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The day I played hooky - my adventure in snowboarding

February always brings the cold and the dreaded snow. Yes, I said dreaded because I no longer love snow like I used to. I think once snow stopped giving me days off (from school) and made me shovel my driveway my love affair ended. February also makes me think of skiing and snowboarding. To clarify, I don’t love these things either, although I know many of you do. To be fair, I’ve only tried snow- boarding once... and boy was that a story. I was a senior in high school and it had just begun to snow back on Long Island. It was a Friday and one of my good friends decided that it was a perfect opportunity for the two of us to go up to Hunter mountain and snow- board. So we jumped into my car and just went. For the record, I will deny that I missed school that day. Rather, I had a legitimate excuse. My mom called me in sick. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t really sick, but you know it was such a long time ago that my memory is a little foggy about those circumstances. Our adventure started almost immediately, as the snow started to pick up as we headed off the Island and up north. Remember, I was an 18 yr old driving in the snow for quite possi- bly the first time. Up the mountain we went,

twisting and turning our way to the summit. About half way up the mountain we hit a sharp turn in the road–and I didn’t slow down nearly enough. We started drifting towards the guard rail as my car desperately tried to grab the road. My co-pilot, my good friend, started warning me that I was getting close. Getting too close, as his voice started getting louder and anxious! My friend had quickly unbuck- led his seatbelt and had literally jumped over onto my side of the car as he was yelling for me to turn the car–as his side was the clos- est to the edge of the mountain. And then as the car seemed destined to hit the rail and the two of us imagining ourselves toppling down the mountain, the tires finally grabbed the asphalt and we swung around, narrowly missing the railing. Finally we had arrived.

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