orthopaedic Hospital for Rosh Chodesh Adar to spread love, laughter and happiness during this joyous month. Spending time with kids, playing games and taking their minds off their long recovery time meant so much to all. Hamantaschen Bake Our Grade 3 and 4s had so much fun at our very first Highlands Hamantaschen Bake. This event was well received by parents and pupils. Purim Celebrations This year our JLL and Hebrew Department put together a wonderful carnival themed programme to celebrate Purim. All our children came to school in fancy-dress and thoroughly enjoyed all the festivities. They decorated cake boxes, which our PTA filled with treats, and exchanged these in keeping with the tradition of Mishloach Monot (sending gifts).




JLL Committee Hospital Visit -

How are you feeling?

The Highlands PrimaryJLL committee visited the Maitland Cottage Children's Orthopaedic Hospital for Rosh Chodesh Adar to spread love, laughter and happiness during this joyous month.


Highlands House Visit -

Yedidya Darshan, Highlands House resident, Emma Sadiq, Sophia De Rosner and Levi Katz.

Highlands House Visit -

Noah Kaye sharing treats with a Highlands House resident.


Hamantaschen Bake -

Matthew Lewis and Eli Warner checking their measurements.

Hamantaschen Bake -

Mia McDonald getting stuck in.


Purim Celebrations -

Carnival Time.

Purim Celebrations -

Sophia De Rosner and Zoey Novas.

Purim Celebrations -

Clowning around with Yedidya.


Buddy Launch -

Noah Bloch, Lev Racussen and Jessica Carrol..

Buddy Launch -

Amber Lazurus, Ella Wagenheim and Milla Kaye.




Buddy Launch -

Adam Daitz and Gabriel Karabus.

Buddy Launch -

Ben Zetler and Ruben Distiller.

Buddy Launch -

Ross Novas and Joseph Lee.

Buddy Launch -

Justin Harris and Dore/ Katz.


Ethan Lees, Ethan Williamson, Kanisius Kashenye and Noah Roman celebrating together at the finish line.

Senior Trophy winners: Shevi Cole, Benji Huxham, Ethan Mayotte, Mr Smith, Maraima Da Silva and Noa Marcus.


Terrn 1 Hijhli hts ti\t Herzliti\ Covis ti\Vltiti\ Herzlia Constantia shows off their sports skills.

By Timothy D'Alton

Sunday 8 March 2020, marked the first ever Herzlia Constantia Sports Day to include both the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase races in one day. Houses gathered into the three colourful gazebos, each marked with the bold-lettered names of Maccabi, Samson and Gideon. As each house captain urged their fellow cheerers and runners to sit down, the first athletes were called to run their race. As the restless athletes ran rapidly, the next few were chosen to run their race. This pattern continued for the following few hours, each Grade from I to 6 competing to mark their name on the golden trophies. The flags dropped, the whistles blew and it seemed but moments later before it was already the short break. Students ran to greet their parents who had come to watch them run as fast as foxes, while also sneakily nagging them for money to spend at the tuckshop. The break ended, and all the children sprinted to get a seat in the front of the field. Announcements were made and children cheered for the athletes as they received their well-earned trophies. It was then that the moment came, the moment where the winner of the competition would finally be announced, and the winner was... Maccabi! Maccabi had won the 2020 Sports Day. Project Base Learning (PBL) Inspires Grade 6 Pupils The Herzlia Constantia Grade 6s conducted a PBL project to raise money from a Market Day so that they could participate in marine research as citizen scientists. The authentic audience for the project was two-fold, a Dragon's Den panel to give input on their business ideas and strategies, and the school who supported the stalls. The final outcome provided the social context for the project and involved snorkelling in the tidal pool at Miller's Point under the guidance of Cape RADD. The children were first taught the technique of snorkelling and were provided with wetsuits, flippers, snorkels and goggles. Even getting dressed in the gear proved to be a necessary skill! The novice snorkelers then swam and identified marine creatures which were recorded to help monitor species numbers for conservation purposes. The outing also included a coastal walk, a beach clean-up and discussions with local divers. By Jane Avis

"Sunday 8 March 2020, marked the first ever Herzlia Constantia Sports Day to include both the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase races in one day"


Yael Levy and Emmah Rothgiesser having fun at our Grade 6 Market Day.

Young entrepreneurs, Chloe Freislich, Caitlin Meintjies and Haddasah McDonald, selling their products at our Grade 6 Market Day.








\\ I ' l

! , � ; �


1 1 Frida Madurasinghe and Rachel Kirsch with their PBL Project.

Rebecca Lieberman and Rebecca Steinhofe/ working together on their PBL project.


fttrim �vie! ctress-tt f �t WeiZWl�VIVI frim�r �


By Morah Fish

Purim is always a highlight in the school calendar, and this year was no different! We began Adar, the month of increased joy, with children being greeted in the morning by Israeli music and a beautiful Rosh Chodesh service at the Sephardi Shul run by our Grade 6s. This set the tone for an exciting time ahead! On Purim the students dressed up as children's movie and TV characters, and our staff came dressed for the Roaring 20s in their Great Gatsby gear. Everyone listened to a wonderful Megillah reading by Rabbi Benchlouch to begin the day. The teachers all ran various Purim themed stations, ranging from obstacle courses to quizzes, after the festivities in the hall. An enjoyable day was had by all! Grade 5 Camp Every year the Grade Ss go on an overnight camp in Simons Town. This is their first experience of a school camp and is often a highlight of their Grade 5 year. During their time at camp, the children focused on their team-building skills. At night they were given the opportunity to highlight their dramatic sides with humorous skits and a "Minute to Win It" game. The following day the weather perfect and time was spent having fun on the beach! Children had to work together in groups to build sandcastles that linked to the Grade 5 theme of Ancient Egypt. It was wonderful to see the positive camaraderie emerging between them. On return to school there were fifty happy, but very tired Grade Ss (and teachers)! Athletics Day A very successful Sports Day was held at the Jan van Riebeeck School Sports Field in Tamboerskloof. The morning began with the Grade 6s leading the school in House war cries. We then began a very full and busy athletics programme, with races for pupils from Grade I to 6; starting with the 800m races. Some records were broken on the day despite the very windy conditions. Well done to all the children for their involvement and enthusiasm. Congratulations to Gideon who were the winners on the event! By Mrs Pauwen By Anton Krupenia

"Purim is always a highlight in the school calendar, and this year was no different! We began Adar, the month of increased joy, with children being greeted in the morning by Israeli music and a beautiful Rosh Chodesh service at the Sephardi Shul run by our Grade 6s."


Purim -Aloha from Troy and Levi.


Purim -

Anya with Mira and Keira 'squidding around'.

Purim -

Our Heroes.


Kot od ba'/e'vav p'nima, Netesh Yehudi ho'miyah� �-.•.,... U'/efa-atei Mizrach kadimah, A ·won tzotiyah, da tikva-teinu, h 'not al-payirn

1fshi b'ar-tz v'Yerusha/



Punm -


h Rafca and Jordan leading every

one in song.

. . . Angels in d1sgwse an ur,m- P

d two ear-sistible Minnies.


Grade 5 Camp -

Fun in the sun.

Grade 5 Camp -



Proud winners of the trophy.

Athletics Day -

Athletics Day -

A we/I-deserved break.



A/on Ashe/ -

Family Picnic in The Glen.


Tikkun O/am -

Romi Ragless, a mother at our school, donated a laptop to Julita Dorman, project coordinator of Sakha lsiwe.

Special Person's Day -

Roy and Arie/a Gruer.


Special Person's Day -

Briner Badash and her grandson Reuben Zetler.

Special Person's Day -

Sarah and Gia Stanford.

Special Person's Day -

Rob and Jacob Gottlieb.


Friendship Day at Gan Aviv.

Celebrating Tu B'Shevat -

Photo caption outstanding.


Song and Dance -

Purim at Gan Aviv.

Fancy-Dress -

Purim at Gan Aviv.


Friendship Day at Kerem -

Sasha Rago and Remy Marais.

Friendship Day at Kerem - Noah Gruer and Lara Fortes.

Red, pink and white: Rafael Levin, Jayden Huchon, Livia Getz, Mila Kaplan, Gi/ad levin, Sophie Rabinowitz,


Fancy-Dress -

Celebrating Purim at Kerem.

Celebrating Tu B'Shevat at Kerem -

Learning about the Seven Species.


Middle School High School Inter-House Gala 2020 saw the reintroduction of the combined Middle and High School Inter-House Gala. For many years only the Middle School and Primary Schools held Inter-House Gala's. The teachers in charge of their respective houses and their House Captains worked really hard at rounding up swimmers for the day. The end result was that 110 races were swum on the day. The participation across both campuses was phenomenal and the spirit amongst the houses ran high. In order for houses to accumulate as many points as possible we decided to swim heats for every race and the fastest times determined the winners. We are very proud of the following swimmers who did their house proud: Girls U14 Victrix Ludorum: Sarah Allardice Girls U15 Victrix Ludorum: Ava Rathner Girls U16 Victrix Ludorum: Laila Dave & Tayla Harcombe Girls U19 Victrix Ludorum: Hannah Szapira Middle School Victrix Ludorum: Ava Rathner Middle School Victor Ludorum: Matthew Carrol High School Victrix Ludorum: Hannah Szapira High School Victor Ludorum: Taro Tomitsuka The overall house winners were Gideon with 500 points, followed by Samson with 445 points and Maccabi in third place with 383 points. The spirit trophy went to Samson, with Gideon in second place and Maccabi in third place. A great day at the pool and definitely to be repeated. UHS Cricket Our very young UHS played back to back matches against two separate UK touring teams. On Sunday 16 February UHS played Northern Star Cricket Club. Our boys fielded first and showed some excellent bowling and fielding. Northern Star were bowled out for 84 in the allotted overs. Special mention needs to go to Jack Preston and Daniel Tarlie who took two wickets each. Unfortunately our boys were unable to chase down the 85 runs needed to win the game, however another special mention goes to Max Bendel who made 30 runs not out. On Monday the 17 February the boys took on Aldro Primary School from the UK. They had an excellent comeback after their narrow defeat the previous day. Herzlia lost the toss and were asked to field. The visitors were under attack from the get go, facing the excellent bowling skills exhibited by the likes of Sam Stern - who took two wickets. Our bowlers had them literally stumped and they were all out for 68 runs. Herzlia went in to bat and easily rounded up the 69 runs needed to win the game. Congratulations to Max Bendel again for his 3 I runs Boys U13 Victor Ludorum: Elijah Fisher Boys U14 Victor Ludorum: Gabriel Spiro & Saul Szapira Boys U15 Victor Ludorum: Matthew Carrol Boys U16 Victor Ludorum: Nicholas Arelisky Boys U19 Victor Ludorum: Taro Tomitsuka Girls U13 Victrix Ludorum: Alekah Pazaitis




Middle and High School Inter-House Gala.

Middle and High School Inter-House Gala -

On your marks.


Middle and High Schoo/ Inter-House Gala -


Mazaltov to our winners: Hannah Szapira, Ava Rathner, Matthew Carrol and Taro Tomitsuka.

Inter-House Gala -



UHS Cricket Team -

A�er the match with Aldro Primary School Cricket Team from the United Kingdom.

UHS Cricket Team -

Players exchanged gi� a�er the match.


The Herzlia High School Boys First Team in action against Somerset College in the League Final.

League Winners -

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