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Summer Days What Makes Up Summer Vacation?

From the time I was old enough to push a lawn mower, summertime meant work. As a kid, I would go door to door, offering to mow my neighbor’s lawns in exchange for cash. When I got a little older, I would get a summer job every year, making my own money and saving up for college. After my family moved to Ocean City when I was 15, summer also came to mean tourist season. While crowds of people flocked to the beach and played in the ocean, I worked in retail stores and restaurants, grilling up hot dogs or helping tourists find aloe for their sunburns. Summer is when I built my work ethic. This isn’t to say I never enjoyed my childhood summers. When I wasn’t on the clock, I had just as much fun as any other kid out of school for three months. In those days, I was an avid bodyboarder. I loved the feeling of swimming out into the ocean and waiting for the swells to come in. When you catch a wave, it’s the most unreal feeling. Gliding over the ocean forces you to be in the moment, focusing only on yourself and the water around you. Everything else washes away and you are living in the present. In Ocean City, the best time to bodyboard is August, because that’s hurricane season. Yes, that’s as dangerous as it sounds. The largest wave I ever rode was way over my head, at least 10 feet high. That one was

“These days, you won’t find

me working in a hot dog stand or bodyboarding after a hurricane.”

awesome, until I wiped out and almost drowned. If you remember my kayaking story, you’ll notice this is the second water-based activity that almost killed me. But what can I say? I love my water sports. These days, you won’t find me working in a hot dog stand or bodyboarding after a hurricane. When I want to relax over summer vacation, I’m reaching for a book. I look at downtime as an opportunity to learn more, so I’m usually in the nonfiction section. Right now, I’m reading a great biography about John D. Rockefeller, though usually the books I read cover business management, addressing sales, marketing, and operations. The office tends to slow down a bit during the summer, so I like to read up on strategies to help us ramp things up and get ahead of the curve. It’s crazy how your summer vacations change as you get older. When I was mowing my neighbor’s lawn, I never

would have guessed one day my summers would involve finding better ways to fight for clients at my law office. Summer is a time of possibility, and I enjoy taking advantage of every opportunity. days doing something you enjoy. -David Brauns Here’s to a great summer vacation. I hope you’re able to spend your sunny


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