BGB: Crane - Modular Slip Rings

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Are you experiencing problems with your Slip Rings?... Cleaning too much? Waiting on units to arrive? Paying too much for parts? Not adaptable enough? ...

Resulting in... DOWNTIME

The crane and construction industry are heavy users of rotary applications. Typical usage includes the transfer of power, signal and data, monitoring of strain gauge data, wind speed, power to the winch motors and much more.



BGB understands the pain points and market drivers associated with slip rings in the crane industry: > Increase in ports moving towards automation so the demand for information and ROV is higher > Today's on-demand society - The reduction in downtime is vital. Demand for high quality components that are easy to maintain > Modular crane offerings enable: Upgrades, Easy increase in the number of channels for lighting, Sensor and control equipment, Reduced cost across slip ring variances

BGB Design Advantages: Signal and Power channels utilise the same brush and ring interface to: reduce unit cost, reduce temperature and increase transmission safety factor

> Silver brushes that reduce footprinting and burnout on rings

> Lack of time and people to carry out

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